Masturbation And Depression: What You Didn’t Know


Now let’s talk about Masturbation And Depression! Masturbation is common in most adolescents who are experiencing hormonal changes and having the urge for sex.

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It has been argued many times that masturbation leads to depression while others also say depression leads to masturbation.

This may be quite confusing as both seem to co-relate with each other. This article will serve as a resource to fact out the confusion about masturbation and depression.


Masturbation And Depression
Masturbation And Depression

Masturbation involves an individual exploring their own body to arouse their sexual feelings and satisfaction.

This can sometimes be done between two individuals based on mutual agreement or understanding.

In as much as masturbation is seen as an unhealthy sexual approach, there is some health benefit it seeks to offer. They include;

  • Awareness of sexual responses makes it easier for an individual to communicate their sexual wants and needs to their partners.
  • It is a sexual method used to prevent cheating or having multiple sexual relations
  • Releases sexual tension and lets people explore their sexual drive by themselves
  • Encourages good sleep
  • Reduces stress
  • Enhances self-esteem and body image
  • Helps in relaxation
  • Motivates the activation of the brain

Masturbation And Depression

Masturbation And Depression
Masturbation And Depression

A lot of factors contribute to masturbation and depression is one factor. Depression is a mental disorder that causes persistent behavioral moods that may result in some mental illnesses or conditions.

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Depression can make you lose friends and loved ones. Factors of depression that leads to masturbation include;

  • Broken relationships. Depression can go as far as causing the relationship you have with someone you love. When this happens you will have no one to talk to, talk less of getting intimate. For to satisfy your sexual drive you may want to masturbate.
  • When you are sad you may want to try something new to make you happy. Masturbation can come to mind as it arouses your sexual feeling and makes you feel better.
  • When you are stressed you may want to engage in sexual activities to feel better. Some people believe that sex is good for curing stress and so many people turn to masturbate each time they feel stressed.
  • Lack of sleep can cause an individual to engage in many things such as masturbation. Some people have this assumption that the feeling you get after masturbation can cause you to sleep well so they turn to masturbate each time they have changes sleeping.

Masturbation can however lead to depression. Most people engage in masturbation not once, not twice and when this continues, it becomes an addiction.

Addiction is such that when you don’t get to masturbate in a day you feel so depressed and frustrated.

When depression set in you may want to even masturbate the more. Masturbation can create feelings such as shame and sin which is equal to being depressed.

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Types Of Depression

Masturbation And Depression
Masturbation And Depression

Bipolar Disorder: People with this condition show symptoms in an all sudden way. They can be happy now and the next thing you see is sadness.

Their mood changes quickly and they do not have any control over their mood switching. This may lead to depression because it brings about shame, guilt, and anxiety in the person.

Psychotic Depression:  psychosis is associated with delusions such as living above or below reality and also false beliefs and can lead to severe hallucinations.

Major Depression: this involves feeling sad all the time and losing interest in many things that they used to enjoy. Medication and psychotherapy are usually recommended for treatment.

Persistent Depressive Disorder: A person may have episodes of major depression as well as milder symptoms.

Postpartum Depression: when hormones readjust after childbirth, mood changes can result and this may lead to severe reoccurrence of mood deviation causing depression.

How To Deal With Masturbation And Depression


  1. Keep busy. Schedule pleasant activities or events for yourself. Get occupied with things that can may you happier far from feeling sad.
  2. Exercise: apart from the physical benefits of exercising, there are other mental and psychological benefits too. Exercising during your depression stage can help refresh the brain and improve mental disabilities. Exercising can also keep you alert and active to even think about things that may cause depression.
  3. Appreciating oneself: if you learn to love yourself, you will learn to take good care of yourself and nothing or no one can intimidate you at all.
  4. Set goals for yourself. Try as much as possible to achieve for yourself. When you have aimed for yourself, you get so busy acquiring it than focusing on things that would take your time away and only bring depression.
  5. Stay in healthy relationships. If the relationship in which you are brings nothing better to the table leave that relationship. I believe that relationships are to allow us to learn new things to better our lives. So if the relationship in which you are doesn’t bring anything other than negativity you should advise yourself.
  6. Learn to let go of certain things like addiction. Addition can result in depression if care isn’t taken. The mind should be able to disagree with the body on certain negativity that depresses the brain and physical body.
  7. Visit health facilities regularly when you see signs of depression.
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In Conclusion

Depression has some connections with masturbation and sexuality. While depression can increase your sexual drive, masturbation can also make you depressed.

It is best to see your doctor for medical attention, treatment, and recovery.

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