Why Are Geminis So Depressed: Get To Discover For Yourself


Have you ever wondered why are Geminis so depressed? You may be a Gemini and you are asking yourself this question over and over or may probably know someone who is going through this.

In this blog post, we will go through this question and provide the answer you have been looking for. Let’s get started

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In our previous post, we discussed why some zodiac signs are horny the way they are. This time lets talk about the zodiac sign Gemini

The Gemini personality profile is a lot of exciting experiences but comes with some flaws just like any other sign. Geminis are flexible and want to live life to the fullest.

They always look cheerful and intimidating. They know what they want. Despite all the fun-filled experiences Geminis have they also get depressed at certain points in their lives.

It is normal, they are humans and cannot run ours from some real-life situations such as depression.

The question here is why are Geminis so depressed though they have exciting attributes? Are they able to cope with depression at all? This article will help us discover some intriguing facts about Geminis.

Why Are Geminis So Depressed
Why Are Geminis So Depressed

Geminis: Who Are They?

Geminis are volatile beings that are inquisitive, intelligent, and great thinkers. They tend to remain in one location and are highly competent and can quickly persuade others to accept their thoughts and beliefs.

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They are always reluctant to submit to one subject or one individual. Meanwhile, they might give the impression of crassness and a propensity to glide over essential aspects of life.

Geminis also have their forthcoming experiences and they include impulsivity, unreliability, indecisiveness, and noisiness.

Signs Of Gemini

  1. Willing to try new things
  2. Enthusiastic
  3. Entertaining
  4. Intimidating
  5. Making friends easily
  6. Impatience
  7. Intelligent
  8. Inquisitive
  9. Great thinkers
  10. Craftsmen
  11. Authors
  12. broadcasters


Geminis want a partner that is intellectually compatible and eager to have fun when it comes to matters concerning relationships, dating, or marriage. They love a free flow of communication and are loyal in a relationship.

For them, communication is a key to healthy and long-lasting relationships. If there is a lack of coordination, Geminis are more likely to lose contact with long-distance companions.

Family is no joke for Geminis; they put their family first though they may also be a source of stress for them. Geminis are mostly known for their genius ideas and enthusiasm in the workplace.

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Geminis are also known for their excellent interpersonal skills and excel at clever wordplay, making it simple for them to win others over. T

Their zeal to motivate others and their intellect earn them the admiration of their co-workers.

Why Are Gemini So Emotional?

A typical Gemini is always happy and excited to try new things and they spread happiness to others too. Truth is though they look happy always, they also experience their down moments.

They appear lively but actually have a sensitive and emotional side that makes them sad and depressed.

Just that it is hidden and doesn’t show. Emotions can either be negative or positive. Most Geminis show more of the positive on the outside and the negative inside them.

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They hide their feelings. Geminis want to be happy always and due to this, they fear getting hurt or sad along the way that is why they always try to make themselves happy and hide the sad part of them.

They always come with full energy and always impress others with their big smile and the same people suffer from dark moods even as they try to make everyone around them happy.  

There is this saying that a person who smiles a lot is the person with the deepest pain, yet they stay focused and try to be happy all the time and make people smile. To them, the happiness of others matters most.

Some factors that trigger the emotions of Geminis include;

  • They have restless minds.

When a Gemini is stuck in their thought, they will begin to feel anxious, and gradually illusions and depression get built in their minds giving them fearful imaginings, panic attacks, and paranoia.

  • They have split personalities.

They live two separate lives that are hiding their true feelings and portraying what they want others to see about them which may be far from what they actually feel and want.

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They are hard to predict and most people find it weird how they do this because they might not know what is going on in their heads.

They accept a lot from their surrounding but keep it to themselves and if these desires or expectations are not met they turn to get emotional.

  •  They have connections with emotions.

When you take a critical look at the characteristics of Geminis you will realize that most of them come naturally from their emotions or mental thought.

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This is to give you the evidence that they mostly deal with their emotion in relation to how they react to things. This may be a reason for Geminis being so emotional.

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Tips To Heal Gemini Emotional Issues.

  • Visualize what you actually have in mind and make efforts towards it to achieve them.
  • Regularly meditate to maintain a serene mood every day.
  • Recover from any drug addiction 
  • Exercise to keep your physical state healthy and fresh.
  • Enjoy movies or programs that really inspire you.
  • Join a Dep Anon Group

What Mental Disorders Does Gemini Have?

Due to their attachment to having fun with people they love they are likely to develop Dependent Personality Disorder which is identified in a person as being more inclined towards a co-dependent relationship.

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Are Gemini Always Sad?

Geminis, like everyone else, can suffer from depression. A Gemini's despair, on the other hand, may go unnoticed by friends and family since they cope with these unpleasant sensations by resorting to comedy and remaining active in order to divert themselves.

When Is A Gemini Sad?

What Makes A Gemini Unhappy?

One thing that irritates a Gemini is hurt sentiments. If you humiliate or harm a Gemini's feelings, they will be enraged. A Gemini will be unhappy if you made them feel less clever or witty, or if you did something to harm their ego or personality.

In Summary

Geminis are one of the special groups of people who have to deal with their darkest emotions and at the same time create happiness for the people they love.

Due to this they suffer depression and may never show it. They would rather show what they want you to think or see about which is most times not the actual feelings.

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