Can I Be An Egg Donor If I Have Depression: What You Didn’t Know?


If you are asking the question “Can I be an egg donor if I have depression” then you are at the right place in this post today we will discuss and answer this question thoroughly. Let’s get started!

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Egg donation is an exercise that involves the fitness and readiness of the mind to come to a positive result.

Depression may, however, hinder taking part in the egg donation exercise.

How do you understand the conditions involve in egg donation and are you willing to donate even in your depressed state?

This article will give insight into depression and egg donation.

Can I Be An Egg Donor If I Have Depression

Can Women Who Are Diagnosed With Depression Donate Egg?

Depression is associated with a group of conditions with elevation or lowering of a person’s mood.

Mood can play a major role in various activities such as donating eggs. That is why it is very important to be physically and mentally stable for egg donation.

Due to the process of egg donation that includes injections of hormones that can cause contraindications with antidepressants, women with depression are not qualified to donate eggs.

Procedures In Donating Egg

Can I Be An Egg Donor If I Have Depression
Can I Be An Egg Donor If I Have Depression

Egg donation is the process by which women donate eggs to another woman who isn’t fertile to conceive. 

The procedure involves the removal of the egg from the donor and fertilizing it in a laboratory and finally transferring the embryo into the recipient’s uterus.

This procedure is called the implantation procedure.

A program screening process is done before donation.

They include; Application, Interview, Physical examination, Blood test, Drug test, Ultrasound, Medical and psychological history, Infectious disease screening, and Screening for inherited disease.

During the procedure, the doctors do a transvaginal ovarian aspiration where the egg is removed from the donor’s ovaries by inserting an ultrasound probe used to remove the egg from each follicle.

What Disqualifies From Donating Your Egg?

Can I Be An Egg Donor If I Have Depression
Can I Be An Egg Donor If I Have Depression

Most couples have problems with childbearing and this may be because some women are unable to conceive a baby with their eggs.

To solve this problem some women donate eggs to help make the couple parent a child.

As much as this may be a good way of helping humanity fulfill its dream, there is some reason why you shouldn’t donate your egg.

  • You May Not Be Able To Donate Eggs If You Have A Genetic Or Chronic Illness.
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It is a bad idea to donate eggs when you are struggling with a chronic disease.

This is dangerous to the donor, recipient, and the unborn child.

Because your system may not be very strong due to genetic illness, it is good not to donate eggs at all.

  • A Woman Aged 35 And Above May Not Be Qualified To Donate An Egg.

This is because a female becomes more fertile between the age of 18 and 35 and the eggs at that stage are more sensitive to conceive a baby.

Eggs are very active and of high quality between these ages. So a woman who is above 35 may have a weak or not too fertile egg.

So donating that egg may even be risky or there are chances that the egg won’t be able to conceive.

  • If Your Body Mass Index Is Over 30 You May Not Be Qualified To Donate Eggs.

The process one goes through for donating an egg is quite complicated. Having someone with a body mass of over 30 may be challenging and risky.

If you find yourself within this range is better if you don’t donate to prevent yourself and the recipients from health complications.

  • A Woman Battling Mental And Psychological Health Issues Are Advised Not To Donate An Egg.

One requirement of donating eggs is to be physically, mentally, and psychologically stable.

The whole process of egg donation demands for the brain agrees with the body for a successful outcome.

This is why is not safe to go and donate your egg when you are not mentally stable.

Can You Donate Egg If Have PCOS

Can I Be An Egg Donor If I Have Depression
Can I Be An Egg Donor If I Have Depression

Women with PCOS are usually not allowed to donate eggs as that is the best and safe thing to do.

This is so because women with PCOS usually have menstrual cycle issues which can be problematic if she donates egg.

Women with PCOS sometimes develop OHSS which is the ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome due to the stimulation.

This can show symptoms like abdominal pain, shortness of breath, and swollen and painful ovaries.

The only condition or situation where a person with PCOS can donate an egg is when the recipient is a relative of the donor.

That is if they wish to maintain a genetic link to the unborn child.

What Can Stop You From Adopting A child

Certain measures must be in place before an individual would be deemed qualified, it may also depend on the existing laws by the country on adopting a child while depressed.

Here are some general and basic things that will render you not able to adopt a child.

  • Being too young or too old:

Old age is considered one of the factors or reasons you may not be given the chance to adopt.

Adoption comes with a lot of criteria that a couple must meet. It sees to it that one is physically and psychologically healthy to take up the responsibilities of parenting.

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When you are very old it is assumed that you may be battling with some health issues which you may need assistance with.

This may disrupt you from taking up your responsibility as a parent when you go in for adoption.

  • Health issues that impede your parental abilities:

Couples with chronic health issues are not qualified to adopt.

To be able to carry out your parental responsibilities, you must be mentally and physically stable to be able to carry out your responsibilities well.

Your mental health is important as adopting a child is concerned.

Criminal history:

Adoption agencies say a big no to the adoptee that has a history of criminal involvement.

  • Financial instability:

An adoptee must at least be financially stable in the sense that he or she will have enough that take care of the and You might be disqualified if you do not meet this criterion because it is very necessary for adopting a child.

  • Unapproved lifestyle:

Depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest.

Also, it affects how you feel, think and behave and can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems, and we can all agree that this is not a fit condition to raise a child, children need all the necessary attention and care they can get.

Can You Adopt If You Have Mental Illness

Can I Be An Egg Donor If I Have Depression
Can I Be An Egg Donor If I Have Depression

Mental illness is a health condition involving changes in emotion, thinking, or behavior (or a combination of these), someone suffering from mental illness cannot meet the needs of a child be it mentally, emotionally, or physically and these are one of the basic factors that are considered when it comes to matters of child-raising. 

An agency would need to carefully consider all the factors before deciding to grant adoption to a depressed person.

Can You Adopt If You Have A Medical Condition?

One of the necessities of the adoption process is to take part in a total actual test with your doctor.

One can adopt a child if your medical health care provider, provides a document showing that your mental or physical illness will not interfere with your ability to raise a child, and your life span will not be significantly shortened, which will affect the child.

Can You Adopt If You Have Anxiety?

Can I Be An Egg Donor If I Have Depression
Can I Be An Egg Donor If I Have Depression


A condition such as anxiety is not a problem when it comes to child adoption, depending on the history you have.

As long as you can meet the needs and demands of the child properly you will be considered qualified to adopt a child.

Can You Adopt If You Take Antidepressants?

Antidepressants are medication used to treat chronic mental disorders such as depressive disorder, anxiety disorder, and chronic pain disorder and also manages addiction.

Taking antidepressants may or may not be a limit for you adopting a child.

However, it depends on how stable you will be as a parent even as you take it and still performs the parental role without difficulties or having an effect on the child.

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Can You Adopt If You Are Disabled?

Can I Be An Egg Donor If I Have Depression
Can I Be An Egg Donor If I Have Depression

As long as you can meet the needs of a child yet to be adopted, having a disability may not limit you to becoming a parent to an adopted child.

It is however foreseen that people with disability may show more care and love to the child because having the child around them bring some sense of belonging and they do not feel left out even in their conditions.

Can You Adopt If You Have Schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia is a disorder that a person’s ability to think, feel and behave clearly.

It is always good to have a well-stabled mind before going in for adoption.

You may be qualified to adopt with schizophrenia but it will depend on how crucial it is or not.

You may also be asked to under several medications and treatments before you can adopt. In some cases, you might not be qualified at all.

Can You Adopt If You Have Bipolar

It is a mental health condition that has to do with mixed or mood swings feelings from a low depressive angle to a high manic angle.

Many people battle with mental conditions but as long as you are stable you will be able to take up some responsibilities such as adopting a child.

This may be successful if you are under doctor’s care and medication. This means you may have to go through a series of treatments and diagnoses to make sure you are stable and mentally healthy to adopt a child.

Stages Of Child Adoption Process.

Adoption is a crucial step to take, which is why its demand goes through many stages before one can adopt a child. That is if he or she qualifies.

Just as many endeavors in life demand going through a process, adoption also goes through many processes. These processor stages include,

  1. Decision: you should be able to decide what is right for you even as you think of going to adopt a child and becoming a parent. You should be into consideration the type of adoption you are interested in and also the age range of the child you will soon adopt.
  2. Research: having an upper hand in what goes in and out of adoption can help you make the right choices and also ease your work of adopting a child. Research provides you with what to do and what not to do regarding your rights on adoption.
  3. Complete home study: This is a representation of what your home will look like when the child is adopted. It shows the environment the child would be moving into and whether it’s healthy for the child or not.
  4. Accept a referral
  5. Waiting
  6. Meeting up with the child to learn more about the child and build up a relationship with them.
  7. Adjusting to your new life. Things may not be the same as you start the adopting and parenting journey. You are required to adjust to your new life.
  8. Post-placement visits with your state-licensed social worker.
  9. Looking forward to the years ahead with the child.

In Conclusion

Egg donation is best done when one is physically and mentally stable.

Depression does not encourage this and so it is advisable to seek medical attention for treatment and recovery before donating an egg.

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