First Call Alcohol Drug Prevention And Recovery: The Ultimate Guide

In this article, we are going to discuss the topic “First Call Alcohol Drug Prevention and Recovery”

Are you struggling with an addiction or is your loved one experiencing what they call drug addiction?

Would you want to help yourself or your loved one come out of addiction? There are quite a several ways to quit an addiction but the safest is to first call alcohol drug prevention and recovery.

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First Call Alcohol Drug Prevention And Recovery.

Drugs can be treated in many ways. It is very good to know how to deal with drug addiction.

Yes it may not be you that would find yourself in such a situation, but then it could be a loved one, you may never know.

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That is why you should have knowledge about drug addiction and also first call alcohol drug prevention and recovery.

Alcohol Drug Prevention And Recovery

Alcohol Prevention and Recovery is a place where one goes for treatment and recovery from addiction.

The Rehab center, also known as rehabilitation is a drug addiction treatment to provide, give support, and care to people who have problem with drug addiction and finds it difficult to put a stop to it.

It is a program that is often provided in a residential setting. There are stages involved in rehab, followed in an orderly manner to arrive at expected results,

The Boot Camp is also another training program that is established to prepare pupils for the practical reality of development. It is a program that offers valuable life lessons on how to live life.

Boot Camp For Drug Addicts

First Call Alcohol Drug Prevention And Recovery
First Call Alcohol Drug Prevention And Recovery

Boot Camp for Drug Addicts is a treatment center that is designed for drug addicts to go through intensive training to overcome addiction.

It is a military-based center for treatment where drug addicts are recruited and given harsh or hard training to become sober from drug addiction.

They require strict adherence to inspection, rules, and physical training.

The training is in such a way that if the addict has never gone through some training such as laying in bed, washing, and other chores, he is made to go through all that and that prepares him physically and keeps him occupy to gradually lose concentration on taking in drugs. 

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Eating patterns change as one goes through train at the Boot Camp. Food is taken in small amounts as the purpose of being there is to go through difficult times to realize the need to let go of the addiction.

Here they notice that there is more to life than just engaging in drugs. He or she sees things from a different perspective which helps him or to acknowledge the need to give up on drugs.

This treatment may seem unfair and threatening but this helps them to recover quickly as it awakens them mentally, physically, psychologically, and emotionally. It also humbles the addict as he goes through tough phases.

Most of the world’s athletes and sportsmen rely on Boot Camp to keep fit and keep going.

Most Rehab facilities introduce into their rehab sections to help drug addicts keep clean. This is because Boot Camps keep you active and prevent you from being dormant.

Drugs make you dormant and your system will be dull but boot camps keep you active. Without the drug, you can be active because you are going through exercises and hard training, you won’t even think about drugs.

Boot Camp: Affordable?

Boot Camp is not expensive as compared to other Rehab Centers. It is very affordable. Boot Camp can cost a tenth of the price of going to Rehab Centers. Most people prefer the Boot Camp because of how cheap it is and how recovery is so fast and quick.

Pros Of Boot Camp

  1. Very affordable
  2. Provides training that inculcates life skills
  3. The program lasts for months which is an advantage
  4. Criticisms of Boot Camp for treating drug addiction

Cons Of Boot Camp

  1. Does not concentrate on basic issues related to addiction.
  2. Program is mostly about another factor other than drug addiction
  3. One’s attitude will determine a successful outcome
  4. Training is usually based on sentencing, altering motivation for participation.

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Benefits Of Going to Boot Camp

  1. Improves workout and mental health: the intensive workouts help an addict to believe that he or she can change. This realization improves the confidence and mental health of the addict.
  2. Boot Camp workout and training help in long-term fitness: The Training keeps one fit and helps in endurance such that the desire to be on drugs won’t even come to mind.
  3. Social engagement: one becomes physically active in social engagement or relationship as compared to before. They become friends with each other such that they find joy in being around them rather than being alone with drugs.
  4. Keeps you active always through workouts and other chores such that the desire for drugs will lessen.
  5. Weight loss and fitness: Going through the training at the Boot Camp keeps you fit and shapes your body. This aid in fighting somebody’s fat-related disease as well.
  6. Improves one’s diet: one is careful about his diet when one goes through such training. He or she sees to it that his diet is rich in nutrients and healthy to consume.
  7. Helps in mood development: The training increases activeness such that it may affect the mood of the individual. So a drug addict who is always sad, dull, and depressed can be happy again after going through the phases of the training. it also helps to manage mood swings and other related emotions.

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Stages Of Recovery

The four stages are useful models for recovery from alcohol drug addiction. They include;

  • Stage One: Treatment initiation

The treatment program will be introduced at this stage where the history of the individual alcohol intake will be taken. A counselor will then work with the individual to develop an individualized treatment plan.

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This is the stage where the effects of the addiction are identified, exploring the feeling of denial with addiction and providing some sort of motivation to speed up recovery.

  • Stage two: Early Abstinence

At this stage of early abstinence, your counselor will start to train you on the coping skill that helps to live a sober lifestyle. These teachings help you throughout the whole recovery stage. This is when one experiences physical cravings, psychological loneliness, and withdrawal symptoms

  • Stage Three: Maintaining Abstinence

The focus of this stage is to maintain abstinence and avoid a relapse. The tools acquired in stage two would be put to guide you to continue to live a sober lifestyle. These tools help to develop a drug-free lifestyle, build healthy relationships, control anger, and also a wise use of money.

  • Stage Four: Advanced Recovery.

It is at this stage that the tools learned would be put into practice to satisfy a well fulfilling life. These strategies may include;

Creating relationships with positive-minded people, creating long-term goals, and engaging in activities that take your mind from alcohol.

In Conclusion

The best way to deal with alcohol drug addiction is to first call alcohol drug prevention and recovery. The rehab and the boot camp are preferably recommended.

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