Post-Concert Depression: What You Should Know😥😥😥


Post-concert depression affects all of us and it can be very depressing. Ever been to a concert and got sad at the thought that you have to leave after the concert ends and that would be the end of the fun? 

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This is what you should know about post-concert depression and how to cope with it.

Post-Concert Depression

Examples of How Shows That Lead to this Condition

Show Name Date Location
Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour June 23, 2023 Stadium
Ed Sheeran’s +44 Tour September 10, 2023 Arena
Maroon 5’s Red Pill Blues Tour October 1, 2023 Stadium
The Weeknd’s After Hours Tour November 10, 2023 Arena
Ariana Grande’s The Sweetest Tour December 1, 2023 Stadium
Justin Bieber’s Believe Tour February 10, 2023 Arena
Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia Tour March 10, 2023 Arena
Billie Eilish’s Happier Tour April 10, 2023 Arena
Post Malone’s Austin Tour May 10, 2023 Stadium
Janelle Monae’s Dirty Computer Tour June 10, 2023 Arena


Upcoming Shows That Might Lead to this Condition

Here are 10 upcoming shows that could lead to post-concert depression:

Show Name Date Location
Harry Styles’ Love on Tour January 15, 2024 Arena
Lady Gaga’s Chromatica Ball Tour March 1, 2024 Stadium
BTS’ Map of the Soul Tour April 10, 2024 Stadium
Adele’s 30 Tour May 15, 2024 Arena
Coldplay’s Music of the Spheres Tour June 1, 2024 Stadium
Beyoncé’s Formation World Tour July 10, 2024 Stadium
Bruno Mars’ Silk Sonic Tour August 15, 2024 Arena
Shawn Mendes’ Wonder Tour September 1, 2024 Stadium
Rihanna’s R9 Tour October 15, 2024 Stadium
Drake’s Certified Lover Boy Tour November 1, 2024 Arena
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Please note that these are just examples, and post-concert depression can occur after any live music event.


What Is Post-Concert Depression?

Post-concert depression is when an individual feels like they are undergoing some sort of bereavement that is often experienced after a concert by a favorite band.

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This type of depression can be identified when the individual keeps talking about the event or the concert.

Some even go as far as writing constant reviews on their social media regarding the concert and the experiences they had attending that concert.

This happens as a result of feeling not having to see your friends whom you attended the concert with or feeling that you might not have the opportunity to attend that kind of concert again.

Causes Of Post-Concert Depression

The reason why some people get Post-Concert Depression is that they’re listening to loud music for too long and this can cause damage to their hearing.

Another reason could be that they’re not drinking enough water because they don’t want to miss anything while the band is playing.

Symptoms Of Post-Concert Depression.

Post-Concert Depression
Post-Concert Depression
  • Anger:

This occurs mostly after the concert. Knowing that you are about to leave the venue, you may feel angry or irritated about the fact that the concert is over.

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You may feel like the people didn’t do their best or they did nothing new.

  • Denial:

Discovering that the concert is over and you have to leave can make you feel denied especially when you came alone and have no one to share your concerns about the concert too.

Denial can be very painful and difficult to deal with. Sometimes you don’t even recognize it.

  • Acceptance:

This is where you try to focus on new and upcoming concerts and try to get a ticket for them.

This is a way of trying to feel less worried about how depressed you are about the previous concert.

  • Bargaining:
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The urge to look through your concert pictures again just to have some relief from your post-concert depression.

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Stages Of Post-Concert Depression

  • Stage 1 (Euphoria)

This is the first stage of post-concert depression where an individual feels the need to stay back and hold on to the concert even if it ends.

You might keep dreaming and rethinking about the concert all day. This feeling might increase if you don’t let go.

  • Stage 2 (Reflection)

Sharing your views about the concert with friends and having a reflection about the whole concert.

This is where the affected person exaggerates their feelings about the concert on social media.

  • Stage 3 (Realization)

This is the stage where it comes clear to you that you may never experience this feeling from the concert again.

You might want to take this feeling you are feeling deep into your heart which can last for a long time during this stage of post-concert depression.

  • Stage 4 (Reality)

You might feel prepared to deal with the everyday struggles after this stage and begin to think about the fact that you are going to live this life.

  • Stage 5 (Feeling Out-casted)

 Reflecting on the concert again and sharing your views with other people again and again. You just don’t seem to get over it.

The response from the others about the concert might not sound convincing to you even at this stage and may at a point disagree with them.

This may even make you think that this person does not understand the whole concept or intention of the concert.

This however makes you feel alone and think you have no one and no one understands you. Depression may set in at this stage.

  • Stage 6 (Stalking)

The sense of feeling alone could make you go through the fan base to ease your loneliness.

You try to find out if there is a new concert coming up and will stalk your friends to see if they have intentions to attend.

  • Stage 7 (loss of impulse control)
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You think that this feeling or new life is the only way which is the post-concert depression we are talking about.

  • Stage 8 (Acceptance)

At this stage, you will make everything possible to get tickets for a new concert to attend.

  • Stage 9 (Living)

This is the final stage of post-concert depression where one gets over the feeling to want to attend the concert.

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You don’t have to go back to looking at pictures of the concert or going through social media to see what is going on regarding the concert.

This is where you get relief and go back to living your normal life again.

How To Deal With Post-Concert Depression

Post-concert depression can make you feel lonely and stressed. Worry no more as there are great ways to deal with it.

  1. Learn new things that can get you occupied and fun-filled.
  2. Plan and target new concepts in a way that you might not get disappointed with the result.
  3. Get engaged with friends who will also join you in the same excitement that you are in towards the new concept.
  4. Take a break from all the concerts and work on yourself. Sometimes it is good to step away from your favorite brand for some time to work on yourself and your obsessions about the


Is It Normal To Be Depressed After A Concert?

It can take many hours for the body to settle down, and the day following the event, one may feel rather flat as adrenaline exits the system and hormone levels return to normal. The ecstasy of live performance is mirrored by a unique type of despair, which is exacerbated by a profound exhaustion following the event.

What Causes Post Concert Depression?

What Do You Call The Feeling After A Concert?

In Summary

It is normal to have an obsession with a favorite band concert. It however gets bad when you get depressed about the concert and have the feeling to live in the moment forever.

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This can sometimes lead to mental conditions. This is why you should come to terms with your feelings and know how to deal with post-concert depression.

You can see an expert if things go beyond your capability.

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