How To Love Yourself When You Are Depressed: The Best Way


How to love yourself when you are depressed? Loving yourself is not just what you say or think. Love is when the mind, soul, and body agree with each other to be committed to something.

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If your mind doesn’t agree with your body you cannot love yourself any better.

Love comes and grows in a sound mind. Depression may create an impression of feeling pity or sad causing you to feel lesser love for yourself.

Can you love yourself even in your depressed state? How do you cope with depression and love yourself?

How To Love Yourself When You Are Depressed

What Depression Does In The Course Of Loving Yourself.

How To Love Yourself When You Are Depressed
How To Love Yourself When You Are Depressed

Symptoms of depression can discourage an individual to love themselves. This can cause some change patterns in the way you love yourself.

  1. Loss of interest: thinking a lot and having or being depressed about an issue can lead to a lack of interest in many things that initially got your attention. You can lose interest in friends, food, and hobbies. Lack of interest can make you do things that make you happy. You end up not appreciating yourself and pay little or no attention to your body.
  2. Sleeplessness: overthinking can have an effect on the brain and put pressure on your brain such that you might not be able to sleep at all.
  3. Changes in appetite, loss of appetite, and weight loss
  4. Mixed emotions can be a sign of depression. Feeling sad and the next moment feeling happy.
  5. Anxiety: Anxiety is mostly associated with fear, panic, obsession, and some traumatic stress. The symptoms are often severe as it is a mental and emotional feeling that takes over the brain. One characteristic of a teenage adolescent is anxiety which can also lead to depression.
  6. It can either be drug addiction or behavior-wise addiction.
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What Are The Five Causes Of Depression?

Depression is a disorder in a person where the brain causes a persistent feeling of sadness, loss of interest, and lack of concentration.

Depression can last or reoccur and may seriously affect an individual ability to function well both mentally and physically.

Many factors may contribute to depression. These factors include;

Death of a loved one: It is indeed a painful thing to lose a loved one, especially one that is close to you such as a mother or father. This sudden death of the loved one may go a long way to working on the brain of the victim.

He or she may overthink and ask a lot of questions going through his mind.  This will lead to a lack of concentration and control and may leave the individual in a sorry state.

At this stage, the individual may think of options like suicide. When suicide comes in you should know that the individual is suffering from depression which was a result of the death of a loved one.

Poverty: Poverty is a major factor that leads to depression. Poverty they say is man’s worst enemy.  Poverty is such that it leaves one in a pitiful state.

Feeling pity for yourself can lead to overthinking and feeling sad all the time. You may want to find a way out but the world is so unfair so much that the only choice you could have is to take away your life to end your suffering, depression starts to set in immediately suicide comes to mind.

Break up in relationships: broken heart in a relationship can break down an individual. The mental state of the individual may be disturbed such that they think of so many bad things such as revenge or suicide.

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Depression is a process and when one goes through something and starts to think about bad things depression has already started.

This can even go as far as causing mental illness and health conditions.

People who are depressed see everyone close to them as their enemy and this is no fault of theirs as depression work with the mind and brain. The brain is controlled by the body when one is depressed and not the other way round.

Discrimination and no love: As humans one thing that can destroy you and your image is discrimination. Everyone knows how it feels when you are discriminated against or shown no love at all.

In a scenario where it seems you are the only one who is hated for no reason and given little or no love is shown to you, that should be a big problem for you, right?

You may ask yourself what I am not doing right. Even as you try to impress nothing changes.

That is when it will dawn on you that you are hated for no reason and you overthink and may even hate yourself at some point. This alone can lead to serious depression and if care is not taken suicide may be the last option for such people.

Addiction: addiction can make an individual go through a series of depression which sometimes leads to other mental disorders.

How Does Self-love Affect Mental Heal

How To Love Yourself When You Are Depressed
How To Love Yourself When You Are Depressed

No one is perfect and you do not need to be perfect to love yourself. Flaws are bound to happen. We have our strengths and weakness and can’t always be right.

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Things may impact the way we feel about ourselves but this shouldn’t discourage us in any way. Many factors make a person not love themselves, they include,

  • Bullying
  • Low self-esteem
  • Disability
  • Hatred
  • No friends
  • Poverty
  • Addiction
  • Discrimination
  • Doubts
  • Feeling dumb

How Do You Force Yourself To Love Yourself?

How To Love Yourself When You Are Depressed
How To Love Yourself When You Are Depressed

There’s a chance to love yourself again even in your depressed state. All you need is to put your mind to what you want.

  • Be ready
  • Be focused
  • Tell yourself what you want, thus meditate on your goals
  • Stay positive
  • Do not stay indoors or alone for a long time
  • Have fun with friends and family
  • Join support groups
  • Attend impactful programs
  • Pray
  • Challenge yourself to love yourself even in your depression stage
  • Make sure to get treatment for your depression.
  • Understand that loving yourself doesn’t have to be about perfection. You are perfect the way are.

In Conclusion

In everything you do love yourself first because that is the only way, you can do your best.

Focus on your strength to create a better place for yourself. No matter what happens remember to love yourself always. That is how you get loved in return.

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