Yoni Wand And How To Use It: Ultimate Guide


Yoni wand is a very powerful tool for healing that is not spoken of! Because people don’t know how powerful it is, it is not mostly spoken of.

In this blog post, we are going to expose its power and how it is used.

Let’s get started!

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What Is Yoni Wand?

A yoni wand is a crystal that is used for healing in a tantric sexual healing practice or D-armoring.

D-armoring is also known as cervical D-armoring or yoni D-armoring. There are a few different variations of this practice, but it’s commonly used in tantric sexual healing arts and energetic healing arts as well.

As the name suggests, D armoring is an intentional practice to release layers of armor or built-up energy, and it’s particularly targeted at yoni and the reproductive organs.

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What Is  Yoni Wand Used For?

So as I mentioned before it is used for a ritual or whatever you want to call it ritual scares people but I call it ritual a ritual called De-armoring.
So when you have any traumas, it can literally be anything as women we have to do pap smears that are really violating on us.
We get you to know some people deal with miscarriages pregnancies, sexual assault all the nasty things that can really affect not only your body but also your confidence.
So this will help you with that also simply just if you have any illnesses that include hormonal problems. For me, it’s endometriosis.
I actually use this to help me with the pain of the endometriosis and also the hormone balance of the endometriosis.
So it can also be used to just heal your body after a big trauma from pregnancy also.


If you just want to find love and trust within yourself, if you have troubles with sex, whether you lost that spark or you know always wanting sex or not finding pleasure in sex anymore, or if you’ve never found the g-spot or if you have pain during sex and all of that.

This will help you because it does not only release tension within your muscles but also regulates the toxins within your body and also creates blood flow so all of those beautiful things create a very healthy womb.

How To Use A Yoni Wand

So let’s get started on how to use this beautiful thing. First off you want to clean this before and after every use.
Remember that you are doing this to heal your body so please do not put a dirty wand up yourself because that will create bacteria and nasty things.
So please with any toy that you will get wash it before and after with just some natural soap also because it is a crystal.

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You do want to cleanse it because it needs that energy to be restored and so what you want to do with it is that you want to put it in a bowl of warm water.
Please don’t put it in hot water. It is a crystal it is not designed to withhold high temperatures so it will damage the crystal just warm water is fine and then salt.
You’ll find a lot of online places that recommend using Himalayan salt I personally do not use Himalayan salt because it’s really bad for the environment.
So please try to use any salt that is good quality but also is environmentally friendly.
Another thing that people love doing with their crystals for cleansing, is using oils such as tea tree oil.
Personally, I do not use essential oils and I do not recommend essential oils just because they can be very harsh on your skin and as this does go up to your womb.
I do not recommend anything on it that will burn your skin so just be very careful if you do like using essential oils. I personally don’t and I’m allergic to tea tree oil.
Yoni Wand
Yoni Wand
Now that we have prepped the Yoni Wand we want to start prepping our bodies too.
Remember that this is meditation or ritual I like to call a ritual people are scared of the word so let’s call it a meditation. So you want to set up your moves.
You can either do it yourself or you can do it with your partner because it is a way to learn to love yourself and be trustful of yourself again.
So I do recommend doing it on your own but also you can do it with a partner because it can really bond your trust together and show a vulnerable side of yourself to your partner and also it can teach your partner how to please you in the bedroom, so both work wonderful ways but then you want to start you know setting the mood-setting the room.
So if you like meditation music or listen to waterfalls listen to some music put on some music while you are doing your ritual or um just do it quietly just listening to your own yourself.
I like to use candles I also sell candles that are used to relax and set the mood and just smell amazing so I personally love using candles but that’s my personal preference.


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Now that you have you know to set your mood and everything, you want to start caressing yourself.
So caressing yourself is important because it does give you a bond of trust within yourself.
It gives your soul that comfort that you do love and cherish your body.
Then you want to take the wand and you want to start massaging your own body with it too mostly because now you are putting the trust in the wand and allowing the one to put trust within you.
So I personally like calling into mother nature to be helping us with this today.
Once again personal preference but I also like to tell the crystal why I need healing.
Also, I want it to heal because if I manifest into the crystal maybe it will know better how to heal me.
So that’s also something I like doing so once you’ve stimulated yourself and you’ve put yourself in a good mood try to start inserting um the wand
Yoni Wand
Yoni Wand
Why I recommend putting yourself in a good mood first is because this is to heal trauma so please do not put this up to your womb, if your womb is rejecting it and doesn’t want it up there so if you set yourself in a good mood and you’re aroused.
Chances are, it will easily slide up.  If it does reject and it doesn’t want to slide up maybe just let it go and try it another day when your body does want the help.
Maybe it’s just your body saying that it wants to relax.
So once that is done, as you have relaxed your body, you want to just start massaging around the entrance of the womb and just try to you know poke the womb.

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See where needs pressure. You’ll find that you might have some tension in certain areas and this is kind of used as an acupuncture massage so you’ll find an area that’s got the pressure. 
You just put more pressure on it, then you want to hold it just for 30 seconds. Not hard! Once you’ve done that you want to just twist it.   
I like to press a little bit harder just to see if I have really released the tension and if I have then I let go otherwise sometimes I will keep you know the pressing harder and just do the same little twist and then the circular motions.
Now, remember your body is in power so if it is hurting too much just stop and if it really is an agony pain please go to a doctor and check that you’re healthy because maybe it is something else that does need medical attention.
So then you want to continue doing this within the entrance of the womb and then you want to make yourself on the way up to the g-spot and the cervix.
You want to go there just to make sure that everything is okay and you want to try to experiment with your cervix and like your g-spot and see where your pleasure is and all of that amazing stuff.
Just experiment! Learn your body within this tool!


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Once you’ve experimented with the g-spot, the cervix, and the entrance, you want to keep going back and forth on all the different spots that you have. 

Put pressure on because you might have actually missed some spots or even then some of the knots that you were putting pressure on might need multiple times of pressure.

Sometimes it might just need two or three or four times to just be redone.

Yoni Wand Side Effects

Yoni Wand
Yoni Wand
So once you’ve all done that you just take it out and then you remember to clean it but you do want to have your own little way of ending the ritual.
Some women like to have a nap. Some women like to just meditate and some just like to sit alone. I personally like to just sit alone or sit in nature and just reflect on everything that’s been done because I want to learn from this.
So I reflect on everything that it taught me. It releases a lot of emotional baggage you didn’t realize you had. 
What I also like doing is taking sage burning the sage and just wrapping it around me just to evaporate all the bad energy or all the bad presents that may have been released from me doing this.
You need to realize that sometimes you don’t need any trauma to be using this.
It can just be because you want to find that self-confidence and self-love or sometimes you might have ended a friendship or a relationship and maybe there was nothing wrong with the friendship or the relationship but you didn’t realize how toxic it might have one and the environment that you have put your body in.
So just remember to just put yourself in self-care and if you live with somebody let them know why you might be in a different mood because it does just release everything.
It feels amazing, feels emotionally taxing but just so good, and feels like you have really done something to yourself um so once you’ve done that remember to cleanse and do all that good stuff and that’s pretty much all you need to know about how to use a yoni wand.
Super easy and remember that you are the boss and you are amazing.

Yoni Eggs And Wands

Yoni Wand
Yoni Wand

Once you’ve decided on the size, holed or not, and crystal, it’s time to start using your yoni egg.

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Because crystals produce, hold, and absorb vibrational frequencies, it is critical to always energetically cleanse your egg to avoid bad energy lingering within.

Setting an intention prior to each exercise is just as crucial for filling your egg with rejuvenated and loving energy.

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After sterilizing your yoni egg with light soap, insert it with the larger end going in first. It’s as simple as inserting a tampon without using an applicator.

Your yoni egg can be utilized for sex, exercises, meditation, and yoni breathing when within. Some ladies wear it while sleeping, while others put it on and go about their business.

There is no right or wrong way to use your yoni egg because we are all different, as are our needs.

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If you’re new to using your yoni egg for a workout, 10-15 minutes each day should be plenty to keep your vaginal muscles from being overworked.

If you decide to sleep with it, take it off throughout the day. Resting your muscles is an equally crucial component of the practice.

To get rid of it, crouch down and use your vaginal muscles to push it out. You can also scoop it out with your finger or jump up and down a little.

Drilled yoni eggs with strings can simply be removed by gently pulling on the string.

Yoni Wand
Yoni Wand

Please remember that your vaginal canal is a closed system, and your egg can only go as far as your cervix before being lodged inside of you.

Yoni eggs are constructed of healing crystals, and I may choose to stay inside of you until their task is completed.

This how different the yoni eggs are different from the Yoni wands.


What Is Yoni Wand Used For?

Pleasure Wands can be used for tantric massage or intentionally massaging acupressure points inside the body, with or without a partner. These massages aid in the release of stress and the enhancement of genital vitality.

What Are Yoni Eggs And Wands?

Yoni eggs and wands are highly polished crystal instruments that may be used for pelvic floor strengthening, internal massage, and womb healing. The Gemstone Institute of America (GIA) has verified our yoni eggs and wands, ensuring that the crystals are pure, real, and safe to use.

What Do You Do With Yoni Eggs?

The “prescribed” use of a yoni egg, according to proponents, is pretty simple. You insert the rock into your vagina for anywhere from a few minutes to overnight — ideally, every day. If you've heard people talk about the benefits of healing crystals, the spiritual benefits of yoni eggs will sound familiar.

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