The 7 Hidden Power of Twin Flame Orgasms Finally Exposed!!!


Twin Flame Orgasms” is presented in the context of a spiritual and holistic approach to intimate experiences within a twin flame relationship.


Types of Twin Flame Orgasms

Twin Flame Orgasm


There are seven types of Twin Flame Orgasms. These are:

  1. Krygasm: Emotional release, often accompanied by crying. It allows for the opening of the womb energy, vulnerability, and the release of ancient stuck energy.
  2. Sacred Chalice Awakening: Involves female ejaculation, connecting to the womb’s sacred memory, and activating a portal within oneself that connects to multi-dimensional energies.
  3. Multi-dimensional Orgasm: Involves tuning into higher-dimensional energies, resulting in channeled wisdom, intense intelligence, and vibrations throughout the body. Grounding this energy is essential.
  4. Past Life Clearing: Addresses sagas and dramas from past lives connected to the current relationship, healing through deep divine love in the present moment.
  5. Collective Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Clearing (Adam and Eve Orgasm): Clears energies between the divine feminine and masculine, allowing for the union of these polarities at the heart.
  6. Trauma Clearing: Emphasizes the importance of creating a safe space for communication about childhood traumas and past experiences to facilitate healing within the twin flame partnership.
  7. Manifests with Orgasm: Focuses on future-based manifestation during orgasm, calling in desired outcomes and creating a sacred bridge through the divine.
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How To Experience Twin Flame Orgasm If You Can’t Have A Twin Flame

Twin Flame Orgasm

Importance of Communication and Healing

1. Open Communication

– Talking openly about past traumas in the twin flame relationship is like sharing your feelings and thoughts with your partner.
– This helps in creating a safe and understanding space between partners.
– Imagine it as having a heart-to-heart conversation where you express your feelings without fear.


2. Sex is More than Pleasure

– Explains that sex in a twin flame relationship is not just about feeling good physically.
– Compares it to a special kind of medicine that helps in making both partners feel better emotionally and spiritually.
– It’s like a magical way of healing and becoming closer to your partner.


Why is This Important?

  • When people talk and share their feelings, it’s like fixing any problems or hurts that might be there.
  • Imagine if you have a secret box where you keep all your worries. Talking about them is like opening the box and letting them go away.
  • Healing means making things better and stronger, just like when a superhero gets better after a tough battle.


Grounding Spiritual Experiences

Why is Grounding Important?

– Grounding is like making sure that exciting and magical experiences don’t float away like balloons.
– It helps in bringing all that special energy back to where you are, just like catching those balloons before they fly too high.
– Imagine it as making sure all the good and happy feelings stay with you and don’t disappear.
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How to Ground Spiritual Experiences

– Explains that when you have super cool and spiritual experiences, it’s like having a special connection with the universe.
– Grounding is like making sure that this connection doesn’t stay too far away but comes back to you.
– It’s like having a superhero power that keeps you connected to the amazing feelings but also keeps you firmly in your own body.


Why Does This Matter?

  • Imagine you have a favorite toy. Grounding spiritual experiences is like keeping that favorite toy close to you, so you can enjoy it whenever you want.
  • It’s like having a magical adventure but also making sure you’re safe and sound in your own room.
  • Grounding helps in feeling both connected to the exciting things and comfortable in your own space.


Healing Through Divine Love

Twin Flame Orgasm

Why is Divine Love Special?

– Divine love is like the most powerful and special kind of love, even stronger than a superhero’s love.
– It’s like having a magical hug that can make everything feel better, just like when you get a warm hug from someone you love.
– Imagine it as having a special treasure chest full of love that you can open whenever you need comfort.


How to Heal with Divine Love

– Explains that healing with divine love is like using a magic spell of love right now, not waiting for tomorrow.
– It’s like holding hands with someone you care about and making all the hurt feelings go away.
– Imagine it as having a special love potion that can heal old hurts and make everything feel happy and safe.
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Why Does This Matter?

  • Divine love is like a secret superpower that makes everything better, like a superhero’s special ability.
  • Healing means fixing things that might be a little broken, just like how a superhero fixes problems.
  • When you use divine love, it’s like turning on a special light that makes everything bright and full of good feelings.


Manifestation Power

What is Manifestation Power?

– Manifestation power is like having a magical wand that helps you bring your wishes and dreams into real life.
– It’s like making a special magic spell that turns your thoughts into real things, just like a wizard making things happen.
– Imagine it as having a super cool power to make awesome things appear in your life by just thinking about them.


How to Use Manifestation Power with Orgasm

– Explains that when both partners use manifestation power, it’s like creating a team of superheroes with the same goal.
– It’s like wishing for something really cool and, with the power of love and connection, making it happen together.
– Imagine it as making a wish and, with the magical energy from both partners, watching it come true, just like magic!


Why Does This Matter?

  • Manifestation power is like having a secret code to make dreams come true, making life feel like an exciting adventure.
  • It’s like being a superhero team and using your special powers to create amazing things together.
  • When you use manifestation power, it’s like creating a world of miracles where everything you want can happen.

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