Twin Flame Orgasm: The Complete Guide

Have you ever heard of a twin flame orgasm before? Or this is the first time you have heard of this before? This blog post will teach you what twin flam orgasm is and how you can use this to your advantage.

Let’s dive deeper!

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What Exactly Is A Twin Flame

A twin flame is a spiritual connection that is extremely powerful. A twin flame is better described as a “mirror soul” or a person’s “other half.” Twin flame love is about spiritual development, and its goal is to awaken your soul.

Twin Flame Orgasm
Twin Flame Orgasm


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What Is A Twin Flame Orgasm

A twin flame orgasm is a powerful way to attract your twin flame into your life. Believe it on not you came into this world through an orgasm. LOL.! This should tell you how powerful an orgasm is.

With twin flame orgasm the intention is to manifest your twin flame into your life through the power of orgasm. Orgasm can actually open up  the sacral chakra, also known by some as the “sex chakra.”

Sexual energy is, in fact, a very potent, attractive, healing, and cleaning force. Orgasmic energy is magnetic and electric, and it exists only in the present moment.

We are in the present moment when we are in orgasm because the energy is flowing so swiftly that it merges with the Higher Dimensions; darkness and trapped energy cannot exist there, allowing us to simply let go of the past.

Twin Flame Orgasm
Twin Flame Orgasm

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Twin Flame orgasm is a fantastic way to bring liquid light into the seven chakras, speed up Twin Flame healing, and eliminate obstacles and past traumas. Most persons who have met and married their Twin Flame would agree that the journey to the Twin Flame Union was not simple.

You can inform the Universe that you’re ready for your Twin Flame by praying before, during, and after orgasm to notify the Universe that you’re ready for him or her.

Our goals, desires, and intentions can be conveyed to the universe at light speed while we are in an orgasmic condition.

During orgasm, we are also more consciously connected to our Soul Family, Twin Flame, and Oversoul.

We naturally reach a channeled condition that is highly open. Have you ever noticed how spiritually lucid you get after experiencing an orgasm?

Consider Twin Flame orgasm to be chakra target practice, igniting the spiritual fire and desire so that you might converge in the physical.

It’s possible that your Twin Flame is sensing your orgasmic energies as well, so you’ll already be acquainted by the time you meet!


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Steps To Twin Flame Orgasm

Twin Flame Orgasm
Twin Flame Orgasm
  • Create a sacred sanctuary in your silken sheets (light candles, play music, etc.) or wherever you are.
  • Never presume you know who your Twin Flame is unless they are really committed to committing to you (I meet hundreds of individuals who believe they know who their Twin Flame is, but it’s typically a Karmic Soulmate who has come in from a trauma/past wound or karma). In this meditation, be open to the unknown.
  • Give yourself a gentle full-body massage using coconut oil, rose essential oils, sandalwood, frankincense, or any other sacred oils that call to you.
  • To awaken my physical energy centers, I take a mouthful of raw chocolate (Edible Goddess is the highest vibration I can find)
  • Use your preferred psychic protection tools or call in your angels for psychic protection.
  • Feel your 7 chakras flowing and filling with light as you begin to touch yourself.
  • With the purpose of grounding, anchor your root chakra to the center of the earth (Mother Earth).
  • With the purpose of expanding, connect your crown chakra to the cosmos (Father Sky).
  • Bring in a golden thread of light that runs from your cosmic energy to your earth energy, back and forth, Divine Feminine Earth to Divine Masculine cosmos.
  • Feel the ground and sky combine within your body as your heart “pedals” open.
  • Visualize your holy sexual centers becoming active, with water and fire combined.
  • If you’re a woman, constrict your yoni and use pulsations and contractions to summon your Twin Flame.
  • The feminine’s role is to draw masculine energy in. So, if your Twin Flame represents the more masculine half of your soul, call in his/her energy with the void energy.
  • Feel your body’s, mind’s, and soul’s sexiness. “I am worthy of my Twin Flame,” affirm yourself.
  • Visualize or envision his or her aura entering the room to greet you, with seven light chakras throughout the space.
  • Feel it, examine it, and appreciate it when he or she enters your range of light. Welcome him or her and see where you have the most in common.
  • If they are ardent lovers first and foremost, some Twin Flames connect with their hearts initially, some with their crowns, and yet others with their 2nd chakras. Our archetypes are unique to every one of us.
  • Adore him or her, and you will be adored in return. Allow her or him to observe you. Take a drink from each other.
  • Then comes the enjoyable part. Allow your imagination to go wild, and live out as many fantasies as you want!
  • Call him into your g-spot at some time. When it’s time to accomplish this, you’ll be directed.
  • Always remember that you are a healer who transforms darkness into light and transforms the past into the present happiness. Avoid connecting with creatures or dwelling in dark thoughts. I strongly advise you not to criticize yourself for what you see or desire. It’s possible that you have former lives that need to be cleared or remembered. You can have unusual or unhealthy fantasies.
  • Simply ask for cleaning of all dark energy or anything that no longer serves your Higher Self.
  • Allow your Twin Flame to assist you in healing old wounds, cleansing traumas, and letting go of the past by visualizing him or her by your side, holding your hand, or hugging you.
  • If you have ever been heartbroken, abused, or raped in any form, ask for the loving energy that you require to heal. Because your Twin Flame is your reflection, he or she will desire this healing for you if you desire it.
  • Allow your Twin Flame’s male seed energy to enter the sacred void place in the heart of your womb during orgasm.
  • Send forth a wave or, better yet, a grid of light as you near the conclusion of your peak orgasmic experience, and visualize it wrapping around the world. With this love activation, ask your Higher Self to locate and activate your Twin Flame!
  • Allow his/her Divine Masculine energies to flow into your Divine Feminine energies.
  • Allow the orgasm to pervade your entire body – don’t hold back, no matter how frightening it may feel. You may or may not have a female ejaculation as a woman.
  • You may wish to keep a notebook after orgasm in case you need to remember any downloads. You are free to ask any questions you want, such as “Where will I meet you?” “What do I need to do to get ready for you?” or “What do I need to do to get ready for you?” alternatively, “What’s keeping us from reuniting with our Twin Flame?”


Do Twin Flames Have Physical Attraction?

The attraction between twin flames is strong. You are pulled to the other person mysteriously from the minute you meet. This sensation also does not appear to fade. While the attraction can be sexual, it's more commonly just a want to be in that person's company.

Are Twin Flames Intense?

There will be an overwhelming sensation of attraction, recognition, and desire when you first meet your twin flame. Seeing a twin flame might feel like coming home. They have an unquestionably strong link with you, as if you had known them before.

Do Twin Flames Talk Through Music?

Twin Flames frequently utilize music and lyrics to communicate spiritual messages and emotions via telepathy. Music is a fantastic and effective Divine Communication psychic transmitter. It's as though your Divine Counterpart is personally communicating with you through music.

Why Is Twin Flame Love So Intense?

One of the reasons for the intensity of feelings in a twin flame relationship is that the two people feel as though they've known each other before. It's not like a traditional relationship, when two strangers get to know one other while being reluctant and little uneasy.

Can You Marry Your Twin Flame?

Should you marry your twin flame? Yes, but that's only after intense personal healing. The twin flame relationship is meant to bring up issues that you need to experience and learn from in this lifetime. Despite the fact that you technically can marry your twin flame.

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