Twin Flame Age Difference Problem: Explained

A lot of you have had questions about the twin flame age difference problem, whether there needs to be an age gap between twin flames, and why this does so often happen within this connection.

I had really been feeling pulled to write this blog post on this specifically. I believe this will really help someone who wants to know more about this topic. Read On Twin Flame Orgasm

Let’s get started!

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Are Twin Flames The Same Age?

Not all twin flames are of the same age. Some are not even found in the same place on earth.

But ideally, just like the world suggest twins are mostly of the same age found at the place at the same time but this is not always the case. 

Sometimes, twin flames could agree to meet at a place and time before incarnation. One could take the lead so the other follows. This is what causes the twin flame age gap.

Twin Flame Age Difference Problem
Twin Flame Age Difference Problem

Twin Flame Age Difference Problem

So, I’m going to take that as a sign and give a little bit of time and space to this strange experience of having this distance this seeming societal barrier of age between twin flames.

Now let’s dive back into talking about this twin flame age problem. The first question I want to get out of the way here is whether it necessary for there to be an age gap between twin flames?

Because it so often happens that there is a gap in the age that some people begin to wonder well if this happens so frequently is it necessary is it some kind of key sign of a twin fleeing connection?


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No, it is not necessary to have a twin flame age difference problem in order to be twin flames.

However, with that being said, twin flames within this connection will really lay a basis for this age gap.

Twin flames come to this earth for the purpose of transcending and dissolving the boundaries that seemingly divide humanity.

I say seemingly because on an energetic soul level, we are all connected to one another and it is only the perception of disconnection that causes the terrible travesties of our world, war, and famine.

The ways that we hurt one another are simply because we believe in the illusion of separation.

We believe that we are all highly individualistic and that we aren’t connected to each other through this giant web of human consciousness.

When we see our own interconnectedness with everyone and everything, this is how we elevate ourselves both individually and as twin flames, and as humankind collectively.

Age is one of those barriers or boundaries that we perceive to be separations whether this is a generational divide that causes us to believe that we can’t understand or connect with those who are from a younger or older generation or specifically when it comes to love and romance.

This is often hand in hand with the illusion of appearance when it comes to physical appearance.

Society has programmed us to believe that we should be afraid of age, that we should be afraid of getting older, of developing wrinkles or other signs of aging on our physical body but in truth and in many ancient cultures, these signs of aging were actually adornments and through the twin flame connection through this age gap that many experiences we are also dissolving these perceptions.

These negative perceptions of aging and coming back to the core realization of what we know at the core of our souls that this truly isn’t a boundary separation it’s only within the mind whether we’re talking about individual aging which is nothing to fear or whether we’re talking about perceiving someone who is much older than us as somehow being different from us, disconnecting ourselves from people who are from different generations or different age groups.

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So those of you who do have a twin flame age difference problem between yourself and your twin flame, I feel that much of this will be resonating with you very deeply and this feeling of resonance is happening to you right now because you are sensing that this is a part of your soul mission, your sole purpose because I’m speaking to the intentions that you set with your twin flame prior to incarnating in this physical world and this physical body.

Many twin flames within this age gap who experience this have the experience of being judged by other people because they are taught to only date within their generation and not to date above them.

So, when they may meet someone who is 10, 20, or 30 years older, they may find themselves internalizing some of this self-judgment feeling this deep pull this soul attraction to this person to their divine counterpart but also hearing within their own mind the judgments of society maybe their family and friends who they feel won’t understand.

So, part of choosing because again your soul chooses these circumstances if you chose this age gap you are choosing it in part for that individual evolution for seeing past those illusions that society has programmed into you for being able to trust your own intuition, your own soul guidance even when it seems to contradict what others around you or what society is telling you.

Do Twin Flames Look Alike?

This is a  good question to ask when we talk about twins. Twin flames do not necessarily look alike.

Your twin flame could even be of a different nationality or even race. You may not even speak the same language.

So a good answer to this question is that twin flames don’t necessarily look alike

How To Deal With Twin Flame Age Difference Problem

Now if you don’t have an age gap with your twin flame, you may find that you experience this in different ways, so maybe for you, there is some kind of different gap it may not be an age gap but it may be a gap in social status or class.

In pastimes, this was very common. Many twin flames would incarnate where one would be royalty or near royalty and the other would-be peasant status or of much lower social status and this was kind of the old version of what we now have between celebrity and non-celebrity twin flames or even those with an age gap.

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I would say in today’s world the kinds of gaps around celebrity non-celebrity status and around age gaps are the most challenging paths for twin flames because they are still very prevalent boundaries in today’s society.

It is still very frowned upon to date very far outside of your age group and still very socially unacceptable for a celebrity to date a non-celebrity.

However, I would say that in today’s world, we are much more fluid when it comes to economic status and social status as far as someone rich dating someone poor and that kind of thing.

In the past, this wasn’t the case and I feel that actually many of you may be just one of you listening, you need to know that an age gap with their twin flame, and the reason you are incarnating this way is that you are still resolving these perceptions of boundaries between you and your divine counterpart in this illusion of separation.

Twin Flame Age Difference Problem
Twin Flame Age Difference Problem

In a past life, you actually were royalty and your twin flame was a peasant and this actually caused as much or if not greater a divide in this past life than what you are experiencing now with this age gap and in this past life, you weren’t able to fully resolve this.

You weren’t able to overcome these perceptions of boundaries, this illusion of separation between your very different social classes.

It could be one of you was a woman in this previous life and your father was a very important figure, maybe even a king or a ruler of a country and you fell in love with this peasant with someone of a much lower-class status and you were prearranged to be married to someone else for political reasons and you did not have the courage.

In fact, you may have even faced potential death.

If you were to choose this love, choose love, choose connection over this society-placed separation and you never had the courage to choose love, to choose your twin flame to choose connection.

So, in this life, you are now incarnating in this age gap situation because you are being taught how to choose your own inner guidance over the opinions of others which in past lives was recurring karma for you and a recurring cycle, a negative pattern.

So, I don’t know who that will connect with but if that connects with you then you may feel a kind of stirring in your soul or a wave of goosebumps or as though I’m speaking directly to you and that is your sign that this actually was a past life for you.

On an individual level, they are each other’s teachers, so if you’ve ever heard that you and your twin flame are each other’s greatest teachers this is why.

Twin Flame Age Difference Problem
Twin Flame Age Difference Problem

It is because although your energy and your soul core frequency are identical, oftentimes the circumstances of your life of your incarnation and your physical circumstances in this life will be different enough in certain respects that you are capable of teaching one another in certain ways.

This results in an accelerated evolution on an individual level which is very important to the twin flame path and something that many of us are experiencing through this radical awakening on an individual level and of course collectively.

So, you may find that your twin flame is older or you are older but oddly enough maturity-wise in many cases the one who is younger will actually either be more intellectual more mature, or more spiritually awakened.  

Perhaps your twin flame is the one who is younger but they are more awakened or you find that they are more intellectual about certain subjects than you this, often happens just because we are one another’s teachers and also to show us the physical age of our body or the number of years we’ve been on this planet is really just a reflection of that of the number of years we’ve lived in this lifetime in this existence.


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But that it isn’t necessarily a reflection of our intellect our education or even our soul’s level of evolution because so often in society we always correlate age with wisdom or age with maturity or age with understanding more but if you are the older one within your twin flame connection you may be taught not only to honor age in the wisdom that comes with physical age but to also honor some of the knowledge and intellect of youth as well.

What someone who may be physically younger may still have to offer in terms of wisdom because in some ways someone who is younger may be wiser about certain things than someone who is older and vice versa so again it’s I keep getting this kind of puzzle piece sort of image in my head where you and your twin flame both bring to the table the perfect combination of elements and circumstances.

Twin Flame Age Difference Problem
Twin Flame Age Difference Problem

It’s essentially the perfect storm for your own highest spiritual growth evolution and awakening and this was all by divine design.

At times you may feel as though your circumstances are seemingly impossible.

Very difficult to overcome or keep you apart whether it’s this age gap or something else but what you need to know is that you intended on a soul level and your twin flame intended this specific set of circumstances for very specific reasons because of certain kinds of karma.

By karma, I mean negative patterns that become imprinted into your very soul’s DNA that you come to transform.

Now if you want to accelerate this transformation on a DNA level on an energetic level again, I would recommend using chakra clearing subliminal because all our karma that we come to dissolve through this connection.

Not just dissolving these old patterns of karma but then through this connection evolving one another to our highest soul’s potential all of this is kind of a fancy way of saying that our subconscious mind has been deeply programmed by society by our parents by even lifetimes we’ve lived before that cause these beliefs to be imprinted within us.

When we begin to dissolve these negative subconscious beliefs, we transcend them.

We can reprogram our minds, and shift our entire energy field in powerful ways and within the twin flame connection. This can cause accelerated healing growth and evolution.

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It all begins with the conscious choice to not be a bystander, a bystander to our own thoughts, our own beliefs, and to our own negative patterns but begin to consciously choose to acknowledge that, we came to this planet that we chose, this person and this connection for a reason.

Begin to take energetic responsibility for these negative patterns and wounds reflected both in our twin flame and within ourselves.

Then to begin to consciously work to shift. These patterns this is sometimes also referred to as shadow work or shadow healing.

Simply meeting those parts of your shadow self, those aspects of yourself you have rejected, repressed, or kept hidden even from yourself beginning to address, acknowledge and transform those things to heal those very deep level wounds in order to transcend them

I just want to close this blog post by saying I know that many of you whether you are experiencing this twin flame age problem or some other kind of difficulty or boundary within your connection, know that many of you are doing this work and you find that as you do this work sometimes these negative thoughts and feelings emerge.

Twin Flame Age Difference Problem
Twin Flame Age Difference Problem

You may begin to become anxious or sad or feel very detached from your world or your reality and know that this is a sign that you are on the right track.

These appearances of negativity are not necessarily manifestations of negative thoughts or backsliding.

Sometimes this is what happens when our emotions, our mind, and our physical body are catching up with the radical shifts and energy on an energetic level.

So know that if you are reading this you are perfectly on the path and on purpose. I hope that through this blog post you can feel accepted.

You can feel as though you belong somewhere.

You can be reminded or reawakened to your true soul power, potential, and the mission that you came to this earth to fulfill both individually through your twin flame connection and collectively

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