Caribbean Calcite: Hidden Truth You Didn’t Know


Caribbean Calcite is a stone of spiritual development, transformation, and emotional awareness.

Caribbean Calcite is a fantastic meditation stone because it allows us to connect to our higher selves and access our inner vision, giving us a sense of purpose, and a true sense of self, and allowing us to go on a journey of ultimate self-discovery.

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This stone can aid in the development of psychic talents and clairvoyance. Caribbean Calcite aids us in accessing our intuition as we gain insight, understanding, and inspiration.

It’s a good stone to have for new beginnings and personal growth. Caribbean Calcite is a calming stone that encourages us to be present in the moment.

It helps alleviate stress and anxiety while also encouraging comfortable sleep and lucid dreaming.

Caribbean Calcite opens, activates, and heals the Crown and Third Eye Chakras. It has something to do with Taurus’s steadfastness and Libra’s ability to harmonize.


Caribbean Calcite Meaning

Calcite is a rock-forming mineral with the chemical formula CaCO3. It’s quite common, appearing in sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks throughout the world.

It’s considered a “ubiquitous mineral” by some geologists, meaning it can be found almost wherever.

Calcite is a mineral that is found in limestone and marble. These rocks are quite common and make up a significant portion of the Earth’s crust. They are one of the greatest carbon sinks on the planet.

Calcite is one of the most often utilized minerals due to its properties.

It’s used as a building material, an abrasive, an agricultural soil treatment, a construction aggregate, a pigment, and a medical therapy, among other things.

Perhaps more than any other mineral, it has a wide range of applications.

Types Of Calcites

  • Honey Calcite
  • Blue Calcite
  • Raw Blue Calcite
  • Caribbean Calcite
  • White Calcite
  • Orange Calcite
  • Pink Calcite
  • Emerald Calcite
  • Gold Calcite
  • Pink Calcite
  • Zebra Calcite
  • Clear Calcite
  • Purple Calcite



Caribbean Calcite Benefits

  • Removes negative energy from your physical body as well as your surroundings.
  • Increases vitality
  • Accelerates your spiritual development,
  • Encourages happiness and joy.
  • Increases your awareness,
  • Assists you in discovering and accepting your soul’s destiny.
  • Enhances your psychic abilities and facilitates intuitive visions.
  • It aids in channeling.
  • Enhances inventiveness
  • Increases motivation.
  • Enhances attention.
  • Removes fatigue and energizes you.
  • It stimulates memory.
  • Supports the repair of damaged tissues in the body.
  • Encourages resilience,
  • Aids in the maintenance of a healthy skin-care routine.
  • Removes depression’s energetic roots as well as
  • Encourages the reproductive system’s energy restoration.
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Caribbean Calcite Origin

In Pakistan, a unique mineral combination known as Caribbean Blue Calcite was discovered in 2019

Caribbean Calcite Healing Properties

At the time of writing, the energies of this stone are still a mystery, but it clearly resonates with your third eye and crown chakra. Caribbean Blue

Calcite is a mental activator that aids in the channeling of one’s own unique psychic powers, which aids in consciousness elevation.

We strongly encourage you to do the same as we continue to learn more about this stone every day!

Caribbean Calcite relieves tension and calms frayed nerves.

Caribbean Calcite is a soothing stone that aids physical recovery by removing negative emotions and encouraging relaxation.

Following emotional trauma, blue calcite can also be utilized as a natural sedative.

Calcite is frequently referred to as the “thinking stone.” Calcite enhances mental discernment, analysis, memory, and learning abilities.

Blue calcite is the ideal stone for researchers and intellectuals. Calcite can also aid in mental adjustment and conflict resolution.


Calcite can provide us with a fresh perspective on a topic by directing us away from old, outdated cognitive processes that may be preventing the emergence of new ideas.

The Throat Chakra crystal blue calcite encourages calm communication and a positive mindset.

Calcite is a mineral that is physically linked to the bones and joints, and it aids in the regulation of calcium levels in the body.

Calcite can also increase the body’s absorption of important vitamins and minerals. Caribbean Calcite, in particular, lowers blood pressure and softly relaxes nerve cells.

Caribbean Calcite Chakra

The throat chakra is associated with Caribbean Calcite. The lovely and soothing color of blue calcite soothes our nerves. This stone is beneficial to people who are extremely sensitive to the ideas and energies of others.

The “emotional intelligence stone” is known as Caribbean Calcite. It can help us achieve a harmonious balance between emotional and mental states, as well as emotions and intellect.

Maintaining this equilibrium is critical to living a successful and fulfilling life.

Transparent, pink, green, yellow, orange, blue, brown, and black are some of the colors of calcite. The basic energy of calcite is enhanced by each hue.

Caribbean Calcite comes in various colors, ranging from a light blue to a brighter blue or a blue with gray undertones.

Calcium carbonate is the main component of the stone, but it also contains other minerals with medical and magical properties.


Caribbean Calcite Spiritual Meaning

  • This stone is said to have strong and confident vibrations, and it can help you gain mental clarity and the bravery to speak up for what you believe in.
  • Caribbean Calcite is a symbol of personal power that also has healing effects.
  • When it comes to personal recovery, these therapeutic capabilities of the stone are especially important, especially when suffering a traumatic loss.
  • These characteristics provide the ability to persevere despite life’s ups and downs.
  • Caribbean Calcite’s significance originates from the concept that the stone may assist a person in recognizing and utilizing their inner force in the most effective way possible.
  • It has a lot to say about things like leadership, responsibility, and accountability, and when paired with Iron Pyrite, it can help you feel more self-assured.
  • This is a powerful stone that can help you get back on your feet after being struck down by a challenging situation.
  • It provides the energy for you to move away from bad energies and embrace life with a more open-minded and joyous outlook.
  • The confidence gained through Caribbean Calcite is important when it comes to overcoming personal obstacles or shortcomings.
  • Caribbean Calcite is also said to have properties that encourage you to welcome new experiences that will help you grow in wisdom and character.
  • These new routes can be as simple as learning a new skill or as profound as having a life-changing experience.
  • Caribbean Calcite, in any case, will keep you grounded and assist you in focusing your energies on your objectives.
  • It can also assist you in sharpening your mind and focusing on the things that matter to you.
  • With Caribbean Calcite, you’ll be able to tap into your ability to approach problems rationally, helping you to tackle them in the most effective way possible.
  • Caribbean Calcite is an excellent stress-relieving stone.
  • If you’re seeking to revive your faith and regain the resolve to break free from old habits and adopt healthier ones, Caribbean Calcite is the stone for you.
  • Caribbean Calcite’s energies represent the start of a new chapter and the commencement of a trip down a new road.
  • You can use Caribbean Calcite to go past negative ideas and let yourself see things from a fresh perspective if you want to overcome the concerns and doubts that have taken hold of you.
  • You will experience a general increase in your energy and confidence levels after using Caribbean Calcite, allowing you to face even the most challenging situations fearlessly.
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Caribbean Calcite Tower

Caribbean Calcite Tower is mostly misunderstood as something different from the crystal calcite itself. Well, that’s not it!

This is just another shape of the crystal. It stands firm as a tower; this is why it is called Caribbean Calcite Tower. Below are images of the Caribbean Calcite Tower.

Caribbean Calcite
Caribbean Calcite Tower
Caribbean Calcite
Caribbean Calcite Tower

Caribbean Calcite Vs Larimar

Larimar is also known as Blue Pectolite. It’s a relatively new and very rare gemstone. It has only been found in one area of the Dominican Republic. The beautiful color of the stone reminds you of the ocean and far-off sands.


It assists in the growth of hair and it’s great for the feet and joints.

When placed on an area in the body that’s in pain, it can help to draw out that pain.

It can also be used on the feet in reflexology to clear any blockages and discover any possible disease or illness in the body.

Larimar is a very soft and comforting soothing stone with a gentle energy. This stone helps shame and guilt to dissipate from your life.

It treats emotional trauma and wounding and helps to restore a sense of self-love and confidence.

It’s also great for working through self-sabotaging behaviors and addressing how to move past them to be your best self.

The chakra connected with larimar is the heart chakra. This is a stone of unconditional love reminding you that you are worthy and you are loved.

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Larimar is also closely associated with the throat chakra because of its deep blue color.

The astrological signs associated with larimar include Leo and Aquarius. Used long ago in the Dominican, the more recent discoveries of Larimar started back in 1916 but it wasn’t made an official mineral until 1974.

Norman Riling and his partner Miguel Mendez found small pieces of larimar on the beach in the Dominican.  

It was named after Miguel’s daughter Larissa and the Spanish word for the sea which is Mar. Many say that larimar is made from the sea or volcanic movements.

They mainly exist where they are formed but through soil erosion peaks, pieces have broken off and have found their way to the seashore.

Larimar as I mentioned is only found in the beautiful Caribbean Dominican Republic.

A lovely light blue with white which looks like the Caribbean Sea is how you would describe larimar. It is formed when hot gases push minerals through pathways in volcanoes. Mining means finding the pathways and then digging even deeper into the older volcanoes.

Used to make jewelry and other items the stone is very popular. You can use larimar on the feet during reflexology and hold it for long periods of time to really enhance your meditation practices

This is how different the Caribbean Calcite is from the Larimar Stone or crystal.


Is Caribbean Calcite real?

Caribbean Calcite is a crystal made composed of blue calcite, white Aragonite, and light brown Aragonite that was very recently found. It's exclusively found in Pakistan, and it was discovered in 2019.

What Are The Healing Properties Of Caribbean Blue Calcite?

Caribbean Calcite is a relaxing stone that helps us to live in the present now. It relieves tension and anxiety while also encouraging peaceful sleep and lucid dreaming. The Crown and Third Eye Chakras are opened, activated, and healed by Caribbean Calcite.

Where Is Caribbean Calcite Found?

The only area in the world where Caribbean Calcite is mined is Pakistan. This unique stone was only found a few years ago and blew out in the crystal world in 2019.

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