Angelite Stone: Astonishing Facts You Didn’t Know


Angelite stone is a calming stone that promotes inner calmness. In this blog post, we will delve deeper into the depth of how important this crystal stone is.

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Angelite Stone

Angelite stone is a kind of gypsum consisting of calcium sulfate. Celestite is created after millions of years of compression.

It’s a delicate, pale blue crystal that absorbs a lot of water. Angelite is said to provide calming and calming properties

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Angelite Stone Meaning

Angelite stone is a stone with a very high vibration that awakens and aligns the throat, third eye, and crown chakras.

This stone will help you connect with your guardian angels and spirit guides by allowing you to tune into a higher frequency.

The knowledge you absorb through the third eye and crown link will be transmitted and vocalized (into the physical plane) when you use this stone as a meditation instrument.

When it comes to connecting to other dimensions and frequencies, the Angelite stone is a very potent communication stone.

Angelite Stone
Angelite Stone

Your inner vision will become more vivid as you interact with this stone on a regular basis.

Your dreams will become clearer, helping you to gain a better understanding of your psychic powers and how to utilize them.

J.I. Koivula and R.C. Kammerling initially discovered Angelite stone, also known as Blue Anhydrite, in 1989.

Anhydrite is an anhydrous calcium sulfate mineral that can be found in association with Calcites and Halite. It is exclusively found in Peru.

This stone primarily crystallizes in masses and is rarely observed as a crystal.

Massage wands, animal carvings, jewelry, and eggs are all examples of this stone on the market.

Angelite Chakra

Angelite Stone
Angelite Stone

At the base of the throat is the Throat Chakra, also known as the Vishuddha.

It is the chakra most closely related to truth and communication. You can connect to your inner truth and obtain wisdom when the Throat Chakra is balanced.

It encourages meaningful and positive communication and dialogue. If your Throat Chakra is imbalanced or blocked, you may have difficulty expressing yourself.

Aligning your Throat Chakra allows you to feel more connected to your own ideas and feelings, as well as to others around you.


History and Origin Of Angelite Stone

This magical stone had been hidden for many years until being unearthed in 1987 in Peru’s mythical Inca regions.

It’s also known as Anhydrite, which comes from the Greek word meaning “without water.”

This is due to the fact that Angelite is formed in dry locations where Gypsum Crystals once rested in the presence of water.

The water evaporates over thousands of years, the crystals are squeezed, and the soft blue Angelite is born.

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It has been mined in the United Kingdom, Poland, Libya, Germany, Mexico, and Egypt since its discovery in Peru.

Healing Properties Of Angelite

This stone has incredible physical healing properties. The thyroid gland of a person can be balanced with this crystal.

It also assists the body to clear itself of any throat infections. It promotes blood vessel regeneration and provides heart-health benefits.

The Angelite stone also has secondary medicinal properties, such as helping to alleviate headaches and body illnesses.

Many people also utilize it to help them lose weight. Angelite stones can also aid with a variety of emotional issues.

Anger, worry, and even resentment are all emotions that can be harmful to our health, especially if they start to make our bodies poisonous.

This gemstone has the ability to eliminate negative emotions and replace them with happy, peaceful feelings.

Surrendering to bad feelings and moving forward with positive energy that is present in the moment is what the stone encourages.

Angelite Stone Metaphysical Properties

  • We advocate working with Angelite in conjunction with other high vibrational stones if you’re attempting to awaken your own unique psychic abilities.
  • Angelite can help your lucid dream if you put it next to your pillow. One will grow more attuned to this frequency through deepening their connection to the dream realm and other dimensions.
  • Dreams will be easier to manage at this time, and each small message will have a symbolic meaning. As opposed to someone who doesn’t remember their dreams, you will naturally pick up on these signs and their meaning.
  • Angelite is also a grounding stone that can aid with anxiety. Simply holding a piece causes a relaxing sensation to spread throughout the body. Carrying a piece of Angelite in your pocket on a daily basis will fill your aura with relaxing vibrations that will help you shut off negativity.

How To Use Angelite Stone

There are various ways to accept Angelite’s whimsical wonder and feathery light brightness into your life if it seems to be beckoning to your spiritual soul.

Angelite is a lovely blue crystal to wear in gemstone jewelry, or if you prefer a stand-alone stone, you can pick up pieces of tumbling Angelite or a stunning hunk of soft quartz to place in your altar, your Feng Shui practice, or to weave into your spiritual rituals.

  • For Home And Offices

As part of your Feng Shui practice, you can invite Angelite into your home to bring more spiritual awareness into your own space.

Angelite is such a potent stone for healers and healers that simply having it in your space will provide instant tranquility and a variety of soothing effects.

For people who desire to practice lucid dreaming and leaping into the spirit realm through the channels of sleep, Angelite can be placed in the bedroom or beneath the pillow.

Angelite can be placed in a room that you believe is more open to receiving toxicity or negative vibes to keep it flowing, fresh, and fine-tuned to gentler higher thinking.

Angelite should be present during any activity that involves reiki, tarot, guardian angels, or rituals that connect to other worlds, as it knows how to attract that energy and open you up to these secret plains.

  • For Jewelry and Other Artifacts
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You are truly opting to make the most of this wonderfully celestial stone by wearing an Angelite Bracelet or other kinds of Angelite jewelry.

Angelite’s soothing blue colors are rubbed directly against the skin, allowing all of the healing white light and lovely vibrations to quickly into your spirit.

Carrying or wearing Angelite throughout the day helps you to develop the habit of remaining open and ready to receive whatever spiritual advice the world has in store for you.

Angelite loves to hang out with stones like Celestite and Fluorite, or even the light glow of Moonstone or delicate Selenite if you wish to boost or balance the power of this divinely-sent stone even further.

Angelite can be used with Hematite or Obsidian to offer an extra layer of protection. It also works well with other head chakra stones like Amethyst, or with the peaceful and joyful Blue Lace Agate for the throat chakra.

Labradorite or Lapis Lazuli, both of which have a dreamy mystical quality, are good choices for nurturing that third eye connection.

Carnelian or other hot red stones can help those who desire to stay balanced and in touch with the world beneath their feet while exploring the spirit worlds.

How To Cleanse And Care For Angelite Stone?

This stone has a remarkable ability to absorb water. It’s critical to keep this in mind when caring for the Angelite stone.

This gem may not be suitable for everyone because it is extremely dangerous to have any water or moisture around it.

If you do own a stone, you will have to pay more attention to it than you would to other minerals.

Angelite Stone
Angelite Stone

Avoid allowing it to come into contact with rough or sharp items because it is readily scratched and marred.

There’s a good possibility the stone will fracture if you bang it or expose it to rapid temperature swings or extremes in temperature.

Because of the hazards of water, never wear the stone when bathing, swimming, or even sweating.

Use a dry towel that is as smooth and delicate as possible to clean the diamond. A sage smoker is used to cleanse the body.

When you rub the stones against your body while taking a bath, you will be able to wash away things from your life that you no longer require. It will assist in clearing space in your body for positive energy to enter.

How To Charge Angelite Stone

Place the stone beneath the full moon for a whole night to charge it. If you find yourself in a stressful situation, touching the stone can help you deal with it more effectively.

It also helps you develop a better feeling of compassion. You can also use sage to charge Angelite

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Angelite  Energy

Angelite Stone
Angelite Stone

The peaceful vibrations of your guardian angels are embodied by the Angelite stone’s vitality.

Working with the Angelite crystal instills calm and positivity in your spirit. It will increase your awareness of the unseen realm and remind you that angels are around.

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Its magnificent blue tones evoke a sense of connectedness with the celestial realm even simply by looking at it.

The Angelite meaning operates as a direct line between you and the angelic realm when you sense its divine powers of support.

Angelite Stone Crystal In Water

Anhydrite is formed when the water in the gypsum evaporates. Gypsum is a soft mineral that has a lower hardness than anhydrite.

On the Moh’s scale, its hardness is closer to a 2. It is a softer sulfate that also contains calcium, and it is a dihydrate material rather than an anhydrate material.

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Gypsum is a mineral that we use in a variety of products, ranging from fertilizer to drywall and sheetrock.

It is also used in the manufacture of plaster and chalkboard chalk. It’s a fine grain that can be used for a variety of purposes when combined with other materials, such as water.

When water evaporates from this substance, anhydrite or Angelite occurs. Its chemical composition transforms into a calcium sulfate substance with fewer linkages, similar to calcium sulfate.

Anhydrite is found at higher depths than gypsum, which makes sense when you consider that water is closer to land and rock surfaces.

When anhydrite comes into contact with groundwater as it moves closer to the surface, it transforms back into gypsum.

Anhydrite’s history and location are both influenced by temperature. When Angelite is exposed to water, it transforms into gypsum. 

Angelite Tumbled Stone

Angelite Tumbled Stone is the polished version of the Angelite Stone. It has the same properties as the Angelite Stone. It is mostly beautiful to see.

The Angelite Tumbled Stone is easier and more comfortable to handle or travel with.

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Angelite And Celestite

Mineral hardness: Celestite and Angelite are both soft minerals having a Mohr hardness of 3 to 3.5 on the Mohr scale.

These minerals will be harmed if exposed to direct sunlight for an extended amount of time or if submerged in water.

Both minerals come in a variety of forms and colors, ranging from colorless to pale blue, white, pink, light brown, or grey.

Angelite Stone
Angelite Stone

Celestite and Angelite have different chemical compositions but comparable metaphysical qualities.

They are, however, separate minerals. Anhydrite (CaSO4) from Peru is called Angelite.

Strontium sulfate (SrSO4) is a mineral that is mined mostly in Madagascar, Peru, Egypt, Poland, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Angelite is used to connect with angelic worlds and angelic entities, whereas Celestite is used to connect with spiritual realms.

Angelite is linked to the Throat chakra, while Celestite is linked to the Third Eye.

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Angelite and the Best Crystals to Use

Consider stones that are believed to remove negativity when matching Angelite with other crystals.

Shungite, smoky quartz, hematite, and serpentine stones are among the possibilities to consider.

Angelite is also a good match for stones that have defensive properties.

Identify the crystal that will have the greatest impact on the challenges you’re trying to tackle if you have a specific problem or subject in mind.

The powers will be amplified by mixing that stone with Angelite crystals.

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