Purple Angelite: Fascinating Facts You Need To Know


Purple Angelite is a beautiful, gemstone of healing for the Spiritual Self. It has amazing properties that have you enjoy a fulfilled life. We will discuss in-depth of this rare stone. Let’s get started!

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Purple Angelite Crystal Meaning

Angelite is considered the greatest healer of the mineral kingdom and also helps to balance Chakras 4, 7, and Chakras above the etheric plane.

Purple Angelites are absolutely enchanting!

Each one is beautifully pigmented in varying shades of purple, like gorgeous mosaic art.

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Purple Angelite is a rare form of the more common Blue Angelite.

While it looks very different, it has that deep connection to Benevolent Spirit Guides whether in Angel or other forms So use this version as a Higher Guidance Crystal for spiritual wisdom and direction at the Third Eye.

They are organically shaped pebbles with smooth rounded shapes. The layers of Angelite are soaring at an angle upwards with a bit of natural chatoyancy (glimmer) that feels quite heavenly.

These Purple Angelite Palms from Madagascar are a beautiful gift for anyone who wants the blessings of the Guardian Angels and peace, relaxation, healing, and meditation.

This is a stone most Highly Recommended for children as it will help them sleep more soundly and peacefully at night – just put the stone near their bed where they can see it and let them know it is a conduit for Angel Protection during the night.

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In crystal healing practice, use Angelite primarily for an inclination toward angel energy, need serious peace of mind, relief from insomnia, or want to experience the benefits of peaceful, deep meditation.

If there is any area in your life that needs “calmness,” this crystal will do the job.

Put Angelite near your bed that you may experience angelic dreams and helpful messages from benevolent spiritual guides and angels.

How To Use Purple Angelite

To get all the juju out of your piece, it’s helpful to hold it while focusing on your relationship with either your higher self, your soul, or any spiritual guides you acknowledge to assist you in discovering answers to the questions you seek.

Purple Angelite
Purple Angelite

The most helpful areas of the body to bring your attention to is the heart, crown, and etheric chakras. 

Notice if you are holding any tightness in those areas and if so, breathe deeply and on the exhale imagine all feelings of resistance melting away.

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And, if those benefits weren’t enough, it also enhances the healing of your spiritual heart and assists in opening and deepening your relationship to nature and nature spirits. 

That must be why we haven’t seen any fairies throughout the gardens, but we can certainly feel them.

Is Purple Anhydrite Rare?

Purple Anhydrite from Madagascar has a varying purple color intensity and is frequently found with peach Anhydrite and/or Chrome Diopside.

This is a gorgeous, extremely uncommon substance that is rarely accessible in big amounts.

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Can Angelite Be Pink?

Anhydrite can be found in a number of colors, including white, grey, blue, pink, and red, but only the lilac-colored variant is called ‘Angelite.’

Despite the fact that Anhydrite is very widespread, high-quality examples are relatively rare.

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What Happens When You Put Purple Angelite In Water?

When Angelite is submerged in water, it absorbs the water and transforms into gypsum. The stone undergoes an irreversible change.

Angelite is commonly found alongside other rocks including halite, calcite, galena, and pyrite, but it can also be found with a variety of other stones.

Purple Angelite
Purple Angelite

What Is The Difference Between Angelite And Celestite?

Anhydrite (CaSO4) from Peru is known as Angelite. Celestite is a strontium sulfate (SrSO4) mineral that is mined mostly in Madagascar, Peru, Egypt, Poland, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Meaning and advantages: Angelite is used to communicate with angelic realms and angelic creatures. Celestite is used to connect with spiritual realms.

Angelite For Communication

Angelite is a stone that helps you connect with the direction of your angels or other spiritually oriented beings, as its name suggests.

Angelite is made of Celestine (an uplifting, heavenly crystal), which gives the stone its light blue hue. Because this stone has been compacted over millions of years, it is a stone of increased awareness.

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Angelite creates a focal point through which you can receive the love, guidance, and assistance of spiritual beings all around you.

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The gentle blue stone helps you to relax and open yourself to a more contemplative state. The stone’s affinity for angelic energy makes it a good choice for Divine Intervention.

This means that if you don’t know what to do, need inspiration, or need a miraculous solution to get out of a difficult situation, Angelite can assist you.

Angelite is also a stone representing inner calm and tranquility. It can be worn or utilized in meditation to assist bring serenity to circumstances when ego and conflict are causing a stutter.

The throat, third eye, and crown chakras are all stimulated by this stone. As a result, it’s not surprising that it improves your communication abilities.

An Angelite stone can assist you in communicating in a clear and straightforward manner for everyone who is listening.

If you’re in charge of a team, have to give a presentation, or need to convey critical instructions, this stone is for you.

Purple Angelite Benefits

  • As it connects you with your higher self and raises self-awareness, this purple stone promotes tranquility.
  • The calming energy that this gem emits heightens intuition and encourages you to follow your heart.
  • Purple Angelite invites love and affection while also encouraging you to speak your mind. Purple Angelite is a one-of-a-kind gemstone that restores faith and forgiveness, as well as compassion and deep understanding to the soul.
  • Increase your creativity, self-expression, spiritual awareness, telepathic communication, and universal understanding by using this gem.
  • This lovely stone will take you back to a realm of spiritual guidance and inner knowledge.

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What Does Angelite Look Like

Purple Angelite
Purple Angelite
Purple Angelite
Purple Angelite



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