Left Hand For Receiving: Secret Revealed


Should you use your left hand for receiving or the right hand? This is a serious question because of different cultural differences.

In this blog post, you will understand why you should or should not receive with your left hand.

Let’s go deeper!

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Meaning Of Left Hand For Receiving

The left hand indeed is the hand for receiving. The right hand is the strongest and it represents authority, strength, and work.

Whereas the left hand is meant for receiving the rewards of the right hand.

Now let’s look at the right hand as the masculine and the left as the feminine.

The Left hand represents weakness and yet the one with all the treasures of the hands.

Left Hand For Receiving
Left Hand For Receiving

The left hand is also called the Money hand and the Right hand is called the Working hand.

So yes it’s ok for you to use the left hand for receiving. However, you need to mind the cultural setting you find yourself within.

Why I say this is because in some regions of the earth like in Africa if you use the left for receiving anything you will be showing a sign of this respect to them.


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Spiritual Meaning Of Pain In Left Wrist

Basically, what most people do when they have aches and pains is go to the doctor. We look for cures and medications.

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We wish to get rid of the pain in a natural way. We want to move away from suffering and toward enjoyment.

Please see a doctor first, and if they can’t find a solution, accept that it could be something energetic that wants to be released from your body, rather than resisting and fighting it, allow it to come up because if we’re fighting it and trying to find a solution to get rid of it, we’ll never get rid of it.

The pain you maybe be feeling could not be because you are having and health challenges but maybe this could be a communication from the spiritual plane you need to decode.

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Left Wrist aches indicate that we are adamant that our thinking and behaviors are stiff, and that we do not manage situations deftly, easily, decisively, and lovingly.

As a result, there is an impediment, a roadblock, or a denial of the actions you should take.

They can also afflict us when we do not provide ourselves permission to act, or when we feel unable to act because someone or something has prevented us from acting.

Hematite Ring, Which Finger?

Hematite is a thick and heavy mineral.

On the middle finger, is a sterling silver ring with black onyx.

It is associated with Mercury and signifies the power of communication in all forms, including intuition and sensitivity.

In your left hand, take your hematite ring. Wearing a hematite ring on the dominant hand attracts leadership and authority for a woman.

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Rings can be worn on the index and middle fingers, which are surprisingly pleasant.

A hematite ring can be fashioned with a single hematite stone or numerous hematite stones.

Left Hand For Receiving
Left Hand For Receiving


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Wearing rings on this finger draws attention to the artistic and creative personality, which possesses attributes such as eloquence and the capacity to convince.

Simply make sure the rings have a comparable design or something in common. This could be something as simple as a bold fashion statement.

Your hematite ring should be worn on your left hand.

Some people like to wear their engagement rings on their middle fingers, while others prefer to wear them on their index fingers.

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