Knee Chakra Meditation: The Miraculously Healer


I know you are probably wondering if knee chakra meditation really real? Can this help me at all and do  I really need a knee chakra meditation?

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For years I have been visiting my doctor about the same knee pain that didn’t make me sleep at night. I had tried different doctors and therapies but still to no avail.

I gave up!!!

Until I was introduced to Knee Chakra Meditation. This is where my story changed and I am willing to share it with as many people as possible to get liberated from the knee pains and discomfort through the powerful Knee Chakra Meditation no one is talking about!!!

And hey knew chakra is also associated with some part of our spiritual being and I will talk about it


What Does Knee Chakra Mean ???


Knee chakra can be quite good for aching joints, but if you have chronic knee discomfort, you should consult your doctor.

The lesser-known knee chakra can be unblocked in five different methods.

Within your energy field of light, there is a vortex of energy that rests behind, through (and in front) of the knee, a convergence of above and below.

This vortex is created by the knee’s function as the central point from which we can bend and flex, freely choosing our life direction (and speed).

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In comparison to your other major energy centers, the Knee Chakra is quite modest. It’s about the same size as the chakras that form on the soles of your feet.

The two are inextricably intertwined. The knee chakra appears to be roughly the size of an outstretched palm to me.

Your knee chakra works in tandem with your base or root chakra to help you maintain your bodily presence.

I’m always drawn to the knees first when I start a healing session. I either place my hands on them or in the energy field just outside the knee caps.

This helps to bring the energy flow of the individual I’m dealing with into balance, stability, and grounding.

And I’m always told how nice it feels to grasp and embrace the knees since it’s so soothing and supporting. Try it for yourself right now.

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Simply lay your hands over the tops of your kneecaps. Hold your hands there for a minute or so, and notice how your focused awareness creates a deep sense of balance and protection. Your knees might even start talking to you.

What Emotion Is Knee Pain?


Knees serve as shock absorbers, absorbing the impact of the body’s weight above as well as the ups and downs of the ground beneath.

Because the knees bear the majority of the weight, if the load becomes too great, the knees may buckle.

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Physical weight isn’t the only thing that matters. Psychological and emotional weight is equally important.

Water in the knees implies that emotional energy is being held in the knees, notably a resistance to yielding, or that there is too much emotion to bear and the weight is being carried in the knees.

If you have knee discomfort, you might not think of energy blocks or traumatic emotions as being related to it.
These are the emotions that are associated with knee chakra problems
  • Obstinate ego and pride
  • Unable to bend.
  • Fear.
  • Inflexibility.
  • Fear of changing one’s life path.
  • Inability to move freely.
  • Unable to be adaptable.
  • Usually, this is due to a refusal to yield to authority.
  • The ego interferes.
  • The problem is that pride gets in the way.

Right Knee Spiritual Meaning 

When you have a pain in your right knee this is what it might imply spiritually:
  • It is necessary to be more aggressive.
  • Refusing to submit to power.
  • Conflict.
  • You’re going in a direction you don’t want to go, yet you do it regardless.
  • Spiritual upheaval.
  • Disagreement over not being physically able to perform what you used to be able to accomplish.

Left Knee Spiritual Meaning 

When you have a pain in your left knee this is what it might imply spiritually:
  • Needs to be more open to new experiences in life.
  • Insecurity.
  • Unresolved anxiety.


Locate the knee cap (patella), cover it with your palm, then elevate your hand 4-5 inches exactly above it and move your hand in circular motion for about10 seconds to reach the knee sub-chakra… 
There will be surge of energy there. 
It could have the sensations of heat, tingling, or pressure. 
You are aware of the knee sub-chakra.


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Repeat the process with the opposite knee, comparing the “feeling” between the two. Examine each knee to discover if one has more energy than the other.
The stronger knee sub-chakra indicates the dominant side of the brain. If both knee sub-chakras feel equally powerful, both sides of the brain are most likely balanced, which is ideal.
Keep in mind that the knee sub-chakra is smaller than the seven primary chakras, which are the crown, brow, throat, heart, solar plexus, lower abdominal, and root.
The primary chakras measure about 1 1/2 inches in diameter. The sub-chakras are about a half-inch in diameter, but they are very easy to locate and identify.


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Then now focus your mind and your breath to your knees and see the wave of healing through meditation going through your knees as you meditate and take deep breaths.
This is how your healing will come. This is a very powerful form of meditation that heals the knee chakra.

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