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In this blog post, we are going to discuss Caribbean Calcite Meaning and other calcites and their importance to our chakras and our lives in general. Let’s get started!

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What Is Calcite

Calcite is a mineral that forms rocks and has the chemical formula CaCO3. It is exceedingly prevalent and can be found in sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks all over the world. Some geologists consider it a “ubiquitous mineral,” meaning it can be found anywhere.

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Calcite is the main component of limestone and marble. These rocks are exceedingly common and account for a sizable amount of the Earth’s crust. They are one of the world’s largest carbon repositories.

Calcite’s characteristics make it one of the most extensively used minerals.

It is utilized as a building material, abrasive, agricultural soil treatment, construction aggregate, pigment, medicinal, and other applications. It has more applications than perhaps any other mineral.

What Color Is Caribbean Calcite?

Colors of Caribbean Calcite: Colors can range from subtle shades of sky blue to bright, vibrant aqua hues.

There may be hints of mint green, as well as white and brown inclusions. Aragonite can be found in a variety of patterns such as swirls, stripes, and bands.

Caribbean Calcite Meaning
Caribbean Calcite Meaning

Does Caribbean Calcite Fade In The Sun?

In the sun, it can fade and become brittle. In the sun, the blue will turn white, become brittle, and possibly break.

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Are Blue Aragonite And Caribbean Calcite The Same?

Calcium carbonate can exist in two forms: calcite, which is stable, and aragonite, which is metastable. Aragonite can eventually transform into a Calcite when heated or over time. So it’s Caribbean Blue Calcite as well as brown and white aragonite.

This Is An Example Of Calcite


Caribbean Calcite Meaning
Caribbean Calcite Meaning

This Is An Example Of Aragonite

Caribbean Calcite Meaning
Caribbean Calcite Meaning

Types Of Calcites

  • Honey Calcite
  • Blue Calcite
  • Raw Blue Calcite
  • Caribbean Calcite
  • White Calcite
  • Orange Calcite
  • Pink Calcite
  • Emerald Calcite
  • Gold Calcite
  • Pink Calcite
  • Zebra Calcite
  • Clear Calcite
  • Purple Calcite

Caribbean Calcite Meaning

Caribbean Calcite Meaning
Caribbean Calcite Meaning

The stone of spiritual awakening, transformation, and emotional awareness is Caribbean Calcite.

Caribbean Calcite is an excellent meditation stone because it allows us to access our inner vision and connect to our higher selves, allowing us to gain a sense of purpose, a real sense of self, and go on a journey of ultimate self-discovery.

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This stone can help us improve our psychic powers and clairvoyant abilities.

As we develop insight, understanding, and inspiration, Caribbean Calcite assists us in accessing our intuition. It is a useful stone for new beginnings and personal progress.

Caribbean Calcite, a relaxing stone, helps us to live in the present moment. It relieves tension and anxiety while also promoting restful sleep and lucid dreaming.

The Crown and Third Eye Chakras are opened, activated, and healed by Caribbean Calcite. It is related to Taurus’s solid drive and Libra’s harmonizing appeal.

What Is Caribbean Quartz?

Caribbean Quartz is a brightly tinted blue quartz variant that shimmers like the ocean that bears its name. Caribbean Quartz has a revitalizing blue tint that is reminiscent of the beautiful blue seas of the Caribbean Ocean. Each specimen is infused with its renowned blue color using a patented triplet technique.

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Caribbean Blue Crystal

In 2019, a new combination mineral called Caribbean Blue Calcite was discovered in Pakistan. It’s composed of a light ocean blue Calcite and a light brown and white Aragonite.

The hue of the stone, as well as the tiny fissures and nodules inside its structure, immediately catches your eye (some of these can even have a tiny, drusy coating within)


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Caribbean Blue Calcite is a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence, and we believe it will be mined to extinction within a few years.

Many miners and crafters will have a great return on investment simply due to the color and minerals therein. This will result in a market flood, followed by a lasting drought until further deposits are discovered.

We can only hope that the local miners harvest this material ethically, without succumbing to greed or profit!

Blue Calcite Healing Properties

Caribbean Calcite Meaning
Caribbean Calcite Meaning

The energies of this stone are still a bit of a mystery at the time of writing, but it undoubtedly resonates with your third eye and crown chakra.

Caribbean Blue Calcite is a mind activator that aids in the channeling of one’s own unique psychic powers, which aid in the elevation of consciousness.

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While we continue to learn more about this stone every day, we strongly encourage you to do the same!

Blue Calcite calms frayed nerves and alleviates anxiety. Blue Calcite, a calming stone to use when recovering, promotes physical recovery by eliminating bad emotions and encouraging rest and relaxation.

Blue calcite can also be used as a natural sedative following emotional trauma.

Calcite is also known as a mind stone. Calcite improves mental discernment and analysis, as well as memory and learning skills.

The perfect stone for scholars and intellectuals is blue calcite. Calcite can also help with mental adjustments and disputes.

Calcite can show us a new perspective on a subject, guiding us away from old, outmoded thought processes that may be impeding the development of new thoughts.

Blue Calcite, a Throat Chakra crystal, promotes calm communication and an optimistic outlook.

Calcite is physically related to the bones and joints, and it helps to balance the quantity of calcium in the body.

Calcite can also aid in the absorption of essential vitamins and minerals by the body. Blue Calcite, in particular, reduces blood pressure and calms nerve cells gently.

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Blue Calcite Chakra

Blue calcite is connected with the throat chakra. Blue calcite’s delicate and gentle color is very comforting to our nerves.

This stone is useful to persons who are particularly sensitive to other people’s ideas and energies.

Blue Calcite is known as the “emotional intelligence stone.”

It can assist us in achieving a harmonic balance between the emotional and mental levels, as well as between emotions and intellect.

Maintaining this balance is essential for living a successful and meaningful life.

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Calcite comes in a variety of colors, including transparent, pink, green, yellow, orange, blue, brown, and black.

Each hue adds attributes to the calcite’s basic energy. Blue Calcite’s color can range from a faint light blue to a brighter blue or blue with gray undertones.

The primary component of the stone is calcium carbonate, with the inclusion of additional minerals having great medicinal and mystical powers.

Honey Calcite Meaning

The name Honey Calcite comes from the Greek word chalix, which signifies lime.

Honey Calcite is a potent energy cleaner that will increase the energies of other stones placed nearby.

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When you place a piece in a room, it will cleanse the air of all negativity and increase your physical energy.

This crystal is also useful for physical disease treatment, as it constantly works to absorb bad vibrations from the aura and etheric bodies.

Caribbean Calcite Meaning
Caribbean Calcite Meaning

Honey Calcite is a spiritual mineral associated with a higher consciousness that assists us in realizing our psychic potential.

It connects emotions and cognition, resulting in emotional resilience and intelligence. It also combats lethargy and sloth, as well as restoring motivation and hope to people who have lost them.

This gem enhances memory and calms the mind. It teaches judgment so that you can separate the significant from the irrelevant information.

It relieves emotional stress and replaces it with tranquility.

It is a grounding stone that will assist you in trusting your feelings and insights, as well as having faith in your judgments and conclusions.

Honey Calcite Healing Properties

Honey Calcite is a calcium carbonate mineral that crystallizes in large or rhombohedral forms.

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It is one of the most abundant minerals on the planet since it may be found in a variety of forms and in a variety of geological contexts.

The best examples of this form of Calcite are found in Mexico.


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Physical Characteristics

Calcite is chemically classed as Carbonate. It has a vitreous gloss, is transparent to translucent, and has a hardness rating of 3 on the Mohs scale.

CaCO3 is its chemical formula, and its crystal structure is hexagonal.

Metaphysical Characteristics

This stone is thought to have vibrations of strength and confidence, and it can provide you with a great degree of mental clarity and courage to stand up for what you believe in.

Honey Calcite, a symbol of personal power, is also known to have therapeutic properties.

These therapeutic properties of the stone are most essential in concerns of personal healing, particularly when grieving a devastating loss.

These qualities give one the strength to persevere through life’s ups and downs.

The significance of Honey Calcite stems from the belief that the stone has the ability to guide a person to the correct manner of identifying and utilizing his or her inner power.

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It speaks volumes about aspects such as leadership, responsibility, and accountability, and when combined with Iron Pyrite, it is effective in increasing one’s sense of self-worth.

This is a powerful stone that will assist you in recovering from a difficult scenario that has knocked you down.

It offers you the energy to move away from negative energies and embrace life with a more open-minded and joyful attitude.

Caribbean Calcite Meaning
Caribbean Calcite Meaning

When it comes to overcoming personal challenges or flaws, the confidence that one gains from Honey Calcite is beneficial.

Furthermore, Honey Calcite is thought to offer qualities that inspire you to welcome new experiences that add to your wisdom and character development.

These new paths can be as basic as learning a new skill or as profound as a life-changing encounter.

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In any event, Honey Calcite will keep you grounded and support you in focusing your energies on your goals.

It can also help you improve your brain and focus on the things that are important to you.

You will be able to tap into your ability to approach difficulties objectively with the usage of Honey Calcite, allowing you to confront them in the most effective methods.

Honey Calcite is a fantastic stone to have for stress relief.

Honey Calcite is the stone to bring you much-needed inspiration if you are trying to rekindle your faith and rediscover the resolve to break free of old habits and adopt healthy ones.

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The energies embodied in Honey Calcite symbolize the start of a new chapter and the beginning of a journey in a new path.

If you want to overcome the anxieties and doubts that have taken hold of you, you will benefit from using Honey Calcite to move past negative thoughts and allow yourself to see things from a different angle.

With the use of Honey Calcite, you will notice a general rise in your energies and confidence levels, allowing you to overcome even the most difficult circumstances without fear.


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What Is Orange Calcite

Orange calcite is especially beneficial to the lower chakras or energy centers.

These chakras are associated with our sense of belonging in the world, our connection to people and the earth, and our creativity.

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It is a wonderful stone for balancing emotions and dispelling feelings of dread and worry.

These orange gemstones are ideal for attempting to awaken your creative or sexual energies.

Orange calcite is one of the few stones that aid in the circulation of this energy in the body. When necessary, this aids in the removal of certain impediments.

Orange Calcite
Orange Calcite

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Orange Calcite Properties

  • Removes negative energy from your physical body as well as your surroundings.
  • Increases vitality
  • Accelerates your spiritual development,
  • Encourages happiness and joy.
  • Increases your awareness,
  • Assists you in discovering and accepting your soul’s destiny.
  • Enhances your psychic abilities and facilitates intuitive visions.
  • It aids in channeling.
  • Enhances inventiveness
  • Increases motivation.
  • Enhances attention.
  • Removes fatigue and energizes you.
  • It stimulates memory.
  • Supports the repair of damaged tissues in the body.
  • Encourages resilience,
  • Aids in the maintenance of a healthy skin-care routine.
  • Removes depression’s energetic roots as well as
  • Encourages the reproductive system’s energy restoration.

What is a Caribbean Calcite?

What Does A Calcite Symbolize?

Calcite denotes spiritual and energetic power. This stone has the power to make you more spiritually aware than you can ever have.

What Is Pink Caribbean Calcite?

The Pink Caribbean Calcite is considered to have a deeply soothing, tranquil energy that brings peace to the person who uses it. As a result, Caribbean Calcite may be able to aid with nightmares and sleep difficulties. This stone promotes emotional well-being and a peaceful and balanced emotional state by connecting the intellect and heart.

How Do You Charge Calcite?

If your crystals aren't sensitive to light or water, you can soak them in a dish of sea salt and water before exposing them to direct sunshine. The sun will excite the cleansing water even more, and as the stone is washed, the sun will begin to charge it.

What Does Orange Calcite Do?

Orange Calcite aids in the integration of the spiritual realm with the physical body, as well as creative and emotional disorders. To invigorate and cleanse the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras, as well as to bring positive energy into the realms of the will and sexuality, use Orange Calcite.

What Crystal Is Good For A New Home?

Selenite is the best crystal for a new home. Selenite is a well-known crystal for purifying and cleaning the home or office. In whatever setting where it is placed, it dispels negative energy and brings peace. It can be used in your new house to eliminate any negative energies left behind by former tenants.

What Does Caribbean Calcite Look Like?

Colors of Caribbean Calcite Caribbean Calcite has a really tropical feel to it, with the blue aspects resembling the sea and the white and brown inclusions like beach sand. The color of many high-grade Caribbean Calcite pieces is identical to that of Larimar.

Is Caribbean Calcite real?

Caribbean Calcite is a crystal made composed of blue calcite, white Aragonite, and light brown Aragonite that was very recently discovered. It's exclusively found in Pakistan, and it was discovered in 2019.

Where Is Caribbean Calcite Mined?

Caribbean Calcite is a crystal made composed of blue calcite, white Aragonite, and light brown Aragonite that was very recently discovered. It's exclusively found in Pakistan, and it was discovered in 2019.


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