Drug Sponsor And Where To Find Them: Best Guide


Have you heard about drug sponsors or are you wondering about where and how to find a drug sponsor? 

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Are you battling with addiction and feeling like talking to some who understands you perfectly and can offer support? 

This article talks about drug sponsors and where to find them.

Who Is A Drug Sponsor?

Drug Sponsor And Where To Find Them
Drug Sponsor And Where To Find Them

A sponsor is someone who has been through the 12 steps of alcoholics anonymous and provides guidelines to others who have trouble with addiction by taking them through the steps

A sponsor is a trusted person who offers support and with whom you can share anything about your addiction or recovery.

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These are people you open up to entirely and are ready to support you from recovering from drugs or addiction. It is best to choose a sponsor with whom you have no intimate or close relationship.

This is because you may be distracted from the recovery process. It is even wiser for a woman to get a female sponsor and a man to get a male sponsor to avoid such things from happening.

The sponsor communicates his or her thoughts with other people’s feelings healthily and productively.  

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When Do You Need Drug Sponsor?

Addiction is usually the main reason for a sponsor. Addiction can cause an individual to be depressed.

There are a lot of drug addicts who feel like talking to someone they can trust and open up to them.

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When you feel like talking to someone about your predicaments, the best person to talk to is a sponsor whom you admire and who has also gone through the 12 steps of alcoholics anonymous.

What Is The Role Of A Sponsor?

  1. A sponsor helps to keep accountable.
  2. A sponsor is always available for a meet-up or a phone call. Your sponsor should always be the best person to reach out to when experiencing emotional disturbance and he or she will provide the necessary guides.
  3. A sponsor encourages and reminds you of what you can achieve and the possible way out.

Questions To Ask When Choosing A Sponsor.

Drug Sponsor And Where To Find Them
Drug Sponsor And Where To Find Them
  1. Does the sponsor have an attitude that I may admire? These attitudes can form the characteristics of the person. For instance, his or her self-confidence, communication skills, and level of tolerance.
  2. Can I relate to what they say?
  3. Does the person showcase professionalism?
  4. Do they have a sponsor themselves?
  5. Can the person tolerate it?
  6. What is the level of consistency of the sponsor?

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How To Choose A Drug Sponsor.

  1. Engage a sponsor who sees from a different perspective as yours. Do not choose a sponsor who possesses the same mindset, ability, or is exactly like you. There should be variation in your choices and also your interest as this helps to concentrate on making changes that are of benefit to you. The choice and interest variation in choosing a sponsor also help to learn new things that may help in the success of the transformation an individual wants to see.
  2. Be patient and careful in how to choose a sponsor. Do not be discouraged when a sponsor turns you down.
  3. Ask yourself questions when choosing a sponsor. Asking questions is a way of choosing the right sponsor and also feeling at ease with them.
  4. Avoid a sponsor who finds it difficult to remain sober for some time.
  5. Watch out for the behavior traits of the sponsor before going in for one. When the sponsor shows a negative attitude am sure of turning them down as it helps in not making wrong choices in choosing a sponsor.
  6. Try to work with a sponsor who is of the same sex with you. Go for a female sponsor if you are a lady or go for a male sponsor if you are a man. This helps a lot as there is no romantic or intimate feeling towards each other.
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Note that you are at liberty to discuss an issue with your sponsor when something isn’t right about how they go about handling things with you.

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In Summary

A sponsor is a trusted person that helps to guide a person with addiction and is available all the time to provide the necessary support. 

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It is advisable to get a sponsor of the same-sex and someone who has admirable traits.

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