Can You Have Your Phone In Rehab?πŸ“΄πŸ“΄β˜Ž


The phone has now become a digital tool for communication, entertainment, and anything that has to do with our social life.

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This has come a long way such that without a phone one feels left out and has nothing to offer in the digital world.

Imagine going to a place where you are restricted from using your phone. Would you have survived it?

What about the use of phones in rehab? Can you have your phone in rehab?

Can Have Your Phone In Rehab?
Can Have Your Phone In Rehab?

Can You Have Your Phone In Rehab?

Just as other institutions have policies, rehab centers do have policies too. These policies vary from one rehab to another.

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Phones are ideally allowed in rehab, and there may be a specific restriction as to how to use them and when to use them depending on the type of rehab center you find yourself in for your treatment and recovery.

It is advisable to make thorough research on a rehab center before even going for treatment in the first place.

This helps you to know their policy before going for the treatment. It helps you to prepare for the policies you would have to follow as you are there.

Some rehab centers also provide phone booths for people who do not have a phone and would want to call or hear from their loved ones.

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Β The phone can, however, be a source of distraction to the person’s healing. This is why some restrictions are made against the use of phones in rehab.

One may ask why there should be a restriction on using the phone at the rehab. Well, this is a place where one goes for treatment and cure.

Therefore much attention should be given to the reason for which you are there and not the phone.

Even though one is allowed to use the phone in rehab they are not allowed to share sensitive information outside the rehab. This is for security reasons and training.

It is always advisable to find a rehab that you may feel comfortable with or that may suit your preferences.

Can Have Your Phone In Rehab?
Can Have Your Phone In Rehab?

How Long Will I Stay For Rehab?

An individual usually has up to three months to be at the rehab and recover. This may sometimes vary from person to person based on their circumstances.

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Some patients stay longer based on the level of their addiction or illness, while others stay for a short while which may not even be up to three months. This will depend on the speed rate of recovery.

A patient may be permitted to leave rehab early if he or she has a job and his condition is minimal.

If severe health conditions or illnesses need urgent attention, a patient may stay long until he or she is fully recovered. It may take a long time and sometime the patient may spend half of his life at the rehab.

Note that the thirty days or three-month treatment isn’t actual treatment.

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It is just an opportunity or platform for a patient to identify how bad his addiction is and also come to terms with arranging for his treatment and recovery.

After this is the actual treatment a patient needs to recover. This is where one gets to know how long he or she is going to stay in rehab.

Will You Be Forced To Give Up Your Cell Phone In Rehab?

Cell phones are not taken from patients but there is a restriction for using them and when to use it.

The only time a cell phone would have to be taken forcefully from a patient is when he or she goes against the rules.

For instance when a patient uses the phone to take videos and pictures and post on social media or sends them to someone.

The phone can also be taken forcefully when it is observed that the phone is a distraction to your response to treatment and recovery.

Privileges Of Having A Phone In Rehab

Having a cell phone in rehab may have some rare privileges. The phone can be a source of happiness or engagement to the success of your recovery treatment.

The cell phone allows a patient to hear from family and loved ones. However, the disadvantages of using a cell phone at rehab outweigh the privileges.

The cell phone can serve as a form of distraction to your treatment. A patient may be tempted to use the phone a crime if he wants to leave the rehab before the appointed time for them to leave.

A patient could also use the cell phone to give false information about the rehab thereby tarnishing the name of the rehab.

What If You Can’t Afford Your Cell Phone Bill While In Rehab?

Thinking about how to pay your cell phone bills and other bills when you go to rehab can be depressing. There are some possible ways you can pay your bills without having to worry about bill payment.

  1. Seek help from friends and families. Having to ask these people for support may not be easy but once you do and explain things to them they will offer help in their little way. They might even help provide you with materials that will cover some of the expenses you will make.
  2. Pay ahead of treatment. You may want to pre-pay your bills even before the treatment to avoid having to worry about bills while in rehab. For instance, when you have enough in June and you plan to go in August, you could pay in June so that when you finally go in for the treatment in August you won’t have to worry about the payment of bills.
  3. You could also save money ahead of time for the treatment.
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Can Family Members Call Me While I Am In Rehab?

Of course, Rehab allows phone calls from family members but some rules and restrictions come with it. The family member should get approval from the therapist and the patient before making calls.

This means a patient has the choice to decide if he or she would want to make a call with a family member or not.

Β A phone call may either heal or cause a distraction to the patient. This is why the patient decision to either receives calls from family or not is highly respected.

The patient may want to bring books that would keep him or her away from using or abusing the phone or if he or she doesn’t feel like bringing a phone to rehab.

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In Summary: Can you Have Your Phone In Rehab?

A phone is allowed in rehab but should not be the ultimate goal when at rehab.

You should note that you are in rehab for treatment and that should be the focus. The phone may be a form of distraction so it is better to stay away from it.Β 

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