Christian Addiction: The Hidden Secrets You Didn’t Know✝😥😥😥


Christian Addiction. Every individual has a strong interest in what they believe in, this may sometimes become an addiction when the interest in it becomes a habit and part of a person’s daily routine.

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Have you ever thought of a Christian addiction? What do you think about it? This article reveals some hidden secrets you didn’t know about Christian addiction.

Christian Addiction
Christian Addiction


What Is Addiction?

Addiction is a defect or disorder that leads to the inability to put a stop to certain behaviors, attitudes, lifestyles, or substances which result in psychological and physical effects.

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The continuous or repeated way of doing something that proposes a negative feeling, result, or action is what we call addiction. Addiction can be substance abuse or repeated expression of a bad attitude and behavior.

Mind you addiction can sometimes be positive but mostly rare. Mostly rare because too much of it can lead to a negative result one way or the other.

Symptoms Of Addiction

  1. No interest in other things
  2. Lack of concentration
  3. Staying alone. People who are addicted to some specific things would like to stay alone because they find pleasure in what they are addicted to.
  4. A need to continually use more or the substance or give that attitude.
  5. Worried when they do not get that substance they are addicted to.

Types Of Addiction

Chemical addiction: this addiction is when one abuses or is addicted to substances like alcohol and drugs.

Behavioral addiction: this includes addictions that are persistent in behavior that people exhibit which leads to nothing profitable.

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Causes Of Addiction

  1. The desire to try something new again could lead to addiction. This happens when the individual does not go with a conscious mind to do or try the new thing again.
  2. Having no interest in other activities other than that one thing that you keep doing.

Who Is A Christian?

When it comes to knowing who a Christian is you find many definitions based on how one views it to be.

A Christian is someone who is filled with the Holy Spirit and is instructed by the Holy Spirit to do the work of the Lord.

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Through baptism, one receives the holy and is born again of water and spirit. Based on the teaching of the holy bible a person is not of Christ without the Holy Spirit in them.

For you to have the Holy Spirit manifesting in you, you need to confess and accept that you are a sinner and repent of your sins.

A Christian is someone who has received salvation, Ephesians 1:13. Receiving and accepting Christ and believing in his message guarantees one to become a Christian.

A Christian is also someone who has faith and walks in faith. Some scriptures in the bible point fingers at faith being one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit. A Christian has faith that God lives and eternal life through faith.

Someone who responds to God’s calling is a Christian because he or she goes according to God’s instructions. No one can come unless God draws him, John 6: 44.

A Christian is an imitator of Jesus Christ and who believes in the Holy Trinity. This is God the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. 

God the Father is the Supreme Being that created everything in the world including human beings too.

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He gave out his son Jesus Christ who came to save us from their sins. He died and rose again for us. The Holy Spirit is manifested in all Christians after baptism.

Baptism can be done by water, either immersing in the water or sprinkles of water.

 Christian Addiction

One’s level of faith and dedication may lead to Christian addiction.

Christian addiction is simply how someone is so engrossed in his or her Christian life that he or she doesn’t consider anything that is not of Christ valid to him or her anymore.

This is when a Christian concentrates on things of the Spirit rather than the flesh.  It can also be some bad behaviors that one is addicted to that affects how a Christian carries him or herself about.

Some characteristics of a Christian addiction can be drug abuse, a bad attitude to church activities, and also showing no interest in the things of the church.

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The Bible speaks about addiction as sinful behavior. There are so many scriptures in the bible which talk about addiction as a sin.

Addiction can be very embarrassing, especially as a Christian. When one is faced with an addiction one way to one can ask for support is to seek Christian counseling.


Counseling is a tutorial session where an individual, couple, or family assemble to out specific issues with a professional counselor.

This allows the individual, couple, or family to share their views and perspectives on their situations and experiences. This paves way for clarity.

Counselors work with clients on ways to overcome personal challenges they are facing.

Counseling helps to set new goals in life. It also helps to deal with and provides treatment for depression and anxiety it helps deal with issues in relationships and to manage situations

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Christian Counseling

Christian Addiction
Christian Addiction

Christian Counseling is a type of physical and spiritual therapy that inculcates beliefs, moral and spiritual practices into a Christian Believer.

It is also a biblical way of counseling a Christian that combines one’s faith in principles of psychology to improve mental health, relationship, and spirituality.

Types Of Christian Counseling

Christian Counseling is categorized into psychotherapy, Christian psychotherapy, bible counseling, and pastoral counseling. They all perform different roles in the life of a Christian believer.

  • Psychotherapy Christian Counseling:

This is done by therapists who consider religion and spirituality an important subject for counseling.

Here Christian goes through religious and spiritual counseling. That is a matter of spirituality and religious matters and concerns.

A Christian will be guided by the therapist on the need to walk with the Holy Spirit and how to walk with the Holy Spirit.

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Through this type of counseling, a Christian learns to live with the Holy Spirit and recognizes the voice of the Holy Spirit whenever He speaks.

  • Christian Psychology:

This is Christian Counseling where the psychologist incorporates both psychological theories and theological approaches by using biblical concepts.

  • Bible Counseling:

The bible is the main tool used here as a guide to counseling Christians. The content in the bible is used as a reflection of moral life.

  • Pastoral Counseling:

It is counseling either provided by a pastor or someone who has a pastoral background or ministry. It focuses more on spirituality

In Summary

Christian Addition is the bad attitude exhibited by Christians which becomes a hobby.

Such addictions can be lateness to church programs, losing interest in church activities, and not performing one’s responsibilities.

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