Addiction Forgiveness Letter: The Ultimate Guide


Addiction is a part of the life of every individual. The truth is the nature of humans to get attached to something for a long time.

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However, it becomes a problem when that which one is attached to so much distracts the person and affects productivity in the life of the person and his surroundings.

It is for a fact that some people actually get addicted to many things that they themselves are not aware of.

This goes a long way to ruin the person’s life and abilities. Thus resulting in regrets and wishing for the clock to tick backward.


How often do you get addicted to something? And how often do you show remorse for that act that is a result of such an addiction?

This article will throw light on addiction forgiveness letters and the ultimate guide to achieve this.

Addiction Forgiveness Letter: The Ultimate Guide.

addiction Forgiveness Letter
addiction Forgiveness Letter

What Is Addiction? (Addiction Forgiveness Letter)

Addiction is a defect or disorder that leads to the inability to put a stop to certain behaviors, attitudes, lifestyles, or substances that result in psychological and physical effects.

The continuous or repeated way of doing something that proposes a negative feeling, result, or action is what we call addiction. Addiction can be substance abuse or repeated expression of a bad attitude and behavior.

Mind you addiction can sometimes be positive but mostly rare. Mostly rare because too much of it can lead to a negative result one way or the other.

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 Some Examples Of Addiction Include;

  1. Drug addiction such as alcohol, cocaine, and medicine
  2. Food addiction: eating anytime without limit or purpose. An individual that eats even if he is satisfied abuses the food and if this continues over time they get an addiction to eating food even if they are not hungry.
  3. Sleeping addition: sleep is good, but sleeping all the time and not having time to make any process during the day is bad. There are people who sleep even if they are not sleepy. They do this because they find pleasure in doing it and leave work and responsibilities untouched.

This leads to a sleeping addiction disorder which may be very bad to him or the people around him.

  1. Internet addiction: the internet has become a global world for everyone in recent times and one may feel left out if they do not have access to the internet for some time. People try to always stay active on the internet so as not to miss out on anything. If this continues for a long time one may become addicted to the internet such that they feel uncomfortable even if they are not on the internet for just a day.
  2. School addiction: a person can have so much interest in school and academic activities that they become dedicated and addicted to things related to school.
  3. Book addition
  4. Sex addiction: becomes an addiction when two partners do it more than necessary and without a purpose. This can be very problematic because is not a playing ground, even though it is also for the fun, one should know that it goes beyond just for fun. Thus one to have full responsibilities for their sexual life especially when it comes to matters of addiction.
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Symptoms Of Addiction: Addiction Forgiveness Letter.

  1. No interest in other things
  2. Lack of concentration
  3. Staying alone. People who are addicted to some specific things would like to stay alone because they find pleasure in what they are addicted to.
  4. A need to continually use more or the substance or give that attitude.
  5. Worried when they do not get that substance they are addicted to.

Types Of Addiction

Chemical addiction: this addiction is when one abuses or is addicted to substances like alcohol and drugs.

Behavioral addiction: this includes additions that are persistent in behavior that people exhibit which leads to nothing profitable.

Causes Of Addiction

  1. The desire to try something new again could lead to addiction. This happens when the individual does not go with a conscious mind to do or try the new thing again.
  2. Having no interest in other activities other than that one thing that you keep doing.

Effects Of Addiction

  1. Redrawing back from work and responsibilities
  2. Fired from work
  3. Shunning away friends and families
  4. Mental illness
  5. Restlessness
  6. depression

Treatment Of An Addiction (Addition Forgiveness Letter)

There are many ways to provide treatment for addiction. Rehab is the best place and treatment program that helps to cure an addiction.

They can also go through a series of therapies that could be of great help. A psychologist may also be needed to provide special solutions.

addiction Forgiveness Letter
addiction Forgiveness Letter

Addiction Forgiveness Letter:  The Ultimate Guide.

There are a lot of people out there in the world who regret today how bad their addiction was and how it affected them, their loved ones, and the people around them.


They might want to write an addiction forgiveness letter to the people they must have hurt and also to themselves for encouragement and peace of mind.

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A forgiveness letter I believe should come from one’s heart and feelings. It should be able to show how remorseful you are and how far you have come to embrace a better and well-lived life.

You also have to first of all forgive yourself, that way you would be able to say goodbye to addiction and would also have the courage to ask for forgiveness. Below is a sample of addiction forgiveness letters.

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Addiction Forgiveness Letter From A Person With Addiction To Affected Persons;

Dear victims,

Today, I have realized my mistake. I have seen the pain I have caused you all. I feel very bad for what I have to put you all through. I feel so remorseful right now and I write to you to ask for your forgiveness.

Yes! My addiction did take the better side of me and the truth is I didn’t notice all the bad things it was doing to me and the people who were around me.

I have come to the understanding that addiction is an enemy to oneself and most especially to the people around you.

I didn’t know this and realizing this now I ask for your forgiveness and a chance to make the world a better place for you and me to live.

I know this is difficult but I hope you find a place in the bosom of your hearts to forgive me.



Addiction Forgiveness Letter to One’s Self

Dear self,

I have come to learn this the hard way. I must admit that it is a very difficult thing to do, but for my freedom, I need to forgive myself for my addiction.  I am sorry that I have put you through this.

The pain, the shame, the worst, I forgive you today and let go of all the pains. My mind is at peace now. The body has come to agree with the mind and now I say yes to freedom and a great and healthy life.

Thanks for not giving up on me. Today I say a very big goodbye to addiction. Peace, peace, peace!

Your own.

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