Can You Get Fired For Going To Rehab?


It is no news as to how people see or tag going to the rehab as a ‘negativity’ rather than being a treatment to an addiction/addict.

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Due to this notion of going to rehab, a lot of people who have an addiction to drugs ask questions like “how will society see me after going to rehab? Can you get fired for going to rehab?”

Questions like this put addicts on the low as they think of the fact that, can get fired for going to rehab.  Here’s what you should know about rehab and job.


Can You Get Fired For Going To Rehab?

Can You Get Fired For Going To Rehab
Can You Get Fired For Going To Rehab


What Is A Rehab?

Rehab, also known as rehabilitation is a drug treatment to provide, give support, and care to people who have problems with drug addiction and find it difficult to put a stop to it totally.

It is a program that is often provided in a residential setting. There are stages involved in rehab, followed in an orderly manner to arrive at expected results. Can you get fired for going to rehab?

Who Really Needs Rehab? (Can You Get Fired For Going To Rehab)

  1. People with mental illness and depression that is beyond control. Chronic drug addicts show such symptoms and would need urgent attention and rehab.
  2. Drug addicts who show signs of violence. When a drug addict can no longer be controlled at home or at work due to the portrayal of a violent attitude he or she must be on his way to rehab.
  3. Going back or loss of concentration for responsibilities both at home and work leads to a decrease in productivity.

Stages Of Rehab

Stage 1: This focuses on intensive therapeutic interventions and the feedback to becoming drug-free or giving up on drugs totally.

This occurs within 12 weeks of the first stage of staying or going to rehab.


Stage 2: The second stage of rehab has to do with the development of life skills needed to sustain a drug-free behavior even as you get more support and treatment at the rehab.

Rehab helps to restore the optimal health and well-being of an individual. Some of these life skills may include education, training, or employment-focused needs.

Stages 3: The third stage which is the final of all the stages focuses on independent living, support, and monitoring to maintain with the main rehab.

This stage can also help in giving answers to questions like “can you get fired for going to rehab.


The first stage is however the only stage some people have to go through unless, of course, their situations need critical attention and treatments. Then, they have to carry on with the other stages for a successful treatment.

Of course, there are other ways and processes one has to go through or experience apart from the three stages.

Some may include personal and skills development, cognitive-behavioral therapy, social learning, Christian philosophy, and therapeutic community.

Can You Get Fired For Going To Rehab
Can You Get Fired For Going To Rehab

How Do You Get An Addict To Go To Rehab? Can You Get Fired For Going To Rehab?

One should always have an upper hand in what drug addiction is, what causes it, and solutions before handling the situation of helping someone to go to rehab.

This is because it is believed that the upper knowledge in something helps one to handle the situation well.

This step will help you to know how to approach the situation more calmly in other not to provoke the drug addict but rather convince him or her of the need to go to rehab.

Be supportive in any possible rather than rebuke. This is because when you offer your support it may trigger in the person that he or she is loved and that way the addict willingly agrees to the need for getting treatment at a rehab.

You may also encourage them and give them the possible benefits of going to rehab. Sometimes they have so many unanswered questions going through their mind such as can one get fired for going to rehab?


So talking to them and explaining things to them in the right could also help in the drive for going for treatment at the rehab.

Can You Get Fired For Going To Rehab?

Many times in a role drug addicts and even loved ones of a drug addict ask certain questions like “can you get fired for going to rehab?”

This has actually driven people away from considering the fact that they need treatment at the rehab

The truth is one can actually be fired by his boss based on certain factors such as neglect of responsibilities, exhibiting the same behavior even after going to a rehab, or when one’s mental condition is beyond control such that he does not or is not stable and fit to be in a working environment.

The good news is that an employee is eligible for FMLA benefits.

What Is An FMLA?

This is the Family and Medical Leave Act that legally provides employees with 12 weeks of unpaid leave in every calendar year, for them to meet a certain agreement.

FMLA protects individuals who are drug addicts by securing their job even as they seek treatment from rehab.

With the FMLA, you can decide not to tell anyone about taking time, you choose to or not to and it all depends on you.

An employee benefits from FMLA if;

  1. The company has more than 50 employees.
  2. For the past 12 months, they have worked for a minimum of 1,250 hours
  3. They have worked in the company for at least one full year.


There is also the ADA. The Americans with Disabilities is a federal law that protects employees who are faced with physical, mental, or psychological challenges.

Under this law, an employee takes a leave for treatment with being fired.

In Summary

An employee is eligible to certain laws such as the FMLA and the ADA that permit them to take a leave for treatment of addiction or disorder without being terminated or fired.


However, an employee can also be fired based on some critical factors such as lack of concentration, neglect of responsibilities and continues intake of drugs even after rehab.

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