Cocaine Vs Meth: What You Didn’t Know!😱😱😱


Cocaine vs meth; Oftentimes than not we hear or see people going in for drugs when they get extremely depressed or out of place in life.

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Cocaine and Meth are the most common form of drugs used and abused by these kinds of people. I have heard for myself and I have seen for myself.

It would interest you to know that Cocaine and Meth compete in the drug world in terms of usage and expected results. Cocaine vs meth; what you didn’t know!

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Some Revelations About Cocaine Vs Meth.

Cocaine Vs Meth
Cocaine Vs Meth


What Is Cocaine

Cocaine is a strong and addictive drug used as an illegal stimulant that is made from the cocoa plant, which comes in a powder form. It is a drug known to up the level of attention, energy, and being alert.

Cocaine which is the original name can also be called crack, snow, rock, blow, or coke typically in the U.S. Meth, on the other hand, is also a highly addictive chemical substance that affects the body’s central nervous system.

What Is Meth

Meth is the short name for Methamphetamine. It results in an immediate euphonic reaction when taken. Meth is strongly used in areas such as Honolulu, Washington, Oregon, and Colorado…

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Looks like both Cocaine and Meth have some common traits or characteristics such as strong, addictive, drug, illegal, and stimulant.

In as much as cocaine vs meth portray similar traits they work differently and provide mainly different results too; which is why the need to look at Cocaine vs Meth.

 What Is The Actual Difference Between The Cocaine Vs Meth?

  • Cocaine is made up of natural plants that as the coco plant and other herbs. while Meth is purely man-made using various chemicals.
  • Cocaine is a short-term high drug with 50% of the dose taken eliminated from the body in an hour. Meth is long-lasting as it takes approximately 12 hours for Meth to be removed from the body.
  • Cocaine is a fine white powder while Meth can look oily, yellowish-brown, and glass-like crystal.


Similarities Between Cocaine Vs Meth.

  • Both Cocaine vs Meth are stimulants. this means that the drug excites any bodily function and reactions and has to do with the brain and central nervous system. stimulants induce decreased appetite, wakefulness, elevated mood, and alertness.
  • Both Cocaine vs Meth produces a high by blocking the reuptake of dopamine in the brain
  • Both Cocaine vs Meth produces similar mood-altering effects.


Common Method Of Use Of The Cocaine Vs Meth.

  • Both Cocaine and Meth are smoked, injected, intravenously snorted
  • Meth is commonly ingested orally.


Why Do People Abuse Drugs? Specifically  Cocaine Vs Meth

Cocaine Vs Meth
Cocaine Vs Meth
  • Depression: there are over a thousand and one individuals out there who are very much depressed and have no one to talk to. Due to this, they find ways to help themselves, they turn to feed on drugs such as cocaine vs meth just to comfort themselves.
  • Lack of parental control: some teenagers indulge in drug abuse such as cocaine vs meth because they have no parental control and can do whatever they desire to do. This happens especially when parents are not together or stay at the same place.
  • Addiction: Some people try cocaine and meth for special purposes and later gets addicted to the strong feeling and sensations it provides. They just can’t do away with it therefore they end up being addicted to drugs like cocaine and meth and then abusing it.
  • Peer pressure: This is a very critical stage where if one is not vigilant can be taken by the behaviors others portray and later indulging in such behaviors. A lot of people who abused drugs did it based on peer influence and pressure.
  • Being high: Due to the high feeling, people get when they abused cocaine and meth, they turn to leave and feed on them each to maintain the high level of reactions and attitudes.                             
  • To stay awake for long hours: People abuse cocaine and meth to be able to have the strength to stay longer into the night and also stay alert of so many things they do.
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Looking at the differences, similarities, and the common method of use of this two-drug, cocaine and meth, one can tell how dangerous it is and what reaction it would provide in the long run.

There are many effects that these two drugs can cause to people who take and abuse either cocaine or meth.

We have the Euphoric effects, physical effects, mental effects, and then the transmission effects.

Euphotic (High) Effects Of Cocaine Vs Meth.

  • Smoked or injected cocaine or meth produces an intense and extremely pleasurable feeling that is almost immediately.
  • No intense rush is produced when cocaine is snorted. Cocaine normally takes longer to produce high.
  • Meth’s high lasts 8 to 24hours
  • Cocaine’s high lasts 20 to 30 minutes.


Physical And Mental Effects Of Cocaine Vs Meth

  • The immediate result of cocaine vs meth is irritability and anxiety; increased temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, and possible death.
  • Effects of chronic abuse include dependence and stroke.
  • Abuse of cocaine and meth leads to severe or serious psychotic behavior such as paranoia, hallucination mood disturbances, and violence.
  • Drug craving is another effect of cocaine and drug abuse. People crave cocaine and meth like food and water when they start abusing them. They turn to feed more on the cocaine meth rather than food, and they begin to grow lean and unattractive.
  • Cocaine and meth abuse can also lead to depression.



  • Both cocaine and meth contribute to the transmission of HIV/AIDS intravenous injection.
  • Meth use in conjunction with high-risk sexual behavior and cocaine use “sex-for-crack” exchanges also contribute to the transmission of HIV/AIDS.
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In Summary (Cocaine Vs Meth)

      We see a lot of people go insane and are at the psychiatric, most of these people were drug addicts and could not control it.

Many of the people who are found at the psychiatrists are there because they have reached the highest level of the effects cocaine and meth provide to the body and brain.

Attention should be given to people who are depressed because most of these cocaine and meth abusers were once depressed and found drugs such as cocaine vs meth to be their happy place which in actual fact is not the case.

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