Do Drug Addicts Lie?: The Hidden Truth You Don’t Know


Do drug addicts lie? A question I find most people asking; trying to find out if a drug addicts lie could be one hell of a difficult task to do.

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This is because, at that time of their life where they are so engrossed in so much drug that they do not behave as normal as they should have, it can actually be tough to know if drug addicts actually lie.

This article will help you to know the truth about drug addicts and if they lie.


What Is A Drug?

A drug is any substance taken into the body system that affects a person’s mental and physical well-being.

It changes the way individual talks, feel, and reason.  Some examples of drugs are cocaine, meth, cigarette, and alcohol.

Who Is A Drug Addict?

A drug addict is someone or a disorder of a person’s brain and behavior to continually use an unhealthy or illegal substance that leads to an inability to control one’s self.

Some drug addict substances are cocaine, meth, heroin, and weed.

Characteristics of A Drug Addict: Do Drug Addicts Lie?

  1. The desire or urge to continually use the drug and sometimes not give in any interval
  2. The urge or expectancy in the drug working and clearing all thoughts and actions. For instance, when a drug addict fails or does not succeed in a game or business he might want to take in the drug to forget about the pain of losing in the game or business.
  3. Taking a larger amount of drugs than he takes over a period of time of taking it in a smaller amount.
  4. In as much as they can’t afford to buy drugs, they find means to buy drugs even if it’s their last money, thus they waste money on drugs.
  5. Drugs addict talks anyhow and feel he or she is on top of the world.
  6. They become violent and abusive. They usually look unhealthy, weak, and dehydrated
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Why Do People Become a Drug Addict?

Oftentimes, people abuse or become addicted due to depression. When people are depressed they go in for drugs with the notion that it will cure them.

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When they do this for some time it has an effect on their brain that anytime they find themselves in a depression state they think of drugs as a cure.

Some individuals also take drugs to feel high and active. They do this for some time and when they go a day without taking in drugs they feel uncomfortable, so they turn to go back on taking in the drug and it gradually leads to drug addiction or them becoming a drug addict.

Some persons have this mentality that drugs make one smart and intelligent. For this reason, people take in a lot of drugs making them drug addicts

Pain can cause an individual to become a drug addict. Pain is something that is felt deep down. While some people get over it quickly, others take longer times in doing that.

However, they choose to go the quicker way by taking drugs to make them forget about their pains and agonies. They begin to look to the drug anytime they find themselves in the same situation again.

They do this over and over again as it serves as a pain relief for them. In so doing they become addicted to drugs.

The truth is no drug addict wished to become a drug addict, but consistent intake of it due to one or two reasons led to them becoming a drug addict and have become a problem to their family and society.

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Do Drug Addicts Lie?

Even though it is difficult to tell if a drug addict lie, you should know that they are human beings and have psychological thoughts and behavior.

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This means it is possible for a drug addict to tell a lie. Based on my research and findings, drug addicts lie. There are two ways in which a drug addict could tell a lie.

One way is lying to themselves own self and the other way is lying to the people around them.

They consciously or unconsciously do this and since you can’t tell which is which it is assumed to be part of the effects the drug addiction has on them.

Drug addicts see themselves to be a burden to their loved ones. Due to this, they act as if they are doing fine in the presence of their loved ones so as to not be a burden to them.

This behavior is one way of an addict lying to himself and the people around him.

Drug addicts always feel or believe in the drugs working for them and so they become very addictive.

Drugs work on their brains and they begin to lie to themselves that drug is the only solution. Drug addicts see their loved ones as enemies when never they try to put them on the right path.

Their minds play tricks on them into believing that no one cares about them and the only way to be happy is to feed on drugs.

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Drug addicts believe that violence is the best way to approach a situation, therefore they become very aggressive and tempting.

This happens as there is change and brain disorder of excessive intake of drugs making them believe in such fallacy.


In Summary

Drug addicts normally lie to themselves without knowing. This is a result of the bad influence or effect the drug has on them.

Even the people around them sometimes do not even notice this and this may go a long way to affecting the drug addict seriously leaving them to stay in their own would of much illusion and lies.

Having a loved one as a drug addict can be so frustrating that people find ways and means to reach out to them to help in any possible way.

When it happens this way it is very necessary and important to send them to a rehab center for special treatment to cure such an intense addiction

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