How To Use Selenite Wand: Step-By-Step Guide


How To Use Selenite Wand is the topic we are going to discuss in this blog post. We are also going to talk about how to use a selenite wand to cleanse crystals and how to use a selenite massage wand.

This is going to be informative and educative so let us get started.

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Selenite is a strong cleansing crystal that has the ability to take away every negative energy. It comes in shapes and sizes. The comes in a shape of a wand. This is what is called the Selenite Wand

How To Use Selenite Wand

  • Aura Cleansing:

As an “energy eraser,” use a little Selenite wand. Begin at the top of your head and work your way down. Slowly bring the crystal down your body while holding the wand about five inches from your body.

Visualize the crystal absorbing all of your day’s negativity, anxiety, and concerns. This basic procedure takes only a few minutes but is quite effective in clearing unnecessary energy.

  • Environment Cleansing:

Clear the energy of the room by lighting white candles in a Selenite candle holder. Alternatively, you can just place Selenite in any room to cleanse the energy.

Selenite towers are my personal favorite for this purpose. To preserve a positive living atmosphere, many individuals place Selenite wands on their windowsills.

  • Clearing Energy Blockages in the Body:
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Selenite can aid in the removal of energy blocks in the body. If you are suffering tightness or discomfort, place a Selenite wand on the area of your body that is tight or uncomfortable for roughly 20 minutes.

You will notice a difference, believe me when I say that. I usually use a Selenite wand with a Clear Quartz point to treat headaches. To direct energy out of your body, place the Selenite on your forehead with the Quartz point pointing outward.

  • Selenite is great for cleaning and detoxifying jewelry.

Every night before going to bed, I place my Moonlight with Sage bracelets on a piece of Selenite to keep them energetically pure in the morning.

  • Energy Shifting:

This is a quick and easy technique that may be completed in under 15 minutes. Place your naked feet on a selenite wand or stone while sitting in a chair.

Relax, breathe, and let go while you sit quietly. Feel the Earth’s energy beneath your feet. You’ll notice that your body’s clarity and equilibrium have been restored.

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How To Use Selenite Wand for Healing

How To Use Selenite Wand
How To Use Selenite Wand

We’re going to talk about Selenite. There are a few crystals that I believe every human being should have in their crystal toolbox, and one of them is Selenite!

The reason for this is that you can feel the high vibration of Selenite when you hold it in your hand.

It’s a crystal that can purify your energy field. It helps you feel lighter, but I feel much better when I have Selenite on my body, which I put on before going to bed at night to remove the energy of the day.

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To assist remove the energy of the day, I prefer to drape a piece over my chest.

I also prefer to clear my energy by cleaning my energy field with white light and brushing off anything that no longer helps me or anyone who has become energetically linked to me over the day.

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I like to place a piece of Selenite under my pillow or beneath my mattress as a sleep treatment, so if you have a dark and stagnant area in your house, Selenite is the stone to bring in since it will bring light to any space that feels stuck in the dark.

To re-infuse Selenite’s energy, I frequently smoke it with sage or leave it out in the sun. You should avoid putting Selenite in water since it dissolves.

When I work with Selenite, I repeat the mantra, “I am clear.” I’ve made my point. I’ve made my point.

And this stone aids in the clearing of your energy field, the clearing of your thoughts, and then just being in a state of connection.

How To Use a Selenite Wand to Cleanse Crystals?

I get this question a lot. How to use a selenite wand to cleanse crystals. Just like the regular-shaped selenite, you can use the selenite wand to cleanse other crystals too.

How To Use Selenite Wand
How To Use Selenite Wand

One thing I like to do is when I have charged my selenite mostly with moonlight, is I love to place it amongst my crystals so that it can cleanse it from all the negative energy it has taken from all the work I have used them for.

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You can place it amongst crystals that you can put together. Remember that not all crystals can be put together.

So, you can go to Google and search which crystals cannot be put together with which other so you don’t destroy the potency.

Now that you know which ones to put together you can now group them then put a selenite wand in each of the groupings. I mostly leave them overnight.

How To Use Selenite Massage Wand

To massage with a selenite wand is one of the most soothing ways you can ever massage yourself.

To massage with a selenite wand, you need to find areas you feel pain and pressure at then let it rest there.

Not only will it take away this pain but it is also going to take away every negative energy around that area.

How To Use Selenite Wand
How To Use Selenite Wand

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If what will be stressing you may be something from being around negative people then massaging yourself with the selenite crystal is going to take it away completely.

I will recommend this stone to every physiotherapy facility. Because not only will allay the pain but it will also take away the fear and anxiety with the pain or fracture of the patient.

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