How To Use Orange Calcite: The Ultimate Guide

How to use orange calcite, its benefits and what it is in general is the topic we are going to discuss in this Blog post. It promises to be very informative and educative, so buckle up your seat.

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What Is Orange Calcite?

One of the things about working with calcites, in general, is that they have a slower vibration and lower frequency, which doesn’t mean they’re not powerful or beneficial; it just means you have to work with them for longer than, say, a piece of quartz or a piece of Danburite, which has a really fast, really high-frequency energy.

So, one of the techniques that I normally advocate working with calcites in general, and orange calcite in particular, is to wear it throughout the day so that it may gradually and gently work on your energy system, or to place it directly in the area that needs healing.

Orange Calcite is a very energetic and cleaning stone, especially for the lower chakras, or energy centers, which are linked with our sense of belonging in the world, our connection to others and the planet, and our creativity.

It’s a fantastic stone for balancing emotions and releasing feelings of dread and worry.

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Before we talk about how to use orange calcite let’s talk about how some of its properties.

Physical Properties of Orange Calcite

Calcite is a rock-forming mineral that can be found in a variety of environments around the world.

Sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks all contain it. It’s carbonate with a hardness of 3 and transparency to translucent appearance.

Metaphysical Properties Of Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite is a spiritual stone associated with the realms of Higher Consciousness, and it will promote your spiritual progress by facilitating meditation or rituals aimed at expanding your consciousness.

EIt’s popular for channeling, astral travel, and out-of-body experiences. When the soul returns to the physical body following trance practice, it may be able to recall past events.

How To Use Orange Calcite

How To Use Orange Calcite
How To Use Orange Calcite

This stone’s physical qualities allow it to be easily cut or broken into a range of things, ranging from candle holders to earrings.

Calcite in this form has a lovely color that makes it a popular choice for jewelry. Talismans, figurines, and other items carved from the crystal can be found for use in the home or office.

Orange Calcite can be used alone or in combination with other stones in healing grids, and is especially beneficial when clearing bad energies and blockages from the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras.

You can also carry a piece of this sunny stone in your pocket or wallet during the day to increase your creative abilities.

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Working with orange calcite has several benefits. First, like all calcites, it has a gentle buffering energy that helps to clear blocked energy, psychic debris stagnation, and so on.

It also helps to get Chi flowing again, but in a very gradual and gentle manner, which is critical because our bodies require time to process energy and heal.

It’s especially good and therapeutic for the sacral chakra, which is located just below the belly button and houses our channel storehouse, which is the source of our creative energy and our ability to experience and connect with sexuality and pleasure.

Working with orange calcite can help anyone who feels blocked in those areas for whatever reason.

You can wear it all day, or lay down and place it on your stomach, just above your sacral chakra, to help clean it out.

If you’re having digestive problems, you can also place it over the solar plexus chakra; again, we’re looking for congestive concerns rather than inflammatory ones.

This is one way I teach people how to use orange calcite

So, if you’re having trouble digesting, breaking down, or assimilating nutrients from your foods, while you’re working with a medical professional, an herbalist, or a nutritionist, you can also be adding this element of energy therapy to help support you in your healing process because orange calcite is excellent for that.

How To Use Orange Calcite
How To Use Orange Calcite

It has a really lovely, high-spirited vibe about it; it’s positive; it has wonderful energy; it’s extremely healthy.

So, it’s one of those crystals that you can wear throughout the day to help you maintain a more positive mindset and tap into more of your creative enthusiasm and flow.

This is an excellent stone to use if you’re having writer’s block or some other form of creative block in your creative process.

You can also sleep with this stone at night because it isn’t overly energetic and won’t interfere with your sleep.

You can place it therapeutically on a chakra or, of course, you can always hold it in your receptive; hand the non-dominant hand to the hand you don’t write with to help draw in that energy while you’re writing, painting, watching television, or whatever it is you’re doing.

Ritual is wonderful, but if you don’t have time for it, you can work with crystals very practically in that way.

Clearing and energizing your subtle body is one of the best uses for this stone.

It dispels any bad or blocked energies from your aura swiftly and effectively, leaving you feeling lighter and more enthusiastic about everything.

It also boosts your creativity, allowing you to solve issues faster and enjoy your own creative endeavors.

These are some ways I have known how to use orange calcite.


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Emotional Healing Powers

Orange Calcite is a wonderful stone for developing emotional intelligence. It will bring your intellect and heart together, allowing you to use your own wisdom and discernment to produce the best emotional outcomes for everyone involved.

This stone has a strong influence on sex-related emotions. It can assist you in balancing your male and feminine energy so that you can approach sexual experiences with confidence and power.

It aids in the release of unneeded guilt or shame and the induction of new feelings, allowing you to appreciate the natural joys of your body.

Orange Calcite has an emotional balancing effect and aids in the relief of fear, worry, and sadness. It solves issues and brings out the best in people.

Physical Healing Powers

How To Use Orange Calcite
How To Use Orange Calcite

This stone has a profound connection to your physical body. It carries healing qualities that can be used to repair, restore, strengthen, and protect the body.

Orange Calcite can help you achieve physical, emotional, and mental equilibrium so that you can perform at your best.

It can improve your vitality, sexual energy, and self-healing abilities. It can also help with disorders that damage the joints.

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This stone will strengthen your personal power and aid in the protection of harmful forces.

Orange Calcite will assist you in overcoming whatever is preventing you from attaining your full potential.

It’s a great stone to have on hand, especially when embarking on a new adventure, project, or attempt.

With Orange Calcite’s help, joy and happiness will be your driving forces in life, and your inventiveness and dedication will help you realize all of your goals.

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