Angelite Uses: Astonishing Facts You Need To Know


Do you Know Angelite uses in today’s world? This wonderful crystal has mysterious properties which has numerous benefits that can make life much better both physically and spiritually.

Let us delve deeper into the uses of the Angelite crystal

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What Is Angelite

Angelite, often known as the Angel Stone, is a blue gemstone. Angelite crystals come in many different colors, including glacial and lavender blues.

Colorful inclusions are not uncommon in Angelite. The stone features a white center with white flecks, as well as brown- and rust-colored parts on rare occasions. Angelite was discovered in 1987, therefore it doesn’t have a long history.

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Angelite is a mineral that signifies “waterless.” This is the name given to a group of stones that are completely devoid of water or hydration.

The stone may assist you in better comprehending your spirituality. Angelite has a calming, soothing energy. As a result, it has the ability to assist people in overcoming their anxieties, fears, and even fury.

Angelite Uses
Angelite Uses

It is associated with the zodiac sign Aquarius. Angelite is related to the throat chakra, the third eye chakra, and the crown chakra.

Angelite Chakra

At the base of the throat is the Throat Chakra, also known as the Vishuddha. It is the chakra most closely related to truth and communication. You can connect to your inner truth and obtain wisdom when the Throat Chakra is balanced.

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It encourages meaningful and positive communication and dialogue. If your Throat Chakra is imbalanced or blocked, you may have difficulty expressing yourself.

Aligning your Throat Chakra allows you to feel more connected to your own ideas and feelings, as well as to others around you.

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What Chakra Is Angelite Good For?

Angelite harmonizes the chakras of the throat, third eye, and crown. If you’re seeking peace and quiet, this is the stone to utilize.

It will undoubtedly assist you in removing any obstacles in various aspects of your life, as well as in overcoming worries.

Whether you need forgiveness or need to forgive, this stone will enhance your abilities and draw this type of energy into your environment. The colors of the stone are soothing in and of themselves, and the energies within it will amplify these effects.

Angelite Uses
Angelite Uses

This stone can aid in the strengthening and expansion of one’s spiritual connection, particularly while speaking with angels.

While it contains a number of properties that aid in the treatment of physical problems, its greatest power is its capacity to aid in the treatment of emotional difficulties.

Whether you are suffering from guilt, grief or loss, or any other sort of emotional discomfort, this stone brings great healing energy into your environment.

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Simply by placing a piece of this crystal alongside you at night, your sleep will improve, as will your ability to retain and recall your dreams.

What Is the Best Way to Use Angelite?

Bring the crystal into your home and include it in your Feng Shui practices. You may invite in its healing effects simply by placing it anyplace in your home.

It brings a sense of calm and balance to any home. You will be able to have lucid dreams and easily reach the spirit realm if you lay an Angelite crystal beneath your pillow.

Angelite Uses
Angelite Uses

When you use the stone in your Reiki, Guardian Angels, or tarot rituals, it will attract fresh energies. It’s available in a range of jewelry designs.

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Bracelets, necklaces, and earrings are all popular accessories. It’s crucial to remember that the crystal should never come into contact with water.

Healing light will have an easier time penetrating your being if it is in direct contact with your skin.

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Carrying this stone with you throughout the day will remind you to stay receptive to spiritual guidance no matter where you are.

How to Cleanse your Angelite

You want your Angelite Stone to be as delicate as silk and as light as dew so that it can accomplish its job.

All crystals are notorious for collecting negative energy, which is why it’s so important to de-charge them on a regular basis to guarantee they’re free of any lingering vibrations.

Because Angelite is a delicate stone, vigorous cleaning processes should be avoided.

Cleanse your Angelite by smudging it with sage smoke or submerging it for a short time in a bowl of spring water.

Keeping your Angelite close to you with crystal clusters or placing it beneath the full moon for the night can be a great way to refresh it with its vibrant healing light.

Angelite Uses

Angelite Spiritual Uses

  • Angelite is a soothing stone that encourages inner peace.
  • As its name implies, it is associated with angelic guidance and is profoundly spiritual.
  • Angelite is a wonderful stone for releasing the tension, stress, and fury.
  • It’s also useful for meditation and dream work.
  • Angelite is a stone that represents the element of air.
  • It stimulates both the Third Eye and Crown Chakras.
  • Angelite can also help you speak more compassionately and serenely with yourself and others.
  • It is a stone of forgiveness and healing for the soul.

Angelite Physical Uses

Angelite Uses
Angelite Uses

Angelite is recognized for its spiritual healing capabilities, but it also has physical healing properties.

We are all aware that having a clear and open mind is helpful to one’s health, and Angelite is no exception. When it comes to the physical body, Angelite is a potent healer.

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  • It aids in the body’s recovery from any throat infection and helps to balance the thyroid gland.
  • Angelite can assist regenerate blood vessels and keep the heart flushed and full, as well as feed health and wellbeing throughout your entire system.
  • It can also help with weight loss, headache relief, and illness recovery.


Where Should I Put Angelite In My House?

Because of its remarkable abilities, simply placing it someplace in your home will allow it to work its magic. It gives tranquility and harmony to every home. If you put an Angelite crystal beneath your pillow, you will be able to have lucid dreams and effortlessly enter the spirit realm.

How Can You Tell If Angelite Is Real?

Is Angelite Crystal Genuine? True color of gemstones Angelite is normally a light to medium blue tint, however some specimens are white or bluish-white. In several of the specimens, there are little red hematite inclusions. Rusty brownish-red streaks are common in genuine Angelite crystal.

Is Angelite And Celestite The Same?

However, they are different minerals. Angelite is Anhydrite ( CaSO4) mined from Peru. Celestite is strontium sulfate (SrSO4) mined mostly in Madagascar, Peru, Egypt, Poland, Mexico, UK, and the US.

What Chakra Is Angelite Used For?

Chakra of the Throat. Aquarius is the zodiac sign connected with it. The throat chakra, the third eye chakra, and the crown chakra are the chakras associated with Angelite.

What Stones Go Well With Angelite?

Angelite can be utilized to create a protective barrier when combined with hematite or obsidian. For the Throat Chakra, it also pairs nicely with other head energy gemstones like Amethyst or the tranquil and cheerful Blue Lace Agate. Labradorite or Lapis Lazuli are two stones to consider if you want to strengthen your third eye contact.

What Happens If Angelite Goes In Water?

When angelite is submerged in water, it absorbs the water and transforms into gypsum. The stone undergoes an irreversible change. Angelite is often found alongside other rocks such as halite, calcite, galena, and pyrite, but it can also be found with a variety of other minerals.

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