Drug Addict Daughter And How To Deal With Them.


Having a drug-addicted daughter can be problematic to you as a parent. That joy of parenthood is taken away because you no longer have pride as a parent.

This goes a long way by tarnishing the image of the family and depriving you as a parent of doing certain things in society.

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Are you a parent of a drug addict daughter? Are you troubled about what would become of them when they continue to be on the drug?

Worry no more as this article seeks to provide you with some great ways to deal with a drug addict daughter.

Who Is Considered A Drug Addict?

People who are addicted to drugs have compulsive, sometimes uncontrollable cravings for their drug of choice. They will usually continue to seek and use drugs despite experiencing extremely negative consequences as a result of doing so.

How Does God Deal With Addiction?

He promises to support his children and protect them from all enemies who seek to destroy them. Your addiction is an impediment, not a stumbling block. It is merely a hiccup in your journey, not the end of it. God loves you regardless of what you do, including your addiction.

What Do You Call Someone With A Drug Addiction?

Addict, burnout, doper, druggie, fiend, hophead, junkie, stoner, user, zombie

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Who Is A Drug Addict? How To Deal With A Drug Addict Daughter.

A drug addict is someone with a disorder of the brain and behavior to continually use an unhealthy or illegal substance that leads to an inability to control one’s self. Some drug addict substances are cocaine, meth, heroin, and weed.

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Characteristics of A Drug Addict Daughter.

  1. The desire or urge to continually use the drug.
  2. Giving no intervals in taking drugs
  3. The urge or expectancy in the drug working and clearing all thoughts and actions. For instance, when a drug addict fails or does not succeed in a game or business he might want to take in the drug to forget about the pain of losing in the game or business.
  4. Taking a larger amount of drug than he takes over some time of taking it in a smaller amount.
  5. In as much as they can’t afford to buy drugs, they find means to buy drugs even if it’s their last money, thus they waste money on drugs.
  6. Boastful and proud.
  7. They become violent and abusive.
  8. They usually look unhealthy, weak, and dehydrated

The Reason For A Daughter To Become A Drug Addict?

When people are depressed they go in for drugs with the notion that it will cure them. The drugs go as far as working on the brain when it is taken for some time continuously.

We must show concern when loved ones are going through certain situations like depression to avoid cases like drug addiction.

 Parents should also show love and support to their daughters. As compared to sons, daughters have so much demand in their needs and if these needs are not met by their parents, they turn to engage in activities such as drugs, which results in them becoming drug addicts.

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A daughter can also take drugs to feel high and active. They do this for some time and when they go a day without taking in drugs they feel uncomfortable, so they turn to go back on taking in the drug and it gradually leads to drug addiction or them becoming a drug addict.

Some persons have this mentality that drugs make one smart and intelligent. For this reason, a daughter can take in a lot of drugs to make her smart thereby becoming a drug addict.

Pain is an emotional and psychological feeling that is felt deep down and goes as far as working on the individual’s mental state. While some people get over it quickly, others take longer times in doing that.

Pain can cause a daughter to become a drug addict because they try to take drugs to get rid of the pain quickly.

They do this over and over again as it serves as a pain relief for them. In so doing they become addicted to drugs.

When there is no joy at home a brother could find pleasure or joy in taking drugs and would become an addict.

Effects Of Drug Addiction.

  1. Physical and mental problems
  2. Risk of chronic disease
  3. Relationship breakdown or problems
  4. Bad results in exams and class assignments
  5. Dental problem
  6. Mental illness
  7. Premature aging
  8. Engaging in criminal acts

How To Deal With A Drug Addict Daughter.

Drug Addict Daughter And How To Deal With Them
Drug Addict Daughter And How To Deal With Them

Daughters become drug addicts because they do not experience the love they want from their parents. Showing them love would gradually drive them away from drugs.

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Instead of giving cash, rather show a drug addict daughter love by tolerating, buying stuff for them, and being around them always and ready to listen to them always.

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Do not remind them of what they are going through rather, encourage them. Do not give them cash because they might use it for drugs.

Take a drug addict daughter on vacations and trips. Places that are distances away from drugs.  A serene and natural environment could help cure a drug addict’s daughter.

She may grow fond of the environment such that his mind and body will embrace the new way of living thereby avoiding taking drugs as a source of happiness.

Get rid of anything that may bring her mind to drugs including the friends she goes out with.  Do not leave any alcohol or drugs in the house. Make sure there is food in the house always.

Provisions should be made for her needs. So that she might not want to go out and be tempted to take in drugs.

It is good for you as a mother or father to learn more about the addiction, that way it is easier to handle and deal with your daughter who is a drug addict.

It can be very troubling to have a daughter who is a drug addict. When it happens this way it is very necessary and important to send them to a rehab center for special treatment to cure such an intense addiction

Rehab center, also known as rehabilitation is a drug addiction treatment to provide, give support, and care to people who have problem with drug addiction and finds it difficult to put a stop to it.

It is a program that is often provided in a residential setting. There are stages involved in rehab, followed in an orderly manner to arrive at expected results.

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In Summary

There is always a way out of an addiction. As parents of a drug addict daughter, you should be able to learn the ways to deal with your drug addict daughter rather than giving up on her.

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A daughter is supposed to be loved and if things are not going right, you need to figure it out as a parent and deal with it for a peaceful and loving parent and daughter relationship.

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