Dating A Heroin Addict: How To Live With Them

Dating someone with an addiction changes one’s living patterns as one has to come to terms with the behavior of the spouse. You may be new to the changes and may want to find out ways to live with a heroin addict that you are dating.

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Here are some ways that one could live with a heroin addict he or she is dating.

Dating A Heroin Addict: How To Live With Them
Dating A Heroin Addict: How To Live With Them

What Is It About Heroin?

Heroin is one of the world’s dangerous and highly addictive analgesic drugs derived from morphine which makes most victims aggressive and very difficult to leave with.

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Heroin is a narcotic medication produced using morphine, a characteristic substance taken from the seed case of different opium poppy plants. Heroin can be a white or earthy colored powder.

Dangers in Children might foster outrageous culpability and self-fault for a parent’s substance misuse.

They can also cause embarrassment, financial problems, guilt, depression, Physical and security danger, stress, and many living with a heroin addict.

 Living with someone in active addiction to heroin is a daily challenge, for it can lead to children feeling emotionally unsafe and neglected, as a result, they can turn out to be more mentally unstable and impulsive.

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How Do I Know If the Person I Am Dating Is A Heroin Addict?

  1. Changes in physical appearance: most drug addicts look weak, not healthy, and drained.
  2. Isolation: most drug addicts love to be alone.
  3. Lack of interest in some activities
  4. Not eating well
  5. Too proud and violent
  6. Spending more money on drugs
  7. Having mental problems
  8. Broken relationship with loved ones
  9. Frequent mood swings
  10. Depression
  11. Neglecting responsibilities
  12. Poor personal hygiene

Ways to live with a heroin addict. Dating a Heroin Addict.

Residing with others generally calls for balance and understanding to create a peaceful and safe household.

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With regards to living with somebody with an addiction to heroin, such objectives might be a bit more challenging.

  • The very first thing to do is to limit how much access they have to money.
  • Also when living with a heroin addict, you must face the truth you’re in. Time after time individuals who are living with heroin addicts will attempt to keep away from the issues or imagine like they’re not occurring.
  • Remember that they are still humans, not monsters so you should approach them with care and love, treat them like you would ever treat yourself, and give them a sense of belonging.
  • Take care of yourself as well, heroin addiction doesn’t affect the victims alone but everyone around them, they then cause depression and mental stress to people around them.
  • Learn and read more about heroin addiction and the effects try to educate the victim and show him the effects it will have on him as an individual.
  • Don’t jump to conclusions when you find your partner abusing drugs. instead, show love and interest in supporting them to come out of addiction
  • Encourage them to go for recovery treatment.
  • Set boundaries that may help
  • Educate yourself more on drug addiction so as know how to relate with your partner
  • Study their behavior patterns to help cope with them.

How Can Help My Heroin Addict Partner?

Yes! It is difficult and embarrassing to have a partner who is an addict. Despite all the possible ways to live with them, you might want another way out or the best way to take them out of addiction completely.

Something like special treatment for addiction recovery. Rehab is the ultimate and best place to have an addict go for treatment.

Rehab center, also known as rehabilitation is a drug addiction treatment to provide, give support, and care to people who have problem with drug addiction and finds it difficult to put a stop to it.

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It is a program that is often provided in a residential setting. There are stages involved in rehab, followed in an orderly manner to arrive at expected results.

Who Needs Rehab? 

  1. People with mental illness and depression that are beyond control. Chronic drug addicts show such symptoms and would need urgent attention and rehab.
  2. Drug addicts who show signs of violence. When a drug addict can no longer be controlled at home or work due to the portrayal of a violent attitude he or she must be on his way to rehab.
  3. Going back or loss of concentration for responsibilities both at home and work leads to a decrease in productivity.

Stages Of Rehab

  • Stage 1:

This focuses on intensive therapeutic interventions and the feedback to becoming drug-free or giving up on drugs.

This occurs within 12 weeks of the first stage of staying or going to rehab.

  • Stage 2:

The second stage of rehab has to do with the development of life skills needed to sustain a drug-free behavior even as you get more support and treatment at the rehab.

Rehab helps to restore the optimal health and well-being of an individual. Some of these life skills may include education, training, or employment-focused needs.


  • Stages 3:

The third stage which is the final of all the stages focuses on independent living, support, and monitoring to maintain with the main rehab.

This stage can also help in giving answers to questions like “can you get fired for going to rehab.


The first stage is however the only stage some people have to go through unless, of course, their situations need critical attention and treatments. Then, they have to carry on with the other stages for a successful treatment.

 Of course, there are other ways and processes one has to go through or experience apart from the three stages.

Some may include personal and skills development, cognitive-behavioral therapy, social learning, Christian philosophy, and therapeutic community.

How Do You Get An Addict To Go To Rehab? Dating A Heroin Addict.

One should always have an upper hand in what drug addiction is, what causes it, and solutions before handling the situation of helping someone to go to rehab.

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This is because it is believed that the upper knowledge in something helps one to handle the situation well.

This step will help you to know how to approach the situation more calmly in other not to provoke the drug addict but rather convince him or her of the need to go to rehab.

Be supportive in any possible rather than rebuke. This is because when you offer your support it may trigger in the person that he or she is loved and that way the addict willingly agrees to the need for getting treatment at a rehab.

You may also encourage them and give them the possible benefits of going to rehab. Sometimes they have so many unanswered questions going through their mind such as can one get fired for going to rehab?

So talking to them and explaining things to them in the right could also help in the drive for going for treatment at the rehab.

Can you have a successful relationship with a recovering addict?

Clubs or parties where abuse may occur can be triggering for your possible partner if you're dating a recovering drug addict. It's critical to talk to your spouse about these concerns and your partner's triggers so you can create a romantic connection that works for both of you.

Is It OK To Date Someone In Recovery?

YES, its ok but a person's recovery may include days that are difficult and stressful. When dating someone in recovery, it's crucial to keep this in mind. As time passes in a relationship, you should endeavor to remain helpful and consider their well-being.

How Does Drug Use Impact Relationships?

As drinking or drug usage worsens, it begins to take more and more time away from the marriage, taking its toll by establishing an emotional divide that is difficult to bridge. These couples also report a lot of fighting and arguing, which can sometimes turn violent.

What Does AA Say About Relationships?

Waiting a year before entering into a relationship is one of the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). For some, this may feel extremely constricting. The idea behind this Alcoholics Anonymous relationship principle is that an individual must learn to love oneself before loving someone else.

What Does Love Addiction Look Like?

In Summary

Finding true love can be difficult, so when you find someone that you love and due to one or two reasons, your partner is a heroin addict, don’t give up on them.

Rather, find ways of living with them and also support them by giving them treatment at the rehab for their recovery.


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