Can We Wear Sri Yantra: Right Or Wrong?πŸ§Žβ€β™€οΈπŸ§Žβ€β™€οΈπŸ§Žβ€β™€οΈ


Can we wear Sri Yantra as a necklace or ring or any jewelry? Is it bad or it’s alright? Let us answer you in this article.

We will discuss what Sri Yantra even is and if we can wear it or not. Let us get started!

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What is Sri Yantra?

Sri Yantra, or Sri Chakra, is a sacred geometry used for worship, devotion, and meditation. Yantra is a Sanskrit word that means “instrument” or “machine.”

This sacred emblem has been around for thousands of years, yet its origins are shrouded in mystery.

It’s one of the toughest geometrical figures to create. The Chakra is represented by a variety of symbols and interpretations.


Can We Wear Sri Yantra
Can We Wear Sri Yantra

Plane, pyramidal, and spherical Chakras are the three most common. Sri Chakra worship is a centuries-old tradition that is still practiced in a few other countries.

The ultimate form of Devi worship is the adoration of the deity in a diagrammatic representation.

Nine interlocking triangles emanate from the center, forming the Chakra.

In the shape of Tripura Sundari, it depicts the deity. The masculine and feminine divine is represented by the yantra.

According to some experts, the yantra’s description goes back to the Upanishads.

The Chakra is said to be auspicious, beneficial, and kind, as well as a source of prosperity.

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The Kamakshi Temple in Kanchipuram and the Mookambika Temple in Kollur are among the places where it has been placed (by Sri Adi Shankaracharya).

Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu, Nepal, also has it.

The Chakra is usually engraved on a stone and venerated by priests and devotees who pay homage to the symbol of absolute power.

It could be drawn on paper, precious stones, metal plates, and alloys, among other things.

It can also be used as a horoscope. According to the Vedic method, these yantras are created on a specific date and time.

What Are The Benefits Of Sri YantraΒ 

Sri Yantra is thought to be a tool for achieving one’s goals.

It’s not as if there’s been some sort of supernatural intervention. It simply clears our minds and pushes us to stay on track with our objectives.

Meditation on the yantra’s symbols can aid with mental clarity.

This is a very powerful and efficient method of refocusing on our goals and lives. Individuals can reap several benefits from this auspicious and strong Sri Yantra.


It provides both spiritual and worldly richness. It is the ultimate antidote to all of life’s negativity. Negative energy is pushed away from you and your surroundings.

All of your life’s obstacles will be pushed away by the yantra. Negative energy must be kept away from you at all times, as it stands between you and your success.

Because of the rising effect of negativity, harmony and calm are also ebbing from your existence.

The yantra will assist in the flow of positive energy around you and your environment.

Daily yantra worship is required. You might also decorate it with flowers. It won’t take long to perform yantra puja.

Can We Wear Sri Yantra
Can We Wear Sri Yantra

What Is the Sri Yantra Used For?

Sri Yantra, sometimes called Sri Chakra, is a holy geometry that is utilized for worship, devotion, and meditation.

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In Sanskrit, yantra means ‘instrument’ or β€˜machine.’ This religious emblem has been in use for thousands of years, yet its origin remains a mystery.

Can We Wear Sri Yantra?

The powerful Shree Yantra has been transformed into lockets, wristbands, and even finger rings by certain imaginative persons.

Given Yantra’s position and great power, it is not recommended to wear it in this manner. It has been dubbed the “King” of the Yantra community.

In terms of its prayers and mantra chanting, it is bound by strict guidelines.


It is disrespectful to wear it around one’s neck or as a finger ring, and it is likely to bring more harm than good in such instances.

Those who are motivated by new marketing ideas must take caution not to ridicule these religious but highly sensitive Yantras in such disparaging ways.

The common man has no clue about the bad consequences, so he wears these items with complete trust and faces the wrath of God for no fault of his own.

The Shree Yantra is the universe’s manifestation. It covers every aspect of life. Even the most eminent experts can’t grasp its full significance.

As a result, let us not play with it.

What Does Staring At Sri Yantra Do?

Sri Yantra has extremely powerful hidden properties that can be noticed in a short period of time.

Allow your eyes to focus on the Yantra’s center while you gaze at it.

The “Bindu” is the dot in the middle, which depicts the oneness that lies behind all of the physical world’s diversity.

Where Do You Put Sri Yantra?

A Sri Yantra should be put in the direction of your space’s Northeast direction on Fridays only.

You must first clean the area with milk, saffron (Kesar), and water before placing the Sri Yantra, and then only with water after that.

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How Do You Energize Yantra?

The Mantra must be chanted with Prana Energy in order to energize a Yantra.

Tantra, which consists of Initiation, Pujas, and Time, is required to consecrate the Yantra. The astrological details can be utilized to pick the time to recite daily to make it more personal.


Simple Steps For Yantra Worship:

1. To start, take a bath to detoxify yourself and put yourself in a good mood.
2. Using a flower as a sprinkler, place the water on the palm of your right hand and apply it to the Yantra and yourself.
3. Apply sandal paste to the yantra and your forehead after wiping it down with a soft, clean towel.
4. Place food and fresh flowers on the altar.
5. Lighting an oil lamp or incense.
6. After that, begin the process of cleaning your spirit and fully giving oneself up to God by reciting the mantra prescribed for the particular Yantra 21 times.
7. Sit upright, keep your eyes closed, and focus on the god while reciting to get blessings. Ask God with entire sincerity and trust to provide you the life you have always wanted. This may be done in your native tongue.


Is It Good To Wear Sri Yantra?

The benefits of this auspicious and strong Sri Yantra are numerous. It bestows both spiritual and temporal richness. It is the ultimate solution to all of life's problems. It dispels bad energy from you and your environment.

Can We Keep Sri Yantra At Home?

On Fridays, a Sri Yantra should be put in the north-east direction of your space. Before you set the Sri Yantra, you must clean the area with milk, saffron (Kesar), and water, and then only with water after that.

How Do You Place A Shree Yantra?

On Friday, the Shri Yantra is placed, or Sathapna, in the North-East orientation, with the tip of the Yantra facing East. It should be positioned directly in front of your eyes.


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