Ancestral Healing Meditation: The Powerful Secret


If anyone told me that I would be speaking about Ancestral Healing Meditation today I wouldn’t have believed it.

I was on the verge of breaking down when my grandfather (may his soul rest in peace) called me and asked me why I was so bitter.

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I couldn’t find a real answer for him. Then he introduced me to ancestral healing meditation and today I am a pure testimony of this wonderful type of ancient meditation

Ancestral healing meditation is not the type of meditation that is most spoken of. This is one of the most powerful meditations yet has not gained the necessary popularity it should have. If we know the power of ancestral meditation and how to use it properly, this earth will be a great place to live.

Our ancestors and parents have passed on the bitterness of their lives to our current generation and this is what has caused racism and other unwanted indifferencies in the world. Ancestral healing Meditation is going to make you a superhuman.

What is Ancestral Healing

Ancestral Healing Meditation
Ancestral Healing Meditation

Ancestral healing is the act of uncovering and releasing inherited wounds and traumas from our forefathers and mothers. Anyone studying their ancestors will discover both positive and negative concerns that are passed down through the generations.

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We can find strategies to heal their influences and celebrate their legacy after we grasp the effects our family has had on our well-being.


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In the past years, I have helped so many people heal from many ancestral wounds that they were battling. A few years ago I met a young American man from Texas.

This young man was in love with a very beautiful woman from Ghana. They met on a plane when they were both returning from Ghana to the USA.

It was all romantic and lovely at the beginning but something just happened. The guy had an ancestral problem of racism which was translating negatively into the relationship.

Fellas this problem can go a long way to make things very difficult for you in so many aspects of your life.

What Are Ancestral Wounds or Trauma

Ancestral wounds are situations or incidents that happened in the past that you may or may not have any knowledge of.

These wounds are mostly transferred from our ancestors like our great grandparents, our grandparents, or our parents.

It could also be passed on from leaders to followers like religious leaders to their followers.

Political leaders can also cause these wounds to their followers by sowing seeds of discord amongst their members of the opposition party.

Ancestral Healing Meditation
Ancestral Healing Meditation

It may seem like traditions or rules but all that this does is make you bitter and bitterness is a wound that needs to be healed.

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The sole purpose of this wound is to cause you to be bitter in life or towards someone or something.


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Racism is a wound of bitterness and does not make you see the best in other races.

Gender inequality is another form of ancestral wound that needs to be healed. Same as hate for an opposition party, religion, or a type of people with a kind of idea or a different way of life.

Meaning of  Ancestral Healing Meditation

A powerful meditation for releasing deep emotional anguish and obstacles.

You will be able to rediscover the innocence and joy of your developing period when you let go of the emotions and heaviness linked with unfavorable prior events.

Ancestral Healing Meditation
Ancestral Healing Meditation


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We heal our ancestral heritage back to 7 generations and beyond in this meditation. We also help those ancestors who are most in need.

We restore the highest and brightest light for our linage that is currently possible under Divine Creator’s holy will.

How To Practice The Ancestral Healing Meditation

It may be difficult for some people to practice ancestral healing meditation. Especially at the start.

This is logical because, in order to heal your ancestral scars, you must learn to think and feel in a certain way. Let’s take a look at these steps.

  1. Recognize your problem
  2. Forgive yourself and your ancestors
  3. Ask
  4. believe in the meditation
  5. Receive
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Benefits of Ancestral Healing Meditation

Ancestral Healing Meditation
Ancestral Healing Meditation
  • You have the ability to make a positive difference in other people’s lives.  Once you have healed yourself all the bitterness in your heart gets replaced with a sweetheart and you become nicer to people. You begin to see life in a different way; a better way. a wide range of opportunities opens up to you. Then finally you will be happy and it will affect other people.
  • You Have More Control Over Your Life.  Once you are healed from the burdens of your ancestral wounds you are no longer to be weighed down by the weight of being past or ancestral wounds. You are now free as a bird. Fly! You can now enjoy life to its fullest.
  • You can achieve greater success than you ever imagined.  Now that you are free as a bird, your mind is free to manifest anything that you want. There are no blockages in your mind. You know that your mind is the most powerful asset in your life. A positive mind can attract anything that you want. This is how life will become much more successful.

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