How To Manifest A Girlfriend: Best Way (2022)


Have you ever wondered how to manifest a girlfriend? It’s true that you can manifest things with your mind and intention. But that doesn’t mean “wishing for it” will make it happen.

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I wish I would have known that “you get what you give” too! After all, knowledge is power — and power is sexy 😉

In this age where some people perceive having a girlfriend as hectic, mind and pocket draining, and unrealistic, do you still have that iota of feeling it is possible to have a girlfriend?

Aside from the normal befriending the girl you like, getting to the talking stage with her, and proposing to her, it’s a laudable idea to manifest that particular lady to be your girlfriend. 

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Who Is A Girlfriend?

How To Manifest A Girlfriend
How To Manifest A Girlfriend

There are many meanings ascribed to who a girlfriend is; one, is simply the female friend of either of the genders and another, a female acquaintance, partner with whom another person is romantically or amorously engaged.

Two girls can be friends and call each other ‘girlfriends’ and a guy could be in love with a lady and be in an amorous relationship with her and call her his girlfriend- respectively.

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What It’s Like Having A Girlfriend

Well, having a girlfriend may mean a lot of things and to start with, metaphorically, it’s like having a pet who is always around you and cares about you.

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Those who have girlfriends with whom they started a friendship note have icing on their cakes because they feel so comfortable and goofy around them because of how they started.

It’s a nice feeling to come home after work and share the experiences you had during the day with your lady and have some cute conversations or go for date nights, do something fun to release stress. You get all these in a girlfriend.

Not to underestimate the presence of a best friend in your life but at a point in time, your best friend will also get his partner, and not to say he’ll become distant but he may also need to spend time with his girlfriend.

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For introverts, having girlfriends may sound difficult for them- especially expressing their feelings and all, but once they muster that courage, propose and get together with their ladies, it’s everything for them.

They become instant extroverts with their partners because ‘they’re all they have’- literally.

How To Manifest A Girlfriend?

How To Manifest A Girlfriend
How To Manifest A Girlfriend

Probably you may have a type or have in mind the features you want in a girlfriend. Some people say they don’t really have a type and that if the rapport is built then they’re good to go which is kind of arguable.


Why? If you’re a neat freak, you obviously wouldn’t want to come back from a trip and meet your girlfriend in the room sleeping or snoring hard with her hair unkempt, dirty clothes on the sofa, kitchen messed up with tap opened, dishes unwashed flies hovering around the three-day overflowing unemptied bin and the others you may think of.

You may want a neat freak as well.

Here are some of the things to do to manifest a girlfriend

  1. Know what and who you want
  2. Disempower some beliefs surrounding love and avoid negativity
  3. Learn to love and affirm them
  4. Relinquish the past

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  • Know what and who you want.

You would want to get someone who is at least, like you. Someone who shares in your values, beliefs, and goals.

For who you want as a girlfriend, get that journal or go to the notepad on your device and write down the characteristics you want in that particular lady.

Oh – and spoiler alert – you may not find all the characteristics in one person. The most important thing is, she’s your ideal kind of person and has most of the characteristics you look for in a partner.

The characteristics may be her personality, likes, and dislikes among others. Many a time, much attention isn’t paid to writing down what one looks for in a partner and people end up with people who are directly opposite of what and who they like.

It’s not necessarily about writing but having in mind these features about your ideal partner and to say, be specific and don’t vacillate.

  • Disempower some beliefs surrounding love and do away with negativity.

How To Manifest A Girlfriend
How To Manifest A Girlfriend

The generation we find ourselves in is making things difficult for us especially when it comes to love.

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You hop on social media and most people are saying there is nothing like genuine love, women are in relationships solely because of money, men just want to get in bed with women, men and women are wicked, and a whole lot of negativity.


If the above is true, why are people occasionally getting married? How are those who have a beautiful love life doing it? Well, that’s a discussion for another time.

 You want to manifest a girlfriend but you’re still holding on to those opinions as a child does to a candy?

Flee from them! It’s not as easy-peasy as it may seem, yes, but as much as possible, do away with people who constantly say such things and have no iota of positivity in them as long as the word ‘love; is concerned.

It’s a beautiful thing to fall in love and be with someone you adore. Mark Manson said in his book ‘everything is fucked’ that, the opposite of happiness is not anger.

If it’s anger, then at least you feel something and have emotions- rather, it is hopelessness because without hope you feel nothing! Those who constantly speak ill of love are those who have no hopes of being in love or getting ready to settle.

They live in constant hopelessness because they feel love cannot be manifested or achieved. Such people are the bad nuts and you should do away with them as part of what you should do when manifesting a girlfriend.

  • Learn to love and affirm them.

At this point, you may say there’s a lot to be done so far as manifesting a girlfriend is concerned. And yes, you’re not far from the truth. Genuine things and love, to say, is a whole journey on its own.

After manifesting the girlfriend and getting her, what’s next? You’ll have to do things that will help you sustain the relationship and things that will not make the affair boring and sour.

You have to learn how to love yourself and love in general. Love comes in various ways and the few to be mentioned are that, learn to be kind to your partner; it may be financial, educational, health-related, or anything at all that would make your partner comfortable in the relationship.

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 Also, there’s the need for you to care for her as your own. Having a girlfriend doesn’t only mean going on date nights, having sex, cuddling on the couch, and the other nice things associated with them but also caring, being kind, and being there for your partner when she needs you most.

In addition to these, affirm love. Have positive affirmations about love and speak them into existence. Affirmations work best when they are visualized and you believe in what you’re saying.

They shouldn’t be said for saying sake. Some love affirmations are saying that you deserve genuine love, you deserve unending happiness in your relationship among others.

  • Finally, detach from your past.

How To Manifest A Girlfriend
How To Manifest A Girlfriend

The past is old and gone- why hold on to it? You may have had a shitty or abysmal relationship some time back and that is keeping you from finding genuine love.

You feel you cannot find a perfect partner and that, everyone comes and goes like what you have experienced over the years.

Why not learn from the past- mistakes you or that partner made that made the bond fade away and the other petty things you didn’t notice.

These should rather serve as a guide to help you learn from them and never repeat them instead of holding on to them and perceiving you may never find love.

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One thing about manifestation is that, once you bottle up negativity, it’s not going to work. Let go of the past like negativity as mentioned earlier, pave way for a fresh start and get that dream girl!

Final Thoughts

To manifest a girlfriend comes with a whole new challenge and we mentioned that one should know who and what he wants so that he doesn’t end up with just anybody, one should disempower limiting beliefs and do away with negativity as they bring about hopelessness, one should learn how to love otherwise the manifestation would be in futility and one should detach from the past- could be personal reasons why he doesn’t want to be in a relationship again or some roller-coaster relationship he had.

This is to say the list is not exhaustive but there is a lot more to be done.

All the best in your manifestation!

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