How To Charge Angelite: Step-by-Step Guide


Knowing How to Charge Angelite will bring the most out of your Angelite crystal or stone. This blog post will delve into what this crystal is and the step-by-step process on how to charge your Angelite Crystal. Let’s get started.

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How To charge Angelite crystal may be tough to believe, nevertheless, it’s accurate. Rocks have been toned to cleanse the cells of your body by way of the use of powerful crystals.

The purpose is to return your body’s natural frequency equilibrium. Once in equilibrium, it is simple for your body to receive and send out its normal supply signals in your organs and to the outer surroundings (Pondok Mukul).

What is An Angelite

How To Charge Angelite
How To Charge Angelite

Angelite (a blue form of anhydrite) is a relatively new mineral and gem discovery. It is supposed to have been given its name from the Greek Anhydrous, which means ‘without water,’ and was discovered during the Harmonic Conversion in Peru in 1987.

Angelite’s name refers to the fact that it is true Gypsum that has lost all hydration; so, “without water.”


Because it is a soft mineral, it should never be submerged in water. If it is, rehydrating it may reveal remnants of the white calcium mineral.

The color blue is supposed to be the color of ‘now,’ or The Aquarian Age. The Aquarian is seen as a truth-seeker; nevertheless, when seeking truth, one must also be prepared for it, which can be frightening.

Because one must choose between going forward in truth and going backward in fear. This fear can be overcome with the help of Angelite.

Physical Properties of Angelite

The crystal structure is orthorhombic and has a Mohs hardness of 3.5.

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Blue Anhydrite is a sedimentary mineral that creates huge rock strata and is quite common. It is generated as a result of the mineral gypsum losing all of its hydration, rather than being formed directly.

This hydration loss produces a drop in the physical volume of the rock layer, which can sometimes generate natural caverns of incredible size in massive deposits as the rock shrinks.

Anhydrite can be found in Mexico, Peru, Germany, and New Mexico, but it was given the name Angelite by the New Age movement.

Metaphysical Properties of Angelite

How To Charge Angelite
How To Charge Angelite

Angelite is a fantastic balancing stone that polarizes and aligns one’s physical body with the ethereal network. It is stated that if two people want to communicate telepathically, they should each have a piece of Angelite on them.

It is said to connect two people in such a way that they can communicate even when they are separated. If the Angelite is programmed expressly for this purpose, it is considered to be significantly more potent.


Bringing serenity, calmness, quiet, and focus to the highest realms of spiritual healing to reduce suffering by unlocking the secrets of the spoken word and giving a voice to one’s truth.

It can be used to summon one’s angels for help and direction, as well as to establish a psychic link to the Universe’s full oneness.

It’s been said to help with astral travel, sensory awareness, and seeing the many options for overcoming one’s obstacles.

Healing Properties of Angelite.

Angelite was claimed to replenish and rejuvenate depleted or dis-eased aspects of one’s existence by aligning the physical and etheric fields for oneself as well as for healing others.

Angelite was a stone that aided in bringing harmony to many planes, reuniting one with the truth and Oneness that pervades all life.


Angelite was used to ease physical and psychological pain by creating a healing and protective energy field around the region where it was placed. It was also employed to combat many forms of violence, brutality, and prejudice.

It was used to heal inflammation of the neck, thyroid, and parathyroids, as well as open one up to the communication center, according to legend. Angelite was used to purify the aura and to engage one’s higher self so that angelic attunement might be achieved.

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What are Angelite’s Chakra Healing Properties?

Angelite is a stone that governs communication as well as the color blue, which is associated with the 5th, Throat Chakra. It can then open or stimulate the 6th, Third Eye, and 7th, Crown Chakras from there.

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Angelite, when held or applied to the feet, clears any energy blockages in the meridians.

What are Angelite’s Astrological/Zodiac Properties?

How To Charge Angelite
How To Charge Angelite

It is the Aquarius Zodiac Stone, and it is linked to Uranus. In terms of birthstones, there isn’t one for each month.

How To Charge Angelite

One of the most effective ways to charge Angelite is by placing it in direct sunlight or moonlight. The energy from the sun and moon is said to help activate and amplify the energy of the stone, making it more effective for healing and meditation.


Another way to charge Angelite is through the use of crystals and gemstones. Clear quartz, selenite, and amethyst are all excellent choices for charging Angelite, as they are believed to have powerful energy-cleansing and amplifying properties.

To charge your Angelite with crystals and gemstones, simply place your Angelite on top of a bed of these stones, or hold them close to the Angelite while meditating or performing energy healing.

Another effective method for charging Angelite is through the use of sound. Singing bowls, bells, and other musical instruments can be used to create vibrations that help to activate and amplify the energy of the Angelite.

Additionally, visualization and affirmations can also be used to charge Angelite. By focusing your thoughts and intentions on the stone, and repeating positive affirmations, you can help to align and activate the energy of the Angelite.

It is important to note that charging Angelite is not a one-time process. The stone should be recharged regularly to maintain its effectiveness.

Additional Techniques for Charging Angelite

In addition to the methods previously mentioned, there are several other techniques that can be used to charge Angelite and enhance its healing properties.

One such technique is by using Reiki energy. Reiki is a form of energy healing that is believed to balance and align the body’s energy centers, or chakras. By placing the Angelite on or near the chakras during a Reiki session, the stone can absorb the healing energy and become more powerful.

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Another technique is by using essential oils. Essential oils, such as lavender and peppermint, are believed to have powerful healing properties. By placing a few drops of essential oil on the Angelite, or by holding the stone near the oil while meditating, the stone can absorb the healing energy of the oils and become more powerful.

Meditation can also be used to charge Angelite. By holding the stone in your hand or placing it on your body during meditation, you can focus your energy and intention on the stone, helping to activate and amplify its healing properties.

Lastly, carrying Angelite with you throughout the day can also be an effective way to charge the stone. By keeping the stone in your pocket or purse, you can absorb its energy and receive its benefits throughout the day.

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How Can You Tell If Angelite Is Real?

True color of gemstones: Angelite is often a medium to pale blue tint, however some instances are white or bluish-white. Some of the specimens also include little red hematite inclusions. Rusty brownish-red streaks are common in genuine Angelite crystal.

Which Chakra Is Angelite Good For?

When it comes to the chakras, Angelite begins at the throat chakra and works its way up. The Throat Chakra is our seat of truth and the channel via which we choose to transmit our sense of self to the outside world.

What Does The Angelite Stone Mean?

What Are The Benefits Of Blue Crystal?

The blue gems are a gift from the gods. The high frequency and pleasant vibrational energy of these stones makes them feel very restorative. Keeping a blue crystal around gives instant calm, tranquillity, and the assurance that you may speak your mind without fear of being judged.

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In Conclusion

An Angelite crystal is a powerful protection tool and a key energy regulator. It is on the same vibration as Archangel Michael.

When you hold or wear it, or use it on your third eye chakra, it will not only help you connect with the Archangel Michael for protection but also allow you to be at peace and balance in times of stress.

For example, it will also allow you to recall better your experiences that relate to this archangel. Basically, by holding an Angelite crystal, you are less likely to be frustrated and more likely to remember how much love and care Archangel Michael has for us all.

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