Raw Angelite: The Wonder Crystal You Didn’t Know


Raw Angelite, in its natural state, is a relaxing stone that promotes inner peace. In this blog post, we’ll go even further into the significance of this crystal stone.

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Raw Angelite Crystal Meaning

Raw Angelite, often known as the Angel Stone, is a blue gemstone.

Angelite crystals come in many different colors, including glacial and lavender blues.

Colorful inclusions are not uncommon in Raw Angelite. The stone features a white core with white flecks, as well as brown and rust-colored parts on rare occasions.

Angelite is a relatively new company, having been created in 1987.

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“Waterless” is the meaning of Raw Angelite. This is the name given to a group of stones that are completely devoid of water or hydration.

The stone may assist you in better comprehending your spirituality. The energy of Raw Angelite is calm and relaxing.

As a result, it has the ability to assist people in overcoming their anxieties, fears, and even fury.

It is associated with the zodiac sign Aquarius. Raw Angelite is related to the throat chakra, the third eye chakra, and the crown chakra.

Raw Angelite
Raw Angelite

The throat, third eye, and crown chakras are all awakened and aligned with Raw Angelite, a stone with an extremely high vibration.

By letting you tune into a higher frequency, this stone will assist you in connecting with your guardian angels and spirit guides.

When you employ this stone as a meditation instrument, the wisdom you acquire through the third eye and crown link will be communicated and vocalized (into the physical plane).

The Raw Angelite stone is an extremely powerful communication stone when it comes to connecting to other planes and frequencies.

Raw Angelite’s Origins and History

This miraculous stone was discovered in 1987 in Peru’s famous Inca areas, after being concealed for many years.

Anhydrite is another name for it, which originates from the Greek term Anhydrous, which means “without water.”

This is because Angelite is created in dry areas where Gypsum Crystals once rested in the presence of water.

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Thousands of years pass while the water evaporates, the crystals are crushed, and Angelite is created.

Since its discovery in Peru, it has been mined in the United Kingdom, Poland, Libya, Germany, Mexico, and Egypt.

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Healing Properties Of Raw Angelite

Physically, this stone has amazing healing powers. This gem can help to balance a person’s thyroid gland.

It also helps the body get rid of any infections in the throat. It helps to regenerate blood vessels and improves heart health.

Angelite also possesses secondary medical effects, such as aiding in the relief of headaches and other physical ailments.

It’s also used by a lot of folks to help them lose weight. Angelite stones can help with a wide range of emotional problems.

Anger, worry, and even resentment are all emotions that can be detrimental to our health, particularly if they begin to poison our bodies.

This gemstone has the power to remove bad emotions and replace them with sentiments of happiness and calm.

The stone urges you to let go of negative emotions and move on with the positive energy that is present in the moment.

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Raw Angelite Metaphysical Properties

If you’re trying to awaken your own unique psychic skills, we recommend using Angelite in combination with other high vibrational stones.

If you keep Raw Angelite near your pillow, it can help you have more lucid dreams.

By strengthening one’s connection to the dream realm and other dimensions, one might become more attuned to this frequency.

Raw Angelite
Raw Angelite

At this time, dreams will be easier to handle, and each minor message will have a symbolic meaning.

You will automatically pick up on these signs and their meaning, in contrast to someone who does not remember their dreams.

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Angelite can also help with anxiety because it is a grounding stone. A calming sensation spreads across the body simply by holding a piece.

Carrying a piece of Angelite in your pocket on a regular basis will help you block off negativity by filling your aura with peaceful vibrations.

Raw Angelite Chakra

The Throat Chakra, also called the Vishuddha, is situated at the base of the throat. It is the chakra that is most closely associated with communication and truth.

When the Throat Chakra is balanced, you can connect with your inner understanding and get wisdom.

It promotes constructive and good communication. If your Throat Chakra is uneven or obstructed, it may be difficult to express yourself.

The Throat Chakra can help you connect with your own ideas and feelings, as well as the people in your life, by aligning it.

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What Chakra Is Angelite Good For?

Angelite harmonizes the chakras of the throat, third eye, and crown. If you’re seeking peace and quiet, this is the stone to utilize.

It will undoubtedly assist you in removing any obstacles in various aspects of your life, as well as in overcoming worries.

Whether you need forgiveness or need to forgive, this stone will enhance your abilities and draw this type of energy into your environment.

The colors of the stone are soothing in and of themselves, and the energies within it will amplify these effects.

This stone can aid in the strengthening and expansion of one’s spiritual connection, particularly while speaking with angels.

While it contains a number of properties that aid in the treatment of physical problems, its greatest power is its capacity to aid in the treatment of emotional difficulties.

Whether you are suffering from guilt, grief or loss, or any other sort of emotional discomfort, this stone brings great healing energy into your environment.

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Simply by placing a piece of this crystal alongside you at night, your sleep will improve, as will your ability to retain and recall your dreams.

How Should Raw Angelite Be Used?

Bring the crystal into your home and include it in your Feng Shui practices.

You may invite in its healing effects simply by placing it anyplace in your home. It brings a sense of calm and balance to any home. Y

ou will be able to have lucid dreams and easily reach the spirit realm if you lay an Angelite crystal beneath your pillow.

When you use the stone in your Reiki, Guardian Angels, or tarot rituals, it will attract fresh energies. It’s available in a range of jewelry designs. Bracelets, necklaces, and earrings are all popular accessories.

It’s crucial to remember that the crystal should never come into contact with water. Healing light will have an easier time penetrating your body if it is in direct touch with your skin.

Taking this stone with you all through the day will serve as a reminder to keep your mind open and ready to receive spiritual guidance no matter where you are.

How To Cleanse And Care For Raw Angelite Stone

This stone has an incredible capacity for water absorption. When caring for the Angelite stone, it’s important to remember this.

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Because it is exceedingly harmful to have water or moisture around it, this gem may not be suitable for everyone.

If you do own a stone, you will need to pay it more attention than you would other minerals.

Raw Angelite
Raw Angelite

Because it is easily scratched and disfigured, don’t let it come into contact with rough or sharp objects.

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If you bang it or expose it to quick temperature fluctuations or extremes in temperature, the stone is likely to fracture.

Never wear the stone when bathing, swimming, or even sweating because of the dangers of water.

To clean the diamond, use a dry towel that is as smooth and sensitive as possible. To cleanse the body, a sage smoker is utilized.

You can wash away items from your life that you no longer need by rubbing the stones on your body while taking a bath. It will help you clear space in your body so that positive energy can flow in.

How To Charge Raw Angelite Stone

Charge the stone by placing it under the full moon for the entire night. Touching the stone when you’re in a difficult circumstance will help you deal with it more efficiently.

It also aids in the development of a stronger sense of compassion. Angelite can also be charged with sage.

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Difference Between Raw Celestite and Raw Angelite

  • Celestite and Angelite both have a Mohr hardness of 3 to 3.5 on the Mohr scale, making them soft minerals. If these minerals are exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period of time or if they are submerged in water, they will be damaged.
  • Colorless to pale blue, white, pink, light brown, or grey, both minerals appear in a range of shapes and colors.
  • Celestite and Angelite are metaphysically similar yet have different chemical compositions. However, they are two different minerals. Angelite is the Peruvian name for anhydrite (CaSO4). The mineral strontium sulfate (SrSO4) is predominantly mined in Madagascar, Peru, Egypt, Poland, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
  • Celestite is used to connect with spiritual realms, whereas Angelite is utilized to connect with angelic worlds and angelic entities. The Throat chakra is associated with Angelite, whereas the Third Eye is associated with Celestite.

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How Can You Tell If Angelite Is Real?

How Do You Know If An Angelite Crystal Is Genuine? True hue of gemstones: Angelite is often a light to medium blue tint, however rare instances are white or bluish-white. Some of the specimens also include little red hematite inclusions. Rusty brownish-red streaks are common in genuine Angelite crystal.

Is Angelite And Celestite The Same?

They are, however, separate minerals. Anhydrite (CaSO4) from Peru is known as angelite. Celestite is a strontium sulfate (SrSO4) mineral that is mined mostly in Madagascar, Peru, Egypt, Poland, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Is Green Angelite Natural?

This gemstone is also regarded as a love, healing, and protection stone. Because Green Angelite gemstones are natural stones, the color of the Green Angelite Gemstone Bracelet may vary significantly from one to the next. Every Green Angelite bracelet is one-of-a-kind.

How Much Do Raw Crystals Cost?

Depending on the kind, size, and supplier, a piece of quartz crystal can cost anywhere from $5 to $30 per crystal. You could expect to pay roughly $5 per gram on average. The value of a crystal is also influenced by its condition.


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