Healing Frequencies Of The Human Body and Why Should You Listen To Them(2022)


The healing frequencies of the human body are the set of frequencies that fall within the electromagnetic spectrum, and are created by Schumann Resonances. Sound has frequencies.

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We know this, yet most people are not aware of the healing power that lies within each frequency.

Throughout history, people have been using sound to bring about shifts in their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states.

You can use the healing frequencies for chakra balancing, releasing negativity, finding insight, or for energy work.

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What Are Healing Frequencies Of The Human Body?

Healing Frequencies Of The Human Body
Healing Frequencies Of The Human Body

The human body has a wide range of different frequencies at which it operates.

For example, the frequency of a healthy heartbeat is around 60 beats per minute, or about one beat every 1.2 seconds.

The speed of nerve impulses through the nervous system is about 173 miles (280 kilometers) per hour, or about one mile in 3.6 seconds.

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Tones that resonate within this realm are called sound therapy frequencies.

These tones are produced by tuning forks, crystals and other vibrational devices.

They can be used to facilitate relaxation and healing, since they naturally fall within the range of healthy frequencies for the human body.

Sound therapy can be used to assist in meditation, treat pain and emotional issues, improve sleep patterns and increase vitality.

The frequencies of our human body are the key to many things. We have a large field of energy surrounding us called the aura (sometimes it is referred to as the bio-field or biological energy field).

Within this aura are seven major chakras that run up and down our bodies. These chakras relate to each of our major glands and organs. Each chakra has its own vibrational frequency and each organ has its own as well.

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For example, the heart chakra vibrates at a very high frequency while the spleen vibrates at a much slower frequency. Our nervous system works on these frequencies and they also control our blood pressure

The idea behind using sound therapy is to introduce healing sounds into your energy field so you can heal at a deeper level of consciousness. Sound therapy works by helping to bring your frequency back into balance and harmony

There are nine healing frequencies of the human body, each of which affects a different part of the physical anatomy. The following is a list of these frequencies along with the body part they effect.


The list is as follows:

  • 76 Hertz

Relieves pain and inflammation throughout the entire body.

  • 147 Hertz

Stimulates the harmonious functioning of cells and DNA repair.

  • 250 Hertz

Balances brain waves, stimulates pineal and pituitary function, relieves headaches and stimulates immune system.

  • 333 Hertz

Stimulates growth and regeneration, also used to treat allergies and sinus problems.

  • 639 Hertz

Stimulates production of red blood cells, balances blood pressure and stimulates metabolism.

  • 741 Hertz

Redirects lactic acid build-up in muscles, relieves fatigue, stimulates cellular growth and oxygen utilization throughout the body.

  • 852 Hertz

“Love” frequency that can help with relationship difficulties, breakups or family issues by stimulating forgiveness and understanding. Also helps with balancing male/female energies within the body.

  • 963 Hertz

Frequencies in the 963 HZ range are powerful activators of DNA repair mechanisms in your body’s cells.

  • 728 Hertz

The exact origin of the 728Hz frequency is not known.

It may have been discovered by accident in 1939 by a German physicist named Hamer, who was attempting to create a formula for water by dividing the light frequencies in a glass of water into 1,972 equal parts.

The frequency of 728 Hz is Love. It is the tone of unconditional Love, cosmic, spiritual and divine Love, which is all pervasive.

The tone and vibration of 728Hz is used to open your heart chakra and to bring you into a state of unconditional love.

The qualities of this energy are forgiveness, understanding, compassion, tolerance, patience and healing.

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The most powerful frequency which works with the human body is the 728Hz frequency. This frequency assists in healing on every level.

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The 728Hz frequency has been known to assist people with:

  • Detoxification
  • Weight loss
  • Increased energy levels
  • Deep relaxation
  • Stress reduction
  • Increased clarity of mind and improved focus
  • Healing on all levels (physical, emotional and mental)


The basic frequencies for the human body are:

  • 62 hz – for cell rejuvenation and regeneration, growth & vitality
  • 14 hz – for immune system & anti-aging
  • 41 hz – for emotional balance and mental clarity
  • 3 hz – for liver detoxification and purification of blood
  • 83 hz – for heart healing, circulation & muscle strengthening
  • 1 hz – cerebral spinal fluid pressure & fluid removal from tissues, anti aging


How To Decide Which Healing Frequency You Need

Healing Frequencies Of The Human Body
Healing Frequencies Of The Human Body

you may only want to use a few frequencies at any one time. The more frequencies you use, the greater the chance of creating imbalance.

Twenty-eight of the frequencies are in the range of 1-80 Hz, and each one is effective by itself.

If you are using a single frequency, you can choose either high or low frequency within this range.

Often it is easier to choose a low frequency (1-20 Hz) during the day and a high frequency (40-80 Hz) at night time.

If you are using two or more frequencies simultaneously, the most important factor is to be consistent with your selection for at least eight weeks before changing them.

For example, you could use 4-6-7 for a period of time and then change to 2-3-4 for another period of time.

If you change frequently, you will not get the results that you need and may get negative results as well.

Do Healing Frequencies Work

Healing Frequencies Of The Human Body
Healing Frequencies Of The Human Body

The answer to these questions is yes. The key to understanding how healing frequencies work is to know that every color has its own corresponding frequency, as does every note in a musical scale.

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In fact, the frequencies of both light and sound have an effect on our health and well-being.

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For example, there are healing frequencies for the heart chakra, which helps us develop compassion for ourselves and others; there are frequencies for the fifth chakra, which helps us connect with nature; there are frequencies for the crown chakra, which helps us become more conscious as spiritual beings.

Are Solfeggio Frequencies Dangerous?

If you’re like me, you’ve heard of solfeggio frequencies but don’t know much about them.

The name comes from the Italian word “solfeggio”, which means to sing in tune. The frequencies are known as the healing frequency, or sound of silence.

Solfeggio frequencies are based on the first six notes of the C major scale and were rediscovered by Dr. Joseph Puleo as well as Dr. Leonard Horowitz (author of “Death In The Air” and “The Book of 528”).

These frequencies, when played with a tuning fork or 528 Hz frequency, can be used to restore health and vitality to your body.

Solfeggio frequencies are the 6 healing tones that have been used for thousands of years and have been rediscovered by Pythagoras.

Dangerous or not, solfeggio frequencies can have an effect on your body. If you’re using them for self-healing purposes, it’s important to know what kind of effect they’re having so you can address any negative side effects.

In Summary

First, understand that each of these are specific frequencies you can repeat to yourself or aloud using your voice. These are not actual carrier frequencies or audio files that provide the frequency for you.

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Although carrier frequencies don’t work on a person, they can be used in combination with one of these frequencies to modulate it and help you learn how to feel it more deeply.

Understanding what healing frequencies can do for you and how they interact will help you get the most out of them.

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