7 Interesting Facts About Cocaine

In today’s article, we will look at the most dangerous drug, cocaine. We have compiled some interesting facts about cocaine that you need to check out.

There are numerous controversies in the use of this substance. In movies and TV shows, even music videos, you can see people take in this substance to do some unimaginable things. Hope it is everyone’s goal to be a superhuman, right?

Although cocaine has an immediate boost of energy and confidence, but have you considered the immediate and long term effects of this substance like panic attack, addiction, depression, lung problem, kidney problems, sudden death, etc.

Let us Look at some facts about Cocaine that you may not know.

 1. Cocaine is Highly Addictive

Do you know Cocaine is one of the most addictive drugs in the world? Cocaine is very addictive and people of all ages and ethnicity can fall into this trap.

All the people who highly depend on cracks for their day to day routine started with just a single use. No matter how you use it you may not resit the temptation to try more.

2. Cocaine can Cause Health Issues

If you are addicted to Cocaine there is a high chance that you are experiencing or will experience some health issues.

There are many short term and long term health related issue about the use of Crack. These include, loss of smell, irregular heart beat, lung problems, heart damages, kidney failure, and other psychological problems.

3. Cocaine became too popular in the 1980s to 1990s

Around this time, the demand for cocaine was extremely high, where popular celebrities and public figures are so much into it.

They normally buy these stuff from the Drug dealers but later chemists realized how popular it is and started providing cheaper alternatives.

4. Cocaine increase the Dopamine in the Brain

Dopamine is responsible for acting on areas of your brain to give you feelings like pleasure, motivation and satisfaction. It controls your mood, concentration, memory, learning, movement and other body functions.

Cocaine is responsible for increasing the dopamine in your brain by a neurochemical reaction. This causes it to stop the reabsorption of dopamine; which causes these extreme feelings of pleasure.

5. There are developing medications that treats cocaine addictions

Most challenge for those who are addicted and want to stop is preventing relapse. Many addicted drug users who undergo treatment later get back to their old way.

But in order to solve this, addicted patients need time, active support for the people around them, and avoid things that may trigger their interest.

There are many drugs around that may prevent these addictions. But I will encourage my readers to look for a professional for advice.

6. Cocaine popularity is through three countries

I know you have heard of the king of Cocaine, Pablo Escobar, he is from Colombia, making Colombia the top country that produces and supplies cocaine. But the government put on the necessary effort to battle the production and supply of cocaine.

Other countries include Peru and Bolivia.

7. US is the Greatest Consumer

The United States is the largest cocaine consuming country in the world. Upon all the restrictions and public awareness of the dangers of Cocaine, still people are so much interested in taking it.

This is very common among the youths.


Thank you for reading up to this end, now you have known some interesting facts about cocaine and some risk it poses to our health.

It is advisable to prevent yourself from these drugs due to its immediate and long term dangers it poses to our health and life as a whole.


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