Divorced Dads Depression: What You Should Know.


Divorced dads go through depression too. Depression is a feeling they experienced as a result of feeling lonely or guilty.

As a divorced dad, it might not be easy for you to cope with a new life without your wife and in some cases your children.

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The feeling of being left out can affect you both mentally and physically.

This is to tell you that divorced dads through pain, loneliness, and depression. They are humans and have feelings as any other human being.

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This is a negative impact that needs attention. This article will look at ways to cope with depression as a dad after a divorce.

Causes Of Divorce

Divorce is the separation of husband and wife which confers on the parties the right to remarriage under civil, religious, and other provisions.

Some factors lead to divorce and sometimes the couple does not have an idea that such factors are a result of their divorce. These factors include;

  • Absence of love:

Divorce can occur between two couples who are married if there is no love or the love seems to be one-sided.

For a marriage to be successful there should be a sense of love, empathy, and romance.

  • Lack of shared interest and incompatibility between partners:

If both couple always has differences in almost everything and disagrees with each other all the time, there could be a problem since there will be no mutual understanding.

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Remember understanding each other promote a lot of positivity and help arrive at healthy decisions as couples.

  • Domestic violence:
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There are situations where a lot of attitudes and behaviors result in domestic violence.

Women are mostly victims of domestic violence since they are vulnerable.

  • Lack of communication:

Communication is a key factor in marriage. The husband must learn how to communicate with the wife and vice versa.

When there is communication, there is understanding and prevention of misinformation and unnecessary assumptions.

  • Distance relationships:

Distance relationships can cause your relationship. It is not easy to be away from your partner for a very long time.

Some can cope while others cannot. Distance relationships can bring mistrusts and many other affairs outside the home.

  • No commitment:

Marriage comes with commitment. You must be loyal and committed to only your partner.

Yes! Marriage is a very long journey and you might get tired along the way but you must have control over your emotions and understand that marriage is about committing yourself to your partner no matter how the feeling changes along the way.

This is healthy to understand all these before even venturing into marriage in the first place. Marriage is no joke. You go in when you are mentally and physically ready.

  • Getting married at a very young age
  • Financial problem:

The financial stability of a couple is very important as it can bring problems between the couple.

You must be able to meet the demands and needs of the family. Your responsibility must not be neglected by the head or breadwinner of the house.

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  • Lack of respect:

For your marriage to work, you need to be able to give that due respect to your partner. Under no circumstance should you disrespect your partner?

  • Addiction:

Addiction is a very bad disorder that can affect your mental abilities and make you behave in a certain way that is disappointing and embarrassing.

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This can make the other partner uncomfortable and if it is continuous for some time, your partner might have no choice but to file for a divorce.

  • Infidelity:
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Childbearing is a very big problem in marriage. Women are mostly the victim meanwhile that might not be the case all the time. The problem can also be from the man.

The man may be tempted to have a child elsewhere, especially when there is pressure from the family and society. This can bring misunderstanding which may lead to separation.

  • Having other’s affairs outside the home
  • Failure to perform responsibilities.

Impact Of Divorce: Divorced Dads Depression

Divorced Da Depression
Divorced Dads Depression

Divorce creates an emotional impact on the entire family, especially the children. The children turn to leave a double life, making them leave a wayward life.  Some other impacts of divorce include;

  • Behavior problem:

The divorce may create a changing pattern in the behavior of the dad and even the children. They may start to behave in a certain way that even affects their daily life and activities.  

Children may also experience more conflict with peers after a divorce. It may even affect their behavior towards academics.

  • Mental health problems:

Divorce may increase the risk of mental and health conditions. The children involved in the separation between two couples may have to deal with mental problems the divorce may cause.

They may not be mentally stable for school or any academic work and may be full of negative thoughts.


The dads may however go through some divorce impact experiences that may cost them their mental and physical health. They include;

  • Feeling lonely
  • Feeling of inferiority
  • Feeling grief
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Loss of property
  • Loss of control over the children
  • Loss of integrity

How Do Dads Cope With Divorce?

The thought of being away from your children and not having to see them for a long time can be traumatic.

Divorced dads go through a lot when they divorce.

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Nevertheless, there are some ways they can take into consideration to cope with depression after divorce.

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They include;

  1. Focus on new things rather than dwelling on the past. Learn to embrace your new life and enjoy it to the fullest.
  2. Create a peaceful environment for yourself. An environment that is welcoming to you and would take your mind from all negativities.
  3. Try to find new companions if the need be. Be patient in choosing a companion so as not to make any mistakes or have regrets.
  4. Visit the children for one while to feel or have a sense of belonging. This will have to prevent loneliness and guilt
  5. Seek mental health support if things get out of hand. Do not pretend to be fine when you are not.
  6. Follow the instruction of your doctor even as you are on course to kill
  7. Be sociable and make new friends as early as possible to keep you lively.
  8. Joining support groups


Which Spouse Is More Likely To Be Depressed Following A Divorce?

Women are more prone than males to have post-divorce depression. Men, on the other hand, are less prone to open out about their despair.

What Is Divorced Dad Syndrome?

When this syndrome arises, a divorced or divorcing parent attempts to punish the other parent, even if it means harming or depriving their children in order to make the other parent appear terrible. Though it is most generally referred to as spiteful mother syndrome, both moms and fathers are capable of such behavior.

Does Having Divorced Parents Cause Depression?

According to research, parental divorce/separation increases the likelihood of child and adolescent adjustment problems such as scholastic challenges (e.g., poorer grades and school dropout), disruptive behaviors (e.g., conduct and drug use problems), and sad mood.

In Summary

Divorce dads have feelings too and they go through loneliness and depression during the period of staying alone and away from the family and the children especially.

The good news is that divorce dads can become happy again if they put up their minds to new things and embrace the opportunity ahead of them.

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