Have you ever wondered why people on Youtube talk about the Black Moon Meditation?

There is indeed a great mystery behind the black moon that when you harness its power you will take charge of a lot of control over your life. Let’s dive into it deeper here.

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The Black Moon is the one night during the lunar cycle when the Moon does not appear in the night sky. It’s the cycle’s darkest night.


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A black moon happens once in a while.
Many people overlook or are unaware of this lunar phase. For She fades into the night, becoming invisible – until She begins a new cycle and the first silvery crescent appears in the night sky.

Black Moon Meditation
Black Moon Meditation

Before the light, we must have this darkness. Death precedes rebirth. All we have to do is look to nature to discover how important it is to prepare the ground before planting new seeds.


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Nature is peaceful, introspective, and silent on The Black Moon.

It’s not the time to mate; it’s the time to reflect and be still. This is exactly what we’ll be doing during the Black Moon Ceremony. Sitting in the Presence of Stillness, Silence, and Space.

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Difference between a Black Moon And A New Moon.

I get this question a lot of times. What is the difference between a black moon and a new moon?

Well, this is the truth no one will tell you. A new moon happens every month when the illumination of the moon is Zero (0%) percent.

However, a Black Moon is a new moon that has happened twice a month. This is a rare occurrence, but when it happens know its time to harness some great power from the moon

Difference Between a Black Moon and A Blue Moon

Even though there is a difference between a black moon and a blue moon, there is also a similarity which is they both are the second occurrence of a moon phase in a particular month.


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A black moon is the second new moon that happens in a particular month whereas a blue moon is a full moon that happens the second time in a particular month.

Black Moon Is The Menstrual Phase Of The Moon

There is a Dark or Still Point in our Menstrual Cycle since it is a reflection of the Moon Cycle. When our womb is empty, we are in this stage. Our womb is empty, Void, when we have bled all or most of our Sacred Blood for that cycle.


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The point where we’ve shed our skin but aren’t quite ready to reappear. There is a point where everything comes to a halt. There is a void. A perceptible, tactile, and oh-so-juicy inner quiet!

When we can fully remain in this Void within, we are revitalized, and we return to our new cycle full of creativity and the energy to manifest it.

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Date | Month | Year | Type

30      | April      | 2022  | In a single calendar month, there are two New Moons.

19      |   May     | 2023  | In a season with four New Moons, this is the third New Moon.

30     |   Dec     | 2024   | In a single calendar month, there are two New Moons.

Black Moon Meditation Tips

  • Play your favorite calming meditative music, light some incense, and set up the room so you have plenty of room to be, sit, and be creative. This is also an excellent time to get rid of any material “things” that you no longer use. Basically, prepare your space for a Private Ceremony.
  • Make a list of the habits, ways of being, out-of-date coping mechanisms, former relationships, and other things that aren’t benefiting you anymore.
  • Take a seat and observe them. They are palpable. Consider how they aided or supported you at different times in your life. Make a list of how you benefited from them so you may be more specific and truly grateful.
  • Then express gratitude for each feature. Give each one your undivided attention.
  • Feel/call up as much pure love as you can, then envelop the paper/those aspects of yourself in it.
  • Take 5 minutes to notice your reaction and breathe deeply and gently.


Black moon meditation has a double power as normal New moon meditation. When you meet the new moon know you have reached a level to harness a double what the New moon can give you.


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Simply express gratitude for whatever help you’ve gotten and take a few deep, slow, long breaths.

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Increase your awareness of your surroundings and, if there is a candle burning, extinguish it.

Allow yourself to gradually awaken to the point where you can clear up your tools and organize the place as you would in everyday life. You might want to write in a journal, sketch, or move about.

Whatever the case may be. It’s critical to remember to devote your full attention to this area. You’ve noticed it and want to fill it. Recognize your urge, take a deep breath, and return to your inner space.

You’ll know when it’s time to relocate to the New. Within you, energy will spontaneously arise.

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