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Who is Anyma?

Anyma is the solo project of Matteo Milleri, an Italian DJ and producer who is also known as one half of the acclaimed duo Tale of Us and the co-founder of the prominent label Afterlife Records.

Launched in 2021, Anyma serves as an outlet for Milleri to explore a combination of digital art and musical individuality, with a sound influenced by melodic house and techno crossed with ambient, electronica, and classical elements.

Through the project, Milleri has released one full-length album ‘Genesys’ and three EPs—‘Claire’, ‘Sentient’, and ‘Forevermore’. Anyma’s multimedia live performances are designed to create unique audiovisual landscapes that blur the lines between physical and digital realms.

Overall, Anyma represents Milleri’s more experimental and solo artistic endeavors apart from Tale of Us.

Biography of Anyma

Full Name Matteo Milleri
Profession DJ, Producer, Creative Visionary
Famous for
  • Music: Melodic house and techno under the “Anyma” project, co-founding the successful “Tale Of Us” duo known for its energetic sets.
  • Innovation: Blending music, visuals, and blockchain technology to create immersive experiences, pushing boundaries in the creative realm.
  • Entrepreneurship: Co-founding the esteemed “Afterlife” record label, fostering new talents and shaping the techno scene.
Birthday May 19, 1988
Age 35 (as of February 1, 2024)
Place of Birth New York, US
Zodiac Sign Taurus


Age of Anyma

As of February, 2024, Anyma (Matteo Milleri) is 35 years old. He was born on May 19, 1988 in the New York, USA, and has carved a unique path in the electronic music scene as a DJ, producer, and creative visionary.

He currently live in Berlin in the Germany. Through his innovative “Anyma” project, he blends music, visuals, and blockchain technology to create immersive experiences, constantly pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.

Zodiac Sign of Anyma

Anyma, the multifaceted artist embodied by Matteo Milleri, carries the astrological essence of a Taurus, born on May 19, 1988. This earth sign is known for its grounded nature, sensuality, and unwavering pursuit of stability. While Anyma’s artistic expression might seem avant-garde and boundary-pushing, the Taurus influence manifests in several key ways:

Numerology Life path of Anyma

Anyma, the artistic embodiment of Matteo Milleri, was born on May 19, 1988, aligning with a Life Path number of 1 in numerology. This powerful number signifies independence, leadership, and the potential for new beginnings. Let’s delve into how it might influence Anyma’s journey:

  • Pioneering Spirit: Life Path 1 individuals are natural-born leaders, driven by a desire to forge their own path and break new ground. This aligns perfectly with Anyma’s innovative and boundary-pushing approach in the music industry. He continuously explores new avenues, blending music, visuals, and technology to create unique experiences.
  • Strong Will and Determination: This life path instills a potent force of will and determination. Anyma’s unwavering dedication to his vision is evident in his successful projects like “Anyma” and “Afterlife,” showcasing his ability to overcome challenges and achieve his goals.
  • Self-Expression and Originality: Number 1 individuals possess a strong need for self-expression and authenticity. This resonates with Anyma’s refusal to be confined by genres or trends. He carves his own unique space in the electronic music scene, constantly evolving and expressing himself freely.
  • Potential for Challenges and Growth: Life Path 1 often comes with challenges related to impatience, ego, and the need for control. While these might not be readily apparent in Anyma’s public persona, navigating these potential pitfalls could be part of his personal growth journey.
  • Leadership and Inspiration: As a natural leader, Anyma has the potential to inspire others with his vision and innovative ideas. His unique approach to music and technology might pave the way for others to explore new creative possibilities.
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Height, Weight Hair color and Color of Eyes of Anyma

Attribute Detail
Height 170.1 cm (5 ft 7 in)
Weight Not available
Hair Color Brown
Eyes Color Blue

Parents of Anyma

The parents of Matteo Milleri, also known as Anyma, are Giuseppe Milleri, who is a businessman, and Francesca Milleri, a homemaker.

Siblings of Anyma, their names and ages

Matteo Milleri, also known as Anyma, has three siblings, below are their names and but their ages are not available publicly.

  • Tommaso Milleri, a lawyer
  • Stefano Milleri
  • Ezra Miller

Spouse of Anyma

Respecting the privacy of both individuals involved, it’s important to acknowledge that Matteo Milleri and Vittoria Ceretti were previously married but are no longer together. Here’s what we can share about their relationship while maintaining their privacy.

Matteo Milleri (Anyma) was married to Vittoria Ceretti, an Italian model, on June 1, 2020, in Ibiza, Spain. In April 2023, reports surfaced suggesting their separation. Neither party has officially confirmed the details of the separation or the reasons behind it.

The Name And Age Of The Children Of Anyma

There is no information about Anyma also known as Matteo Milleri’s children. We will update our content if we get any information about his children.

Net worth of Anyma

According to Popnable, an artist data website, Anyma’s estimated net worth in 2024 falls between $23,500 – $31,100. The site approximates the popular American DJ and producer earns around $26,900 annually from various music-related income sources. This includes revenue accumulated from Anyma’s catalog of songs, sponsorship deals, streaming royalties, concert ticket sales, merchandising, and other business ventures.

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Specifically looking at 2023, Popnable estimates Anyma brought in $65,400 last year, which could range from $63,100 on the lower end to $83,400 maximum. His monthly income seems to fluctuate, coming in between $1,600 – $2,100 in October, rising to $2,300 – $3,100 in November, then $2,400 – $3,200 estimated for December 2023. As the co-founder of prominent dance label Afterlife Records alongside his work as a solo artist and one half of Tale of Us, Anyma has established diverse income streams within electronic music. His net worth should continue rising as he releases more music, performs shows, and grows his brands.

Social Media Handles of Anyma

Social Media Handle
Instagram @anyma
X (formerly Twitter)
Facebook @anyma.ofc
YouTube @anyma_ofc
Apple Music Anyma
Spotify Anyma

Hobbies of Anyma

Anyma, also known as Matteo Milleri, has a diverse set of interests and hobbies, as indicated in the search results:

  1. Music: Anyma is a musician and part of the Italian group Tale of Us, known for playing techno, melodic techno, and tech house
  2. Art and Immersive Realities: Anyma is passionate about blending music, art, and immersive realities to explore the next phase in the realm of consciousness
  3. NFTs: Anyma is actively involved in the world of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and has been collaborating with 3D artists for NFT auctions
  4. Mixed Media Concept: Anyma has created a mixed-media concept that combines nature and mankind, leveraging visuals and music to create a new form of creative output

These hobbies and interests reflect Anyma’s multidisciplinary approach, combining music, art, and technology in innovative ways.

List of Career journey of Anyma

Anyma, also known as Matteo Milleri, has had a diverse and innovative career journey, as evidenced by the following key points from the search results:

  1. Debut EP and Album: Anyma’s musical journey began with the debut EP “Sentient,” released on June 4, 2021, via Tale Of Us imprint Afterlife. This was followed by the album “Genesys”
  2. NFTs and Mixed Media Concept: Anyma has been at the forefront of the NFT world, creating a mixed media concept that combines visuals and music to create a new form of creative output. He has been leveraging NFTs to sustain his project financially
  3. Solo Career: Anyma’s debut album “Genesys,” released via Afterlife, has been a significant milestone in his solo career. The album explores the interconnectedness of humankind and machines, showcasing Anyma’s prowess as a solo artist
  4. Partnership and Collaboration: Anyma has collaborated with various artists and professionals to bring his creative vision to life. This includes partnering with an Italian artist and working closely with others to create a visually and sonically stunning experience
  5. Artistic Vision: Anyma’s career journey has been characterized by a strong artistic vision, blending music, art, and immersive realities to create a unique and futuristic aesthetic experience for his audience
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These points illustrate Anyma’s evolution as an artist, from his musical releases to his pioneering work in the NFT space and his commitment to creating a distinct and immersive artistic experience.

List All Shows Of Anyma He has played

Anyma (Matteo Milleri) has played several shows, including:

  1. October 14, 2023, at Los Angeles State Historic Park in Los Angeles, CA, US
  2. June 8, 2023, at Outdoor Arganda del Rey in Spain as part of the Primavera Sound Festival
  3. August 10, 2023, at Place des Festivals in Montreal, Canada
  4. March 20, 2021, at La Merise in Trappes, France
  5. March 31, 2017, at Borderline in Basel, Switzerland

Awards and Achievements of Anyma

Anyma, the musical concept from Matteo Milleri, also known as one half of Tale Of Us, has achieved significant milestones in his career. While specific awards are not mentioned in the provided search results, the following achievements and highlights showcase the impact of Anyma’s work:

  1. Debut EP and Album: Anyma launched its debut EP in June 2021, followed by the release of the album “Genesys” in 2023
  2. Musical Accomplishments: The release of the album “Genesys” was described as a breathtaking musical accomplishment, reflecting the artistic and creative success of Anyma’s work
  3. NFT Collaboration: Anyma has been actively involved in the world of NFTs and has collaborated with 3D artists for NFT auctions, demonstrating a forward-thinking approach to the intersection of music and technology
  4. Live Performances: Anyma has performed at various prestigious events and locations, further solidifying the impact of the musical concept on the electronic music scene

While specific awards are not outlined, Anyma’s innovative approach to music, art, and technology, as well as the reception of the “Genesys” album, are indicative of the recognition and acclaim received within the industry.

Rumors about Anyma / Unknown Facts

Some interesting facts and lesser-known details about Anyma (Matteo Milleri) include:

  1. Birthplace: Despite spending most of his life in Italy, Anyma was actually born in New York.
  2. Global Residences: After studying at the SAE Institute in Milan, Anyma moved to Berlin, where he currently resides.
  3. NFT Passion: Anyma is passionate about using NFTs and has actively embraced the world of non-fungible tokens, leveraging them to support his project financially.
  4. Mixed Media Concept: Anyma is a mixed media concept created to provide fans with an aesthetic experience that combines nature and mankind, unlike Tale of Us, which is known for its techno, melodic techno, and tech house music.
  5. Record Label: Anyma is the co-founder of the record label Afterlife, which he established with his partner in Tale of Us, Carmine Conte. In June, it was announced that they teamed up and became partners with the globally-acclaimed record label, Interscope Records.

These details shed light on Anyma’s diverse background, his innovative approach to art and technology, and his significant contributions to the music industry.

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