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Who is Giorgio Moroder?

Giorgio Moroder, born Giovanni Giorgio Moroder in 1940, is an Italian music legend known as the “Father of Disco.” He pioneered the use of synthesizers in the 1970s, shaping genres like euro disco, electronic dance music, and beyond.

His collaborations with Donna Summer produced iconic hits like “Love To Love You Baby” and “I Feel Love,” while his innovative soundtracks for films like “Midnight Express” and “Scarface” garnered him Academy and Golden Globe awards.

Moroder’s influence continues to inspire artists across various genres, solidifying his place as a true musical innovator.

Biography of Giorgio Moroder

Full Name Giovanni Giorgio Moroder
Profession Italian producer, songwriter, performer, and DJ
Famous for  Being a pioneer in disco and electronic music
Birthday  April 26, 1940
Age 83
Place of Birth Urtijëi, Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy
Zodiac Sign Taurus


Age of Giorgio Moroder

Giorgio Moroder, the iconic musician and producer, was born on April 26, 1940, making him 83 years old as of today, February, 2024.

Despite his age, Moroder remains active in the music scene, collaborating with younger artists and pushing the boundaries of sound. His enduring influence and timeless contributions to music continue to inspire generations of music lovers and creators.

Zodiac Sign of Giorgio Moroder

Giorgio Moroder was born on April 26, 1940, making his zodiac sign Taurus. Known for their practicality, patience, and determination, Taureans are often described as reliable and grounded individuals.

This aligns with Moroder’s dedication to his craft, his meticulous attention to detail in his music production, and his unwavering pursuit of innovation throughout his long career.

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Additionally, Taureans are known for their love of beauty and pleasure, which can be seen reflected in the sensuality and groove present in Moroder’s iconic disco compositions. While a single zodiac sign cannot fully define a person’s personality, understanding Moroder’s astrological sign offers an interesting lens through which to appreciate some of the potential influences that may have shaped his creative journey and artistic expression.

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Numerology Life path of Giorgio Moroder

Giorgio Moroder, born on April 26, 1940, has a Life Path number of 8 based on his birth date. People with a Life Path number 8 are known for their great inner strength, organizational skills, leadership abilities, keen judgment, and quick-witted nature.
They possess the resilience to overcome challenges and are capable of achieving success through their determination and practical approach to life. This numerology suggests that Giorgio Moroder embodies qualities of power, authority, and achievement in his life’s journey.

Height, Weight Hair color and Color of Eyes of Giorgio Moroder

Attribute Detail
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Hair Color N/A
Eyes Color N/A

Parents of Giorgio Moroder

Giovanni Giorgio Moroder was born to Ladin parents in South Tyrol. However, the names of both parents are unknown.

Siblings of Giorgio Moroder, their names and ages

There is no official information about the brothers and sisters of Giorgio. Hence we can not talk more about it.

Spouse of Giorgio Moroder

Francisca Gutierrez, Giorgio Moroder's wife
Francisca Gutierrez, Giorgio Moroder’s wife

Giorgio Moroder was married to Francisca Gutierrez from 1990 until her passing in 2022. While details about their relationship remain largely private, they were often seen together at public events throughout their marriage. Francisca’s unwavering support undoubtedly played a role in Moroder’s continued success throughout his career.

The Name And Age Of The Children Of Giorgio Moroder

Giorgio Moroder has one son, Alessandro Moroder, born in 1989. As of today, February 24, 2024, Alessandro would be 34 years old. While information about his personal life remains private, it’s known that he follows in his father’s footsteps and is involved in the music industry.

Net worth of Giorgio Moroder

Giorgio Moroder net worth is estimated to be around $20 million. This figure likely takes into account his successful career as a musician, producer, and composer, spanning decades and encompassing numerous hit songs, film scores, and collaborations

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However, it’s important to remember that such estimates may not be entirely accurate and don’t capture the full picture of his financial standing.

Ultimately, Giorgio Moroder’s true value extends beyond his net worth, as his pioneering contributions to music and lasting impact on various genres solidify his legacy as a true innovator and legend.

Social Media Handles of Giorgio Moroder

Social Media Handle
Instagram @giorgiomoroder
X (formerly Twitter) @giorgiomoroder
Facebook GiorgioMoroderOfficial
YouTube GiorgioMoroderVEVO
SoundCloud giorgiomoroder
Personal Website


Hobbies of Giorgio Moroder

He has expressed a passion for collecting art and design pieces. In a 2015 interview with Wallpaper magazine, he mentioned his appreciation for contemporary art and his collection of furniture by renowned designers like Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier.

Also, he is known for his interest in technology and gadgets. Throughout his career, he has embraced new technologies and incorporated them into his music production process. He has also been spotted attending tech conferences and events.

List of Career journey of Giorgio Moroder

  • Early Career (1960s): Giorgio Moroder began his career as a songwriter and producer in Munich, Germany, in the 1960s. He worked with various artists, including the group Schlager, and experimented with electronic music and synthesizer sounds.
  • Breakthrough with Donna Summer (1970s): In the 1970s, Moroder collaborated with singer Donna Summer, and together they created a string of disco hits that helped define the genre. Songs like “Love to Love You Baby,” “I Feel Love,” and “Bad Girls” became international sensations and established Moroder as a leading figure in disco music.
  • Film Scores and Soundtrack Success (1970s-1980s): In addition to his disco work, Moroder also began composing soundtracks for films in the 1970s. He won Academy Awards for Best Original Score for his work on “Midnight Express” (1978) and “Flashdance” (1983), solidifying his reputation as a versatile and talented composer.
  • Continued Innovation and Collaboration (1990s-Present): Moroder has continued to be active in the music industry throughout the decades, collaborating with various artists and exploring new genres. He has worked with artists like Daft Punk, Britney Spears, and Sia, and his music continues to influence and inspire new generations of musicians.
  • Legacy: Giorgio Moroder is considered a pioneer of electronic music and disco, and his influence on popular music is undeniable. He has won numerous awards, including multiple Grammy Awards and Golden Globe Awards, and his work continues to be celebrated and enjoyed by fans around the world.

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List of Shows Giorgio Moroder has played

While Giorgio Moroder is primarily known for his work as a composer and record producer, he has also performed live on several occasions throughout his career. Here’s a list of some notable shows he has played:

  • Vivid Fest (2014): This electronic music festival held in Australia featured Moroder as a headliner, where he performed a DJ set of his classic hits and remixes.
  • Moogfest (2014): This electronic music festival in Asheville, North Carolina, also hosted Moroder for a live performance.
  • Wireless Festival (2014): This major music festival in London included Moroder on its lineup, where he once again performed a DJ set.
  • Les Ardentes (2014): This Belgian music festival featured Moroder as a performer, showcasing his electronic music expertise.
  • Pacha Ibiza (2019): The world-famous nightclub in Ibiza hosted Moroder for a DJ set, allowing him to share his music with clubgoers on the iconic island.

Awards and Achievements of Giorgio Moroder

cademy Awards:

  • 1978: Best Original Score – Midnight Express
  • 1983: Best Original Song – “Flashdance… What a Feeling” (from Flashdance)
  • 1986: Best Original Song – “Take My Breath Away” (from Top Gun)

Golden Globe Awards:

  • 1984: Best Original Score – Motion Picture – Flashdance
  • 1984: Best Original Song – Motion Picture – “Flashdance… What a Feeling” (from Flashdance)
  • 1987: Best Original Song – Motion Picture – “Take My Breath Away” (from Top Gun)

Grammy Awards:

  • 1984: Best Album of Original Score Written for a Motion Picture or Television Special – Flashdance
  • 1984: Best Instrumental Composition – “Love Theme from Flashdance” (from Flashdance)
  • 1998: Best Dance Recording – “Carry On” (with Donna Summer)
  • 2014: Album of the Year – Random Access Memories (with Daft Punk)

Other Notable Awards:

  • 2004: Inducted into the Dance Music Hall of Fame
  • 2011: Lifetime Achievement Award – World Soundtrack Academy
  • 2014: Lifetime Achievement Award for Innovation – Nordoff-Robbins
  • Multiple People’s Choice Awards and over 100 Gold and Platinum discs

Additional Achievements:

  • Pioneered the use of synthesizers in the 1970s, shaping genres like euro disco and electronic dance music.
  • Collaborated with iconic artists like Donna Summer, Daft Punk, Britney Spears, and Sia.
  • Composed soundtracks for numerous films, including “Scarface,” “American Gigolo,” and “Beverly Hills Cop.”
  • Continues to be active in the music industry and is considered a legend in the field.
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