What Is Spiritual Power: Hidden Truth You Didn’t Know


It appears that individuals, particularly women, have always been afraid of becoming strong through God’s spiritual power.

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It is deemed ‘wrong,’ and the danger of being labeled as unfeminine and unmanly is quite real.

Furthermore, it pervades everything from business to appearance, with the concern that if you are viewed as powerful, you will be labeled as aggressive, self-centered, and ruthless…all bad terms when used in that context.

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Take, for example, the term push; there is a lot of it in labor, right?

It’s all a little absurd, given that it’s 2015 and the spiritual community has been debating this for generations. Emotional and mental anxieties of the body have distorted it.

What Is Spiritual Power
What Is Spiritual Power

However, patriarchal societies were preceded by matriarchal societies in history, and the cycle has continued. Cooperation is the invitation of the new century.

Not segregation or the assumption that just because you’re a woman today, you’ve always been one. That can’t possibly be true for the rest of your life.

People in positions of power are criticized, which does not help; for example, those who speak out politically or in the business world are simply told that they are wrong, and energy daggers are directed at them; justified because they are in positions of power, and thus must be deliberately aiming to harm.

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Few people consciously seek to harm others.

Those that take the initiative are doing their mission. You don’t have to agree with what they do or how they do it because you aren’t a part of their larger vision or life goal.

Instead of inspiring yourself to fulfill your position, you are producing karma by condemning them and pointing fingers. At every level, acting in contempt of someone creates karma; do it despite, not in spite.’

But why is it that when it comes to deciding who has authority, and who does not, certain people are constantly made to feel wrong?

Partly due to the fact that there is so much ambiguity around this subject.

And partially because our own inadequacies of not stepping out are exposed when others do, so rather than responding to that internal urge and focusing on what we want to accomplish and who we actually are, deficiencies are held on to and projected as venom on those who have.

All of this adds to the cacophony of harm, producing karma not for the person you point the finger at, but for yourself as you claim they are wrong.

What Is Spiritual Power
What Is Spiritual Power

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Many people who have had a spiritual awakening and learning in this life, which was a choice, raise the finger at others in positions of authority as though they are often ‘unspiritual.’

The phrase “unspiritual” is a man-made concept because nothing can be unspiritual in a cosmos bound by spiritual energy. Because everything is constantly bound by universal law, everything can only be useful.

It doesn’t rule out the possibility of injury, since free will implies that we, every one of us, have the ability to injure others, and there’s a thing called karma that will keep track of the energy and guarantee that it is resolved in some way.

If you owe someone to love, compassion, or joy, you will be given opportunities to redeem the unkindness and injury. Simple.

What Is Spiritual Power?

Like everything isn’t about you on the outside. It’s not about what you can do or how well you can persuade people to do what you want and follow you. It’s all about you being yourself!

The best version of yourself, the true you, and the YOU who accomplishes what you came here to achieve.

To be spiritually powerful, these factors have to be taken into consideration;

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  • Know that no matter what happens outside you, around you, or even to you, you are secure and cherished.
  • Finding joy and, on occasion, humor in every situation brightens and enlightens.
  • Instead of being defeated by loss, shift direction or discover a new route.
  • Spiritual truth is something to be aware of, trusted in, and aligned with.
  • Recognize the distinction between illusion and reality.
  • I’ve let go of the desire to be correct and prove others wrong.
  • The tangible world should not be avoided.
  • Not criticize those that you don’t understand or who disagree with your lifestyle choices.
  • Know who you are and concentrate on your excellence.
  • Embrace your abilities and never begrudge your limits.
  • Follow your gut instincts, the wisdom that comes from your spirit and is channeled via your heart.
  • Take nothing personally and respond with spirit.
  • Know when to answer, when to remain silent, and when to react.
  • Celebrate the greatness you are that you can’t see now, since your reach, depth, and light are all unintelligible to you right now, but you know that as you claim your power, it will disclose and unlock over time.
  • Believe in the broader picture, the divine purpose, and trust it.
  • Make it all about the win-win situation.

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