What Is Chaldean Numerology: The Mystery To Numbers


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What Is Chaldean Numerology

Chaldean Numerology is founded on the idea that the Universe is made up of vibrations, and that everything is made up of vibrations that resonate at different frequencies.

Every frequency draws its corresponding frequency.
Unbalanced vibrations attract other equally unbalanced vibrations, while balanced vibrations attract other balanced vibrations.

It is also based on the idea that everything is fate, that we all have a fate, and that our fate is unavoidable.

Our fate, on the other hand, is determined by the vibrations (numbers) of our whole birth date and legal name.

Although we cannot change our birth date, we can change our legal name, which allows us to partially reprogram our destiny.


Types Of Numerology

The 3 Main Types Of Numerology Are;

  1. Chaldean
  2. Pythagorean
  3. Kabbalah

Is Chaldean Numerology Accurate?

Numerology is presently used in a wide variety of ways all around the world. Pythagorean, Chaldean, and Kabbalah are the three most common systems.

All three will assist you in better understanding who you are and how to interact with the environment.

When someone else talks or thinks, it is employed to discern the energy shifts that occur. When someone speaks, vibrations of various frequencies are produced, which affect the speaker and those around them.

In Chaldean Numerology, the algorithms and personalities of the numbers are so diverse and unique. The Chaldean system is based on numerals ranging from one to eight.


It’s worth noting that in Chaldean numerology, word vibration is used instead of letters. It’s more important to know how to pronounce your name than to know how to spell it.

When it comes to determining what is wrong with one’s name or date of birth, it employs letter energy and number vibrations.

Because one’s date of birth cannot be changed, one can modify their name or place a letter in such a manner that the number frequencies will help one person face problems and know how to overcome the issues they are currently facing.

Just like every type or method of numerology, it is accurate and the most used type of numerology.

It is the most precise form of numerology since it is a fixed system based on arithmetic and logic.

Chaldean numerology, when utilized correctly, can predict a person’s fate based on his or her birth date and entire legal name. This is the most accurate and widely used type of numerology.


 What Is Destiny Number In Chaldean Numerology

In Chaldean Numerology, What Is The Destiny Number?

The Destiny Number is also known as your potential, and it represents the opportunities available to you.

It’s like you’ve been given a mission since they gave you your name. It is your spiritual mission, as well as your field of opportunity.

It awakens the individual’s specific interests, as well as his distinctive abilities, attitudes, and talents, guiding him to the purpose of his or her life on this planet. It’s also known as the ‘lucky number.’

How Is Chaldean Numerology Calculated?

Chaldean Numerology Chart

what is Chaldean Numerology
what is Chaldean Numerology

This is a Chaldean numerology chart

Calculate the root number of your complete name (first, middle, and last) by reducing each name to a single digit and adding up the total to find your Destiny Number.


What Is Chaldean Numerology
What Is Chaldean Numerology

So, for example we are using the name TEENA, then;

T = 4

E =5

E= 5

N = 5

A = 1

Therefore the addition of this name will be 4+5+5+5+1 = 20 

20 will further be broken down as a single number to be 2 + 0 = 2.

Finally, the Destiny number of Teena will be 2.

This is what makes Chaldean Numerology different from the other types of numerology you know.


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