Numerology For Beginners: The Secret Of Life


Understanding Numerology for beginners has so much significance in our lives and helps us decode who we are and what exactly we are according to our destinies. In this blog post, we will learn more about numerology and how important it is to our lives. Let’s get started!

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Simply put, numerology may be a study of numbers in your life. Use numerology to reveal information about planets and individuals. Numerology is the universal language of numbers.

If you know astrology, you will know a little about numerology. It’s similar in some respects but uses different methods to drive data and insights. It is a numerical value.

In numerology, the concept of the universe can be a system, and when it softens, the numbers, which are the basic elements, remain. These numbers do not help us to understand the Earth and ourselves as individuals.


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Does Numerology Really Work?

The premise of numerology is that your name and birth date have an impact on the universe and your life. God or the Universe gives us a peculiar destiny to fulfill and this is what makes us all different from one another.

If we all have the same destinies then God is not God. If we don’t have different destinies. it will make us enemies of one other. So, to prevent this God has given us all different destinies.

Now the question is how we do know these peculiar destinies? It’s embedded in our birthdays.

This is the code we have to decode to know what are destinies are. Once a man knows his destiny and knows how to fulfill it, his life seems to be on a roller coaster. Now people tend to envy him.

Numerology really works and everyone who knows how to decode their destinies through numerology seems to have a happy life. Don’t ignore this ancient wisdom because it really works

Finding Meaning In Numbers

Numerology is that the concept of the universe can be a system. When it decreases, the basic element, the number, remains.

Numerologists get multiple elements of someone by understanding that everything in the world depends on numbers and can be equal to numbers, and in different ways make them meaningful numbers.

It can be disassembled. These numbers help us to better understand the Earth and ourselves as individuals. There, you can find insights into your goals and personality traits by knowing your life path number, expression number, mental desire number, and more.

Learn more about the main meanings of the numbers. For free and personalized reading, you can get a free report here.

What Are Numerology And Its History? History Of Numerology

Where numerology came from, and how it came about, is somewhat mysterious, as in many ancient philosophies. Egypt and Babylon are said to have the earliest written records of numerology.

Other evidence shows that numerology was used in Rome, China, Greece, and Japan thousands of years ago.

Modern numerology is credited to the Greek philosopher Pythagoras. I don’t know if he invented numerology, but some theories behind it bring numerology to a completely different level.

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These theories are the rationale behind Pythagoras’ recognition of the achievements of modern numerology.

Dr. Julian Stenton was actually the person who came up with the name “numerology”.

He also purchased awareness and awareness of it in modern times. Little is known about the whereabouts of numerology. It is very popular in today’s society and is adopted by many.


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How Does Numerology Work? The Fundamentals

How numerology works is very complex and usually requires a numerology expert to provide detailed and accurate measurements.

You can easily find life path numbers, expressions, personalities, soul impulse numbers, etc. using basic calculations, but these numbers are a way of working together and need to be interpreted properly. there is.

The idea behind numerology is that the universe and your life are struck by your date of birth, your birth name, and many other factors that surround you.

There is something very deep between these methods that can provide numerological predictions. As a result, it can often provide amazing insights about someone.

In space, it is believed that there is no chance that a simple name and birthday will affect your journey or your personality. Similarly, some people look at horoscopes and astrology to interpret signs and fate.

Numerology Calculator: What Numerology Reading Includes

Reading numerology involves many calculations. These calculations can be moved to layers of many depths using different numbers and combinations of numbers with different meanings.

Even the basic reading supports your core number, so it may be quite obvious. However, in the same way, that the numbers are infinite, someone’s numerology chart can be read from many perspectives as an ongoing project.

Numerology For Beginners
Numerology For Beginners


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Reading numerology is really, very fun and really interesting. in particular has an incredibly visual platform that breaks down the five core elements of a chart into a personal chart.

This is a great introduction for beginners and is also suitable for those who want to read more deeply. Starting with your name and date of birth, a free numerology chart will not only be about you, but also the direction of your life, making good use of your life pass number, birthday number, and soul impulse combination.

Describe how it can help you with numbers, formula numbers, and personality numbers.

Your Numerology Life Path Number

In numerology, the life pass number is the most important. It forms the idea of ​​what path your life can take. Similarly, it should reflect who you are, or what you should be in your personality and traits.

The life pass number also outlines the opportunities and challenges you face. It also shows the lessons you need to learn in the process.

Each life pass number has a different meaning.

It is calculated by summing the numbers for the entire date of birth.

For example, April 4, 1992 would be 4 + 4 = 8. Then in 1992 it is reduced as 1 + 9 + 9 + 2 = 21.

Then sum the two digits of 21 as 2 + 1 = 3.

This is the same as an integer that must continue to be summed until it ends with a single-digit number.

Example: 19 becomes 1 + 9 = 10, then 1 + 0 = 1). Finally, add 8 and 3 to your life pass number. That is, 8 + 3 = 11.

Does it sound complicated? It’s easier than you think.

Learn more about the meaning of numerology calculators and life pass numbers.

Deciding on a life plan number will tell you what it says about you and your life. And just knowing the final characteristics of a life pass number is amazing how accurate it is to an individual.

This is often the reason why we stick to exploring more about ourselves with more detailed readings.


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Your formula number

Expression numbers, also known as fate numbers, are claimed to delve into your abilities, desires, and personal goals. It can also cause you to tune in to the unique features you may have.

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The number of expressions is calculated by converting the full birth name (including the middle name) into a number using the Pythagorean chart. This type of graph associates letters with single-digit numbers.

The full amount is then counted as a single-digit number. Also, the master number is applied to the fate number and does not seem to be reduced in the future.

The remaining expression numbers have various meanings and work with other core numbers to create an image of who you are and what you are doing as someone in the wider universe. ..

Your Soul Urge Number

The number of impulses in your soul is usually said for the number of numerological heart desires. This symbolizes your inner or true mirror image of yourself.

The most interesting thing about the number of soul impulses is that they often reveal the truth to people that they are only recognized when the reading is complete.

For example, the number of desires in your mind may indicate that you are really anxious for power. Or you need a much deeper and better level of fulfillment.

Alternatively, you need to feel cherished or cared for … all of these qualities can often sit under the surface and are very enlightening in revelation.

It can even change the complete direction of an individual’s life in search of true happiness.

The calculation is similar to others who use your full birth name. However, it only calculates the value of the vowels to reveal their inner impulses and desires.


Your Numerology Personality Number

Your personality number in numerology is calculated using only the consonants of your full name. You can then perform the same process of assigning different things to all the letters and then sum them up into single-digit numbers or master numbers.

The personality number is literally your side, just allowing others to make the decision. Then this shows how others see you. What applies to the general public is that we hide our true selves and live under a persona.

In many cases, this ends up as a major consideration. However, in most cases, you will try this unnoticed or completely unnoticed.

So it’s very wise to determine how a personality number can display an item that you simply ignored or didn’t address by simply executing it.

So, in turn, we can reveal deeper insights into behavior in some situations.

Your Birth Day Number In Numerology

Last but not least, your birthday number holds the key to you and your destiny. This number is fully supported on the exact date you were born.

Combined with life pass numbers and other core numbers, it can reveal gifts, talents, and even the purpose of life as a whole.

Based on your birthday and its month, your birthday number will teach you specific talents and potentially where they fit in your universe to manage your own true purpose. Will do it.


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Seven(7)  Interesting Facts About Numerology For Beginners

Well, you’re starting to realize that the numbers in your life may be more meaningful than you think (whether you’re still aware of them), so here’s numerology worth knowing. There are some interesting facts about it.

Fact 1: Positive and negative numbers

All numbers used in numerology contain both positive and negative features that should be recognized.

The numbers are positive and negative balanced for themselves as a whole, but it is important to understand that the numbers are affected by many factors.

This includes prospects and other figures related to various aspects of life such as career, business, health, and love.

Truly detailed numerology predictions can be the easiest to understand yourself, taking into account the effects of negative numbers in the graph, rather than just focusing on positive numbers. 

It may use numerology to help people focus on a higher life.

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Fact 2: Master Number

The master numbers are 11, 22, or 33. These need deep and powerful meaning. The true meaning is good or bad, depending on the context.

Therefore, it is important to interpret the master number correctly.

In most cases, it should be used for guidance or revelation of specific situations that affect someone’s life in a way that must be dealt with.

The method commonly used during numerology readings is to divide and sum the two-digit numbers found by date of birth (birthday numbers) and start with the one-digit number that is a component of the calculation.

It means that. However, if the result of the calculation is equal to the master number, it is not reduced and can have its own meaning.

Master number 11 may be related to “instinct” and “faith.” Similarly, it can mean fear and anxiety and should be read carefully.

Numerology For Beginners
Numerology For Beginners

Number 22 is the master builder. This is the strongest indicator of ambition and success, but it often requires guidance and different perspectives.

Number 33 has different meanings each other, such as life path, expression, and personality.

Remember that all of these master numbers combine to create a completely different meaning in collaboration with others or as an enlightenment triangle.

Fact 3: Always use numbers as guides

Perfect numerology is reading and a better understanding of who you are. In fact, many numerology followers and advocates include highly successful celebrities who are transforming their careers in numerology.

The science of numerology tells you what your disability is. It also provides the direction behind your position in space and can lead to your current success.

Deep and powerful emotions that many are initially struggling to understand become apparent, encouraging people to look back and start using numerology as a predictor of maintenance.

Fact 4: Converting To Numerology

Free Personalized Numerology Reports Numerologists are obsessed with many core desires and problem revelations in life as people appear to be even more involved in numerology charts, often on the road.

I often report that I keep going. Discovery and revelation. Discovering the accuracy of numerology readings allows you to discover reality for yourself.

In addition, learn that those inner emotions are trying to inform you of everything in your life.

Fact 5: Strengths And Weaknesses For Purpose

Because of the accuracy of reading and the insights they reveal, friends who read numerology often encourage others to look at numerology as a way to look for their true strengths and weaknesses.

This discovery alone can give you a more solid idea of ​​what you should and shouldn’t do in your life. In addition, this may provide a greater purpose for moving forward.

Fact 6: Such A Large Amount Of Numbers And Meanings

There are calculators and online tools to figure out individual core numbers, but behind the combination of numbers and individuals is that there are so many numbers and meanings that a correct numerologist to interpret them is needed.

It’s important to understand. If the birthday calculator can show a number and the specific basic principles behind the character in that sense, the lifepath number gives that element a clear meaning or perspective.

This is often the case where numerology is far more insightful than horoscopes and other spiritual-based methods used in the same way.

Fact 7: Numerology From Birth

One of the most fascinating aspects of numerology is that all measurements are based on the time of entry into space in human form. From your birth. So if you want a name, or if your birthday is less than a year, it all makes sense.

If your date of birth is known and your parents were numerical scholars, then in effect who you are and what you have to do in your life to be cheerful and important in the world.

I didn’t have to think about it. So be happy whenever your full name and your birthday may fall!

Numerology and its factors suggest everything about the rationale you are here. And it’s never too late to look for.


How Do I Start Learning Numerology?

Analyzing your unique date of birth is the simplest approach to begin working with numerology. The goal of numerology is to find the root number. To do so, just subtract numbers until you obtain a single-digit number, with the exception of 11 and 22, which are Master Numbers (more on this later).

How Do I Figure Out My Numerology Numbers?

Basically, take the numerical value of your date of birth, put all of the digits together per category (year, month, day), and keep adding each number together until you reach a single digit.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Numerology?

Working from home, the Numerology Diploma Course might take up to 150 hours to complete. This course has no time constraints and can be completed at your leisure.

Which Number Is The Luckiest In Numerology?

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