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Who is Joseph Capriati?

Joseph Capriati is a powerhouse in the world of techno music. This Italian DJ and producer has carved out a name for himself with his pulsating beats, relentless energy, and infectious stage presence.

Capriati’s sound embodies the raw, driving essence of techno, taking listeners on exhilarating journeys through hypnotic soundscapes. He’s a true veteran of the global electronic music scene, headlining major festivals and mesmerizing dance floors for over a decade.

Biography of Joseph Capriati

Full Name Giuseppe Capriati
Profession DJ, Music Producer
Famous for His contributions to the techno music scene, marathon DJ sets, and releases on renowned labels.
Birthday July 25, 1987
Age 36 years old (as of February, 2024)
Place of Birth Caserta, Italy
Zodiac Sign Leo


Age of Joseph Capriati

Joseph Capriati was born on July 25, 1987. This means he is currently 36 years old.

His age highlights a remarkable career; despite his relatively young age, he’s already achieved legendary status within the techno scene.

His dedication and talent have allowed him to leave a lasting impact on the electronic music world in a short amount of time.

Zodiac Sign of Joseph Capriati

Joseph Capriati was born on July 25th, making him a Leo. Leos are known for their passionate, bold, and charismatic personalities. This fiery energy often translates into their creative pursuits, making them natural entertainers and leaders.

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Capriati’s dynamic stage presence, infectious enthusiasm for music, and unwavering ambition seem to embody the very essence of his zodiac sign.

Numerology Life path of Joseph Capriati

Capriati’s numerology life path is 3.

Life Path 3s are associated with creativity, self-expression, and a zest for life. They are often natural entertainers with an infectious enthusiasm that draws others to them.

This seems to resonate with Capriati’s career as a DJ and performer, where his ability to connect with the crowd and channel his passion through music is central to his success.

Height, Weight Hair color and Color of Eyes of Joseph Capriati

Attribute Detail
Height 5 ft 5 in
Weight 132 lb
Hair Color N/A
Eyes Color N/A

Parents of Joseph Capriati

  • Father: Luciano Capriati
  • Mother: Unknown.

Luciano Capriati became infamous due to an incident where he attacked his son, Joseph Capriati, resulting in Joseph being hospitalized and Luciano being arrested for attempted murder. Despite this tragic event, Joseph continued his successful career as an Italian DJ and music producer.

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Siblings of Joseph Capriati, their names and ages

Joseph Capriati’s Siblings:

  • Name: Pietro Capriati
  • Age: 60 years old

Pietro Capriati, the brother of Joseph Capriati, was involved in a tragic incident where their father allegedly stabbed Joseph, leading to Joseph being hospitalized and their father being arrested for attempted murder.

Spouse of Joseph Capriati

Spouse of Joseph Capriati

There is no publicly confirmed information about Joseph Capriati’s current relationship status or if he has a spouse. Many celebrities, including DJs, choose to keep their romantic lives private and out of the spotlight.

The Name And Age Of The Children Of Joseph Capriati

There is no publicly available information about whether Joseph Capriati has children. Many celebrities, especially DJs, choose to maintain privacy when it comes to their families and personal lives. This is likely to protect their loved ones from the intense scrutiny that often accompanies fame.

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Net Worth of Joseph Capriati

Joseph’s net worth is likely within the range of $1 million to $5 million. While there are no official figures on Joseph Capriati’s exact net worth, it’s safe to assume that his long and successful career in the electronic music industry has earned him substantial wealth.

As a highly sought-after DJ, producer, and label owner, Capriati’s earnings come from various sources, including performance fees, music sales, and his business ventures.

Social Media Handles of Joseph Capriati

Social Media Handle
Instagram josephcapriati
X (formerly Twitter) josephcapriati
Facebook josephcapriatiOfficial
YouTube josephcapriati
SoundCloud joseph-capriati
Personal Website N/A


Hobbies of Joseph Capriati

Joseph Capriati, an Italian DJ and music producer, is known for his dedication to techno music and his passion for DJing. His career began in his hometown of Caserta, Italy, where he developed a love for techno that guided his musical journey.

Capriati is praised for his marathon DJ sets and his sharply produced techno and house tracks.

While specific hobbies beyond his music career are not explicitly mentioned in the search results provided, it is evident that Joseph Capriati’s primary focus and passion lie within the realm of electronic music and DJing.

List of Career journey of Joseph Capriati

Here’s a breakdown of Joseph Capriati’s career journey, highlighting major milestones. I’ve included images to make it even more engaging!

Early Beginnings (Late 1990s – Early 2000s)

  • Begins DJing at the young age of 11, showcasing a natural talent for mixing and track selection.
  • Discovers his passion for techno music, particularly inspired by the sounds of Naples-based DJs like Marco Carola and Rino Cerrone.

Gaining Recognition (Mid-2000s – 2010)

  • Releases his early productions, gaining attention from established producers and labels.
  • Signs to major techno labels like Plus 8, CLR, and Analytic Trail.

Breakthrough & Album Releases (2010 – 2013)

  • Released his debut album “Save My Soul” (2010) on Analytic Trail, showcasing his evolving sound.
  • Collaborates with Adam Beyer on the “Congenial Endeavor” EP for Drumcode Records.
  • Released his critically acclaimed second album “Self Portrait” (2013) on Drumcode, demonstrating his musical maturity.
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Global Dominance (2014 – Present)

  • Becomes a regular headliner at major international festivals and clubs.
  • Founds his own record label, Redimension (2016).
  • Releases his third studio album, “Metamorfosi” (2020), a conceptual exploration of his artistic vision.
  • Continues to tour extensively, pushing the boundaries of contemporary techno.

List of Shows Joseph Capriati has played

Latest Shows:

  • Songkick: Check out his Songkick page for the most up-to-date listings of upcoming shows: Joseph Capriati Tickets, Tour Dates & Concerts 2025 & 2024 – Songkick:
  • Resident Advisor: Browse his Resident Advisor page for event announcements: Joseph Capriati on Resident Advisor:
  • His Website/Social Media: He might have a schedule listed on his official website (if he has one) and occasionally announces shows on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook.

Past Highlights:

  • Regular Ibiza Residencies: Capriati has been a fixture in Ibiza, holding residencies at top clubs like Amnesia (Music On, Metamorfosi), DC10 (Circoloco), and Paradise.
  • Major Festivals: He’s a regular headliner at major global electronic music festivals like Tomorrowland, Awakenings, Time Warp, Sonus Festival, and many more.
  • Global Touring: Capriati consistently plays at renowned clubs and events worldwide, from Europe and North America to Asia and South America.

Awards and Achievements of Joseph Capriati

Here’s a look at Joseph’s notable achievements and recognitions throughout his career:

  • DJ Awards:
    • Best Techno DJ (Won multiple times over the years).
    • Track of the Season (For his track “New Horizons” in 2011).
  • Beatport Awards: Received nominations in the Top Techno Artist category.
  • International recognition: Consistent rankings in publications like Resident Advisor’s Top DJs poll for the past decade or more.
  • Residencies: Held residencies at prestigious clubs and events like Music On in Ibiza, indicative of his high standing in the industry.
  • Festival Headliner: Regularly tops the billing at global electronic music festivals, a testament to his popularity and influence.
  • Critical Acclaim: His albums and productions have received praise from critics and techno enthusiasts worldwide.
  • Label Success: His label, Redimension, has become a respected platform for showcasing emerging and established techno artists.

Rumors / Facts about Joseph Capriati

  • He was unfortunately involved in a serious domestic dispute in 2021, which made headlines.
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