How To Receive Power From God: Step By Step✝✝✝🌈


Have you ever asked, how to receive power from God? What were the answers? Were they revealing? Well, you are at the right place to get detailed answers on how to receive power from God. 

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How Do We Received The Power Of God?

Power comes from the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8), but prayer and fasting can help you overcome doubt and make the power more visible in your life. Is it possible to be a Christian and not have divine power? Yes, it is possible, because power can only be obtained through prayer if you thirst for it.

How Can I Get Supernatural Power From God?

You can walk in God's supernatural power! How to receive the power of God 1. Understand and use the supernatural. 2. Assist in the healing of the sick. 3. God's voice can be heard. 4. Keep an eye out for deception. 5. Develop your faith in the miraculous.

What Are The Powers Of God?

It is a thorough examination of Kratos-Dominion, Exousia-Delegated Authority, Dunamis-Miraculous Dynamite Power, Energia-Energy, and Ischus-Strength. Paul explains how each power is used in Scripture and provides examples to help us understand them better. It's a quick read, but it's packed with meaning.

What Must I Do To Receive The Holy Spirit?

According to the Bible, in order to receive the Holy Spirit, you must repent of your sins and be baptized. To repent of your sins, you must confess them to God and turn away from them, committing yourself to God's will.

Understanding God’s power

Have you ever considered how amazing it is that after three years of teaching and educating His disciples, Jesus declared that they were still not ready?

He’d answered their inquiries, demonstrated every type of ministry imaginable, and led them through the Scriptures.

However, it was insufficient. What they truly required was power. The power of God.

There are many instances in life when we must rely only on our own strength.

When we do this, we take a step back from the incredible power that God has for us. We may not be doing this on purpose, but we are still relying on ourselves.

Self-confidence breeds doubt and anxiety. When we rely on ourselves, we are telling God that we don’t need Him or His power.

God’s power comes to us when we surrender, depend on Him, trust Him, and place our faith in Him above all else.

God has a specific calling for your life, whether you realize it or not—a calling He wants you to know and pursue.

Are you prepared to let God’s power work in your life? Here are seven ways to access God’s miraculous power.


How to discover and receive God’s power

  • Faith

Many of us are in impossible situations that require a life-changing breakthrough. Yet, most of us sit and wait for God to make it happen, and then we wonder why we don’t have breakthroughs as frequently or as quickly as we’d want.

What we need to understand is that a breakthrough is not something we can sit back and wait for. God is waiting for us to respond in obedience to what He has already commanded and promised.

A breakthrough occurs when we take the initial move toward overcoming obstacles in our lives. A breakthrough occurs when we declare our intention to trust that God will supernaturally do the impossible.

God brings about the breakthrough, but He waits for us to take the initial step of trust. We must believe in God’s goodness and that God has already decreed a breakthrough in our lives.

How To Receive Power From God


  • Prayer

Prayer is an effective means of communicating with our Heavenly Father. It is a chance to unite with the Creator and Giver of all things.

Prayer provides us with strength for the present and hope for the future. We should actively pray and believe in its ability to change our circumstances for the better.

The quality of your prayer life is strongly related to the quality of your faith life. Prayer has the potential to transform not just the people and things around you, but also yourself.

Prayer has the ability to transform you from the inside out. When you’re in need of strength, remember that God is the ultimate healer and can guide you in an infinite variety of ways.

If your heart and life are focused on God, His Word, and His Holy Spirit, you may be confident that He will guide you.

How To Receive Power From God
How To Receive Power From God


  •  Approach your spiritual gifts with zeal

If you wish to tap into God’s supernatural power, you must seek and pursue your spiritual abilities with zeal.

According to the New Testament, God bestows spiritual gifts to enable the mission to convert the entire world.

The most well-known enumeration of these gifts can be found in Romans 12, 1 Corinthians 12, and Ephesians 4.

However, the list of the Corinthians includes the most contentious Holy Spirit gifts: healing, miracles, prophecy, tongues, and their interpretation (1 Corinthians 12:9-10). The Bible instructs us to “earnestly want spiritual gifts.”

This is stated by Paul in the same sentence as “pursue love” (1 Corinthians 14:10). Both are fundamentals inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Pursuing love and desiring spiritual gifts are not mutually exclusive. These gifts are provided to the church to aid in our ability to love one another.

How To Receive Power From God
How To Receive Power From God


  • Be motivated to love

As previously stated, love is really vital. It serves as the foundation for all that we do. Without it, power can breed arrogance and self-inflation.

Love is the most powerful manifestation of God’s power. The power of sin and Satan were defeated because of love.

Our faith is motivated by love. We live in the Spirit because of love. The greatest virtue of all is love. You can’t please God if you don’t have faith. But you can’t know Him if you don’t love Him.

The ultimate spiritual weapon against sin, temptation, offense, divisiveness, disease, oppression, spiritual corruption, and death is love filled with truth. Remember that love triumphs over all.

When you follow these principles to your relationship with God, you may expect to see His mighty power and anointing released in and through you.

How To Receive Power From God
How To Receive Power From God


  • Surrender yourself to God

Allow God to do His work. When you give your life to God, you are following His direction without knowing where He is taking you.

You’re waiting for God’s timing, but you don’t know when it will arrive. You’re hoping for a miracle, but don’t know what God will offer.

Furthermore, you’re also trusting God’s plan while not fully comprehending the situation. When you rely on God to work things out rather than trying to manipulate others, press your agenda, or control a situation, you know you’ve surrendered to Him.

This is when you fully let go and allow God to handle everything. You don’t have to be in command all the time. You trust more instead of working harder.

When you don’t react to criticism and hurry to protect yourself, you know you’ve surrendered. Surrendered hearts are most visible in relationships. You’re not being self-serving.

You don’t push others aside, and you don’t fight for your rights. Likewise, you put your faith in God to work things out in those relationships.

How To Receive Power From God
How To Receive Power From God


  • Get to know God

Jesus placed a high value on the Holy Spirit. He actually told the disciples that it was best for them for Him to leave so that they could receive the Holy Spirit.

“Nevertheless, I tell you the truth: It is expedient for you that I walk away,” the Bible says (John 16:7). Jesus can only be in one place at a time, even in His resurrected form.

His Spirit, on the other hand, can be found wherever. This is why Jesus stated that His departure is for our benefit. He desires that all men and women have a relationship with Him through the omnipresence of the Holy Spirit.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg. The Bible also states, “For if I do not depart, the Counselor will not come to you.” But if I leave, I’ll send Him to you” (John 16:7).

In this passage, Jesus refers to the Holy Spirit as the Helper. You are getting to know God on earth through relying on the power of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit is the outward manifestation of God’s inner nature.

How To Receive Power From God
How To Receive Power From God


  • Let God work through you

Jesus expected His disciples to feed the thousands of people in the crowd even though it was impossible for them. That’s because Jesus knew that it wasn’t impossible for God.

Similarly, Jesus expected us to take on the seemingly impossible in our own lives. Why? God expects to do impossible things in us and through us.

How exactly does that happen? First, we need to look at what we do have and then give it to God in faith.

Jesus knew the disciples didn’t have enough food to feed thousands, but He asked them to bring to Him the small amount of food they did have – five loaves of bread and two fish – and He supernaturally multiplied it.

Similarly, God wants us to consider what we do have. This could be our gifts, our talents, our experiences, and our unique personality. Then, He wants us as an agent of change in whatever impossible situation we’re facing.

How To Receive Power From God
How To Receive Power From God


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“Do not be frightened; do not be discouraged, because the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go,” the Bible says (Joshua 1:9).

It’s crucial to have confidence in God when you can’t see the road forward, but how can you praise God when you’re experiencing sorrow and pain? The decisions you make at these moments are crucial.

They have the power to move you toward or away from God. When we can’t see the route, we can find God by choosing to trust and hope. This will allow you to access God’s extraordinary power.

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