How To Manifest on Paper: The Ultimate Guide


You are probably wondering how to manifest on Paper and don’t know how it is done or where to start from. I have manifested a lot of things in my life and it’s no wonder I have manifested you also in my life. LOL.

In this blog post, we will discuss what manifestation is, the types of manifestation and how to manifest on paper perfectly. Let’s get started!

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What Is Manifestation?

Manifestation is creation. Manifestation is the process of attracting and believing in something tangible in your life.

Willpower and positive thought aren’t everything when it comes to manifesting.

Manifesting is the process of turning your thoughts, actions, beliefs, and emotions into the feelings and experiences you desire.


Types Of Manifestations

  1. Affirmations
  2. Scripting
  3. Meditations
  4. Visualizations
  5. 2 Cups Method
  6. Subliminal
  7. Vision Boards

What are Affirmations?

Affirmations are a self-help technique for boosting self-esteem and self-belief in one’s skills.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a series of techniques designed to promote heightened awareness and focused concentration.

Meditation is another strategy for altering awareness that has been found to provide a variety of psychological advantages.

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What is Visualization?

Visualization is a concept that is increasingly being used in the media and the spotlight.

There are many misconceptions regarding what this word signifies and the impact it can have.

The act of vision is credited by many successful people as the key to their success.

Many people are attracted by this, yet many still have a misunderstanding of what visualizing entails.

This causes individuals to wonder what it is, how to accomplish it, and what kind of impact it will have on their lives.

What is 2 Cups Method

The 2 cup manifestation method is founded on the mystical notion that when a significant life change occurs, you truly jump in a new direction.

How To

  • Begin with 2 cups of water. One should be labeled with a sentence that represents your current circumstance, while the other should be labeled with a phrase that depicts your ideal situation.
  • Fill the cup with water to reflect the current circumstances. Consider how you feel about what you wrote on the labels.
  • Keep the wonderful emotion that your ideal reality creates in your mind, and slowly pour the water from your current condition into your desired reality. Be present at all times.
  • As you drink the water, visualize your preferred world.
  • Assume you are already living in your ideal reality.
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What is a subliminal?

Any sensory stimulation below an individual’s threshold of conscious perception is a subliminal message.

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a collection of photographs that symbolize one’s aims and dreams.

It can incorporate magazine cut-outs and inspirational messages to help you realize your goals and go where you want to go.


What is Scripting?

How to Manifest on Paper
How to Manifest on Paper

Scripting is a Law of Attraction technique that entails writing down everything you wish to happen in your life.

It entails allowing your imagination to run wild and then presenting it in a story-like manner through words.

Scripting is a manifestation technique that is similar to visualization but is better for people who can’t seem to get their minds to work.

It’s a part of the Law of Attraction that requires writing out the life you want in the present tense as if it’s currently happening.


Types of Scripting Methods

  • 369 Method
  • 77×7 Technique
  • 55×5 Manifesting Technique
  • Gratitude Journaling
  • The Pillow Method
  • Limiting Belief Journaling

What is the 77×7 Technique?

The 77×7 Manifestation technique is a seven-day manifestation practice. You will use the 77×7 approach to manifest one specific affirmation or desire.

Simply say this to yourself seven times in the morning and seven times in the evening for seven days in a row.

This manifestation approach may work well for you if you appreciate having definite steps to follow.

It’s a terrific approach to make sure you’re thinking about your affirmation for an extended amount of time.

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What Is The 55×5 Manifesting Technique?

The 555 Manifestation Technique is similar to the 77×7 technique, except it is more intense and takes place over 5 days.

Simply write an affirmation of your choice 55 times every day for 5 days for the 555-manifestation technique to work.

55 times, to be exact! While this may seem excessive, it will ensure that your attention is focused on your affirmation for at least a few minutes.

Gratitude Journaling

How to Manifest on Paper
How to Manifest on Paper

We put so much emphasis on desirable future states in manifestation.

But did you know that focusing on our current thankfulness is one of the most effective methods to produce abundance?

We have already manifested a lot of things in our existing realities.

The premise behind gratitude writing is that by beginning to express gratitude for these things, we might gain confidence in our potential to manifest even more great outcomes in the future.

You can simply write down what you are grateful for each day to practice gratitude journaling.

Alternatively, take your thankfulness practice a step further by asking yourself gratitude-related questions.

The Pillow Method

Because of its simplicity, the pillow approach is one of my favorites.

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Write your purpose on a scrap of paper and put it beneath your pillow to use the pillow method.

Then, as you’re falling asleep each night, read what you’ve written and truly concentrate on it.

Limiting Belief Journaling

Beliefs that limit one’s ability to manifest are the polar opposite of manifestation.

As a result, using journaling to discover and challenge our limiting beliefs can be an effective manifestation strategy.

There are two steps to this process.

To begin, you must first recognize your limiting beliefs. Then you confront them with fresh beliefs that correspond to your goals.

What is the 369 Method?

How to Manifest on Paper
How to Manifest on Paper

The 369 method is a straightforward manifestation technique that is suitable for both new and experienced People who Manifest.

It entails creating an affirmation and writing it down three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon, and nine times before bed.

How To Manifest on Paper 3 6 9

In this kind of manifestation, you write what you want to manifest 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the afternoon, and 9 times in the evening.

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How To Manifest on Paper

What Do You Write on Paper When Manifesting?

In Scripting or writing on paper to manifest, what you write are the wishes that you want in your life.

The fact that you want to manifest your wishes does not mean it should be something outside your beliefs of achievements.

One problem is that most people try to manifest things they don’t even believe could be possible in their life.

When it comes to manifesting it should be something that you have the faith in achieving.

So, you need to start small and gradually build your faith to higher manifestations. DON’T EVER WRITE ANYTHING TOO BIG FOR YOUR FAITH!

How Do You Write What You Want to Manifest?

7 Ways on How to Manifest on A Paper

  1. Show Gratitude
  2. Write about your desires and why you desire them.
  3. Use the present tense when writing.
  4. Have faith in your desires.
  5. Let your emotions be involved
  6. Show Gratitude Again
  7. Keep a note of previous manifestations so you can refer back to them.
  • Show Gratitude

The first step on how to write on a paper or manifest on a paper is first to give gratitude.

Being grateful opens up the spiritual world to you.

You need to be grateful to God or as others will say the Universe. Gratitude.

Gratitude may instantly improve your energy vibrations and assist you in manifesting your dreams. Incorporating this emotion into your script can improve it and help you achieve your objectives.


When portraying your life following manifestation, you can include the sentiment of gratitude in your script.

You can express your gratitude to the Universe for granting your requests and assisting you in remaining joyful and fulfilled.

  • Write About Your Desires and Why You Desire Them

How To Manifest on Paper
How To Manifest on Paper

In your writing down what want to manifest, make sure you don’t just write down what you want but rather write down the experience you will have and how it makes you feel.

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For example, instead of writing a want a baby, rather write I have a beautiful baby girl, and I am playing with her with so much joy in my heart.

  • Use The Present Tense When Writing

While writing in the future may be appealing, writing in the present will give your script more impact.

Writing in the present tense makes you live that moment of the future in the present. Staying present can be as simple as using phrase structures like “I am…” or “I feel…”

  • Have Faith in Your Desires.

Scripting, like most manifestation techniques, will fail if you don’t believe in your wishes.

Lean into the process of writing down exactly what you want to achieve to help it feel more real.

The principle of this practice is to walk into the frequency, or energy, that surrounds your desired world purposefully and creatively.

The more you can immerse yourself in the exercise, the better. This signifies you’re connecting to the alignment energy.

  • Let Your Emotions Be Involved

The more you concentrate on the sensation, the easier it will be to become enthusiastic about your objective and to correlate it with happy feelings.

Spend a few minutes writing about how you’ll feel in the scene, making sure to include particular details. If it thrills you, you can do it intermittently or regularly.

Remember this, being in a POSITIVE FREQUENCY will always bring you the best things in life.

This energy will always make your dreams become a reality.

If you can’t tune yourself into positive energy then forget trying to manifest a thing because negative energy will rather bring you things you don’t like at all.

  • Show Gratitude Again

Now after you have done all this, the icing on the cake is to give thanks once more.

Gratitude to God or the universe seals up the process.

This tells God that you recognize that He is the only one who is the source of all things and this will fast track the entire manifestation for you.

Even we as men when our fellow men show us gratitude for the things, we have then for them we become so excited that we even want to do more than what we did earlier for them.

So, gratitude at the end of the process is the best way to make your wishes come through for you.

  • Keep A Note of Previous Manifestations So You Can Refer Back to Them.

It’s a good idea to save your scripts so you can refer to them later.

Consistent practice is a simple approach to make sure of this. Having a scheduled time to sit down and the script is not only transformative, but it also provides you with a clear record of your progress and accomplishments. Constantly track your scripts and keep reminding yourself of the possible reality that exists.


What Is the Easiest Way to Manifest Something?

  • Gratitude is a must!
  • Believe in what you want you to want to manifest
  • Always be in positive energy to make what you want to come to you with ease

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In Summary

There are many ways to manifest your dreams into your life but scripting is one of the best ways you can bring things into your life.

Make sure that you are always in a positive mood.

This is the essential recipe for manifestation on paper.

The different types of manifesting on paper are just a vehicle to get you to your land of possibilities but your driver is your positivity.

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