Golden Beryl: Fascinating Facts You Need To Know

Golden Beryl is a wonderful crystal that is really rare to find. In this blog post, we will talk about what this stone is, its properties, and how we can use this crystal to our advantage. Let’s get started!

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Golden Beryl Meaning

A seer’s stone, Golden Beryl is utilized in ceremonial magic. Scrying and magical workings are aided by it. This gem encourages self-purity.

It instills initiative and self-reliance, as well as the will to succeed and the ability to turn potential into reality. The crown and solar plexus chakras are both opened.


Heliodor is another name for golden beryl, which comes from the Greek words “Helios” and “Doron,” which mean “sun” and “gift,” respectively.

This beryl’s bright yellow color is true to its name. This stone has a long and distinguished history, despite its lack of fame. Beryl belongs to one of the most prominent gem families.

Beryl becomes emerald, the rare and costly green gem when a trace of chromium is added to give it a brilliant green hue. Beryl is aquamarine if it contains a trace of iron in one valence state.

You might not be aware that beryl comes in a variety of colors.

Golden beryl
Golden beryl


It is less expensive than aquamarine since it is less well-known. Due to their hardness, tenacity, and resistance to corrosive elements, golden beryl gemstones are an ideal choice for jewelry.

It is becoming a more popular gemstone for jewelry as more people become aware of this wonderful gem.

Where Is Golden Beryl Found?

In 1910, it was discovered in a pegmatite in Namibia, Africa, with aquamarine, another iron-colored mineral.

Heliodor was given that name by the mining company that discovered it in 1914, and it was commissioned by Lucas von Cranach, a well-known jewelry designer at the time, to create a spectacular gold ensemble for Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany and his wife.

As a result of these marketing efforts, it grew into a worldwide phenomenon. Obviously, a world war intervened, and golden beryl became obsolete.

It hasn’t gained popularity since then. Sri Lanka and Namibia now have the most significant deposits. It’s also found in Brazil and Madagascar, though good banana-peel yellow stones are hard to come by.


Healing Properties of Golden Beryl

Beryl aids the organs of elimination, strengthens pulmonary and circulatory systems, and increases resistance to toxins and pollutants. It treats the liver and heart.

Stomach, and spine, and heals concussions. Beryl is a sedative stone. It can be used to treat throat infections as an elixir.

This crystal’s ability to compensate for energy shortages. As the name implies, it’s a gemstone with golden gleaming energy. It will return to its previous level of vitality.

It can also help you find inspiration and a positive mindset. It’s a charm for “warming chilly energy,” as the name suggests.

Golden beryl
Golden beryl

It can also be used to cleanse the body of negative energy. It’s a stone that radiates a lot of good vibes.

It transforms negative energy that has gathered in the dark into positive energy by filtering it. It’s also a great idea if you want to keep the good vibes and luck rolling in.

It can also aid in the development of a person’s willpower. It’s a stone that’ll offer you the courage to achieve whatever objective you’ve set for yourself.

It’s also helpful when you want to trust your own judgment and ability to see things through to completion. Strong determination and confidence will be the keys to success and good fortune.

What is Golden Beryl Price?

Its value depends on its shade of color and size. Its colors range from pale yellow and yellow-green to orange-yellow and deep golden orange.

Pale yellows and yellow greens don’t see high demand. Stones up to 10 carats with richer colors retail for up to $150 per carat, while those 10 carats or larger could fetch up to $265 per carat.

Gems with greater clarity can also command higher prices.


Golden beryl
Golden beryl

What is Golden beryl hardness?

The hardness of golden beryl jewelry is 7.5-8, making it ideal for everyday use.

For safe cleaning, wash beryl pieces in mild dish soap and warm water solution, using a delicate brush to scrub beneath the stone where dust may have accumulated.

As with other fine jewelry, golden beryl jewelry should be removed before sleeping.

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