Does Coffee Lower Your Vibration: Truth You Never Knew

Does coffee lower your vibration? Coffee will not lower your vibration if you drink it in moderation and do not have any underlying health concerns.

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Coffee, on the other hand, has the opposite effect and boosts your vibration.

Let us pause for a moment to analyze the concept of your vibration and what influences it the most.

Does coffee lower your vibration

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Concept Of Vibration

Your vibration is most affected by your mental and emotional state. Although your physical state is important, it is typically your mental and emotional state that is influenced by your bodily state.

When you are weary, unwell, or lethargic, your mind and emotions suffer as well.

Anything that makes you ‘feel good’ certainly contributes to raising your vibration.

We must, however, distinguish between what gets you high for a short period of time and what keeps you high for an extended period of time – with no negative effects.

You could claim that cramming your face with donuts makes you feel wonderful,’ but that fleeting delight eventually passes, leaving you feeling like crap — physically and mentally.

Coffee is a stimulant, thus we must exercise caution when consuming it. Caffeine is addicting and can have catastrophic repercussions if abused.

How Some Food Substances Affect Your Vibration

We normally refer to your thoughts, feelings, and general mood when we talk about vibration and your energetic state.

Your vibration is mostly determined by your ideas and feelings. Your physical condition, on the other hand, is critical.

It’s not always visible, yet your mental and emotional states frequently have a direct impact on your physical state.

When you have the flu or are physically ill, no amount of positive or happy thinking can make an immediate difference in your attitude. When you are physically ill, your vibration can suffer greatly.

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While this is a more dramatic example, the truth is that how you physically feel can influence your vibration in a much more subtle way.

The way you feel emotionally and physically are inextricably linked. Food and things that you ingest all have their own energy.

Anything you put into your body can and will have an effect on your vibration. When you take low-energy substances, such as medications, it might have a detrimental impact on your vibration.

Coffee is unquestionably a part of modern life, and many individuals who are trying to live a more healthy and conscious lifestyle find themselves in a quandary when it comes to coffee.

Does coffee lower your vibration

Ways Coffee Can Lower Your Vibration

The first and probably the most important point I want to make is that if any substance is not in harmony with you, do not take it.

When you feel that something is not resonating with you, do not put it into your body. Some people’s bodies are much more sensitive to certain substances.

This is a powerful ‘signal’ from your inner self that a particular substance is not in harmony with your energy.

This can be for coffee, alcohol, fast foods, or even so-called health foods that just don’t agree with your body and your own energy.

Your thoughts and beliefs about the foods and substances that you consume have a profound effect on how it acts and reacts with your body, your mind, and your overall vibration.

I want to focus more on coffee since I too am a coffee aficionado and have struggled with the idea of giving up coffee because it may affect my mind and body in ways that could lower my vibration.

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  1. Low Quality and Processed Coffee: Not all coffees are created equal. Coffee beans are natural and have many medical properties according to indigenous peoples who have been using coffee for ages. Unfortunately, many coffees sold in supermarkets, particularly instant coffee, are loaded with chemicals. Natural and organic roasted coffees are generally of high grade and are natural goods. Because instant and low-quality coffee are unnatural substances filled with chemicals, they reduce your vibration.They frequently taste like coffee but contain very little (actual) coffee.
  2. Excess of Caffeine: Caffeine, as a stimulant, influences the nerve system of the brain. It stimulates circulation in your body, including blood flow and adrenaline, and cortisol flow. This is what keeps you aware and awake. However, there is a limit beyond which too much stimulation has the opposite effect. When something is overstimulated, it begins to break down.Excess cortisol and adrenaline can cause a variety of health problems. It will also leave you feeling physical and (eventually) emotionally drained, which is one of the key reasons why coffee lowers your vibration.
  3. Rest and sleep: Because caffeine is a stimulant, it might make you feel alert and awake when your body desperately wants to relax. It has been linked to sleepiness and irritability. Sleep and rest allow you to slow down and relax. This serenity results in a higher vibration. When you consider being in a meditative state when your mind is quiet and relaxed, you are at a high vibrational level. Excess coffee can have the opposite effect, lowering your vibration in the end. Sleep deprivation can have serious consequences for your mental, emotional, and even spiritual condition, reducing your vibration.


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Ways In Which Coffee Can Raise Your Vibration

Contrary to popular assumptions, the benefits of coffee vastly exceed the drawbacks. I will, however, emphasize that I am referring to the APPROPRIATE amount of coffee – which is approximately 2 to 3 ‘espresso size’ coffees per day for an adult.

So, how does coffee help you raise your vibration? Here are 4 ways coffee can help you and how it can truly improve your vibration.

  1. Helps you feel more alert and awakeWe’ve already addressed how coffee may boost your alertness and make you feel more awake and energized. While this is due to caffeine’s stimulant properties, it is frequently the ‘pick me up’ that you require at certain times of the day. You feel more energized when you are more aware and awake. You will become distracted and irritable if you are continually battling sleep and struggling to stay awake.This has always resulted in my inability to be present. I feel the need to lie down somewhere RIGHT NOW! When you are not totally present, your energy disperses and your vibration falls.
  2. Help you focus: When you are unable to concentrate and your mind wanders, it can cause a great deal of annoyance and even tension.When you are focused, you are effective and feel as if you are completing your daily responsibilities. This almost always makes you happy. This positive feeling causes a greater vibration.
  3. Stop feeling lethargic: When you are unable to concentrate and your mind wanders, it can cause a great deal of annoyance and even tension. When you are focused, you are effective and feel as if you are completing your daily responsibilities. This almost always makes you happy. This positive feeling causes a greater vibration.
  4. The feel-good factor: If like me, the fragrance of coffee entices you, you understand how satisfying a good cup of coffee can be.I enjoy discovering new coffee shops, coffee blends, and the skill of preparing coffee in general. If you’ve ever traveled to Italy and seen these old-school baristas at work, you’ll understand what I mean.There is a sense of well-being that comes from drinking and thoroughly appreciating coffee. This feel-good component causes your vibration to rise.

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