DJs from Mars Age, Date of Birth, Biography, Net Worth, Wikipedia, Hobbies, and More


Who are DJs from Mars?

Italian DJ duo DJs from Mars, formed in 2003 by Luca Ventrafridda and Massimiliano Garino, blends popular hits into infectious electronic dance music.

They’ve gained recognition for their official remixes for big names and even landed on DJ Mag’s Top 100 list. Catch their electrifying sound on their website, YouTube, and more!

Biography of DJs from Mars

Full Name Luca Emanuele Ventrafridda (aka Luca Ventafunk)
Massimiliano Garino (aka Max Aqualuce)
  • DJs
  • Music producers
Famous for
  • Mashing up popular songs into electronic dance music
  • Official remixes for various artists
  • Performing with cardboard box heads (until recently)
  • Luca Ventafunk is born on February 29, 1976.
  • Max Aqualuce is born on August 3, 1979.
  • Luca Ventafunk is 48 years old.
  • Max Aqualuce is 44 years old.
Place of Birth Both members were born in Turin, Italy.
Zodiac Sign
  • Luca Ventafunk is Pisces
  • Max Aqualuce is Leo


Age of DJs from Mars

As of February, 2024, the ages of the DJs from Mars are:

  • Luca Ventafunk: 48 years old (born February 29, 1976)
  • Max Aqualuce: 44 years old (born August 3, 1979)
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Zodiac Sign of DJs from Mars

While “DJs from Mars” is a duo rather than a single person, understanding their individual zodiac signs can offer unique insights.

Luca Ventafunk, born on February 29th, falls under the compassionate and artistic Pisces. His intuitive nature might fuel the duo’s creative mashups, while his sensitivity could contribute to their distinctive sound.

Max Aqualuce, born on August 3rd, embodies the confident and charismatic Leo. His natural leadership qualities might guide the duo’s direction, while his theatrical flair could explain their playful use of cardboard box heads.

Together, these complementary signs could create a dynamic force in the music world!

Numerology Life path of DJs from Mars

Luca Ventafunk (born February 29, 1976):

  • Life Path Number: 9
    • Characteristics: Compassionate, idealistic, creative, artistic, intuitive, sensitive.

Max Aqualuce (born August 3, 1979):

  • Life Path Number: 1
    • Characteristics: Independent, ambitious, confident, charismatic, natural leader, innovative.

Net worth of DJs from Mars

Unfortunately, the exact net worth of DJs from Mars is not publicly available. Financial information like this is often closely guarded by individuals and their representatives. However, I can offer some insights based on available information:

Factors affecting net worth:

  • Music sales: Revenue from album sales, streaming platforms, and individual tracks.
  • Live performances: Income from concerts, DJ sets, and festivals.
  • Remixes and productions: Fees for creating remixes and original music for other artists.
  • Merchandise and endorsements: Revenue from selling branded merchandise and collaborating with brands.

Social Media Handles of DJs from Mars

Social Media Handle
Instagram @djsfrommarsofficial
X (formerly Twitter) @djsfrommars
Facebook DJs From Mars
YouTube DJ from Mars
Personal Website N/A


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Hobbies of DJs from Mars

Unfortunately, DJs from Mars keep their personal lives quite private, so specific information about their hobbies is unavailable. However, we can speculate based on the DJ lifestyle.

Like many DJs enjoy activities like music discovery, production, traveling, exploring new technology, and physical fitness. It’s likely DJs from Mars share some of these interests, using their time to stay ahead of the musical curve, experiment with sounds, experience new cultures, and stay in top shape for performing.

While the exact details remain private, these common DJ hobbies offer a glimpse into their potential off-stage pursuits.

List of Career journey of DJs from Mars

  • 2003: DJs from Mars is formed by Italian producers Luca Ventafunk and Max Aqualuce.
  • 2006: They release their first album, “Stereo Sushi,” which features mashups of popular songs.
  • 2008: They release their second album, “The World Is Ours,” which includes more original productions.
  • 2010: They release their third album, “Escape from Planet Earth,” which features collaborations with other artists.
  • 2012: They are ranked in DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs at number 92.
  • 2013: They release their fourth album, “Love Missile Mk. II,” which features more chart-topping hits.
  • 2015: They release their fifth album, “Evolution,” which marks a return to their original mashup sound.
  • 2017: They release their sixth album, “Seven,” which features a mix of original productions and remixes.
  • 2019: They release their seventh album, “Eight,” which includes collaborations with several international artists.
  • 2021: They release their eighth album, “Nine,” which features a more experimental sound.
  • 2023: They continue to tour and release music, and are considered one of the most successful DJ duos in the world.
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List of Shows DJs from Mars has played

  • Extensive Touring: DJs from Mars have performed tirelessly across five continents, including the USA, Canada, Brazil, China, India, Australia, Japan, Mexico, and Indonesia.
  • Venue Variety: Their journey has taken them to diverse venues like Discoteca Fell In Love, Apres Ski – Zirmo’s Arena, ATOM TOKYO, Super House Nightclub, HQ2 Nightclub & Beach Club, and many more.
  • Global Reach: Their show schedule boasts an impressive average of 120 shows per year for the past five years, solidifying their international presence.
  • Stay Updated: Catch their latest tour dates and potential surprises on their official website, Songkick, or Deejaybooking.

Awards and Achievements of DJs from Mars

Critical Acclaim:

  • DJ Mag Top 100 DJs: Ranked #92 in 2012, showcasing their recognition within the electronic music industry.
  • Positive Reviews: Numerous positive reviews and interviews highlighting their unique mashup style and electrifying live performances.

Chart Success:

  • Several chart-topping hits: Their remixes and original productions have landed on various music charts, demonstrating their commercial appeal.
  • Collaborations with renowned artists: Collaborations with established artists like David Guetta, Benny Benassi, and Flo Rida solidify their industry influence.

Touring Prowess:

  • Global touring: Continuously touring across five continents, demonstrating their dedication and international fanbase.
  • High show volume: An average of 120 shows per year in the past five years speaks volumes about their demand and performance stamina.

Industry Contribution:

  • Pioneering mashup style: Helped popularize the mashup genre and pave the way for other creative DJ/producers.
  • Innovation: Continuously experimenting with sounds and incorporating new technologies into their music and performances.


  • Over 20 years active: Maintaining relevance and success in the ever-evolving electronic music scene for over two decades is a significant achievement.
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