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Who is Congorock?

Rocco Rampino, the Italian DJ and producer behind the stage name Congorock, isn’t afraid to mix things up. His signature sound blends sun-soaked tropical vibes with dark undertones, all powered by classic, punchy snare drums.

No wonder he’s collaborated with big names like Afrojack, Calvin Harris, Diplo, and Brodinski!

Biography of Congorock

Full Name Rocco Rampino
Profession DJ and Electronic Music Producer
Famous for Innovative sound that fuses tropical rhythms, dark atmospheres, and powerful snare drums.
Birthday July 4, 1983
Age 40 years old (as of February, 2024)
Place of Birth Lecce, Italy
Zodiac Sign Cancer


Age of Congorock

Born on July 4, 1983, Rocco Rampino, better known as Congorock, currently grooves through life at 40 years old.

This Italian DJ and producer hasn’t let age slow him down, continuously evolving his sound and keeping dance floors energized with his unique blend of sunshine and darkness. Get ready to celebrate many more years of musical innovation from this ageless talent!

Zodiac Sign of Congorock

Born on July 4, 1983, Congorock, the stage name of Rocco Rampino, falls under the Cancer zodiac sign. Cancers are known for their deep emotions, creativity, and intuition, traits that resonate with Congorock’s artistic expression.

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Like the nurturing Crab symbolizing Cancer, Congorock fosters a unique sound that blends diverse influences. His music often evokes sun-soaked tropical vibes, reflecting the Cancerian affinity for home and comfort. Yet, a darker undercurrent lurks beneath the surface, hinting at the sign’s introspective nature and emotional depth.

Cancer’s strong connection to rhythm and melody aligns perfectly with Congorock’s DJ and production skills. He skillfully weaves catchy hooks and pulsating beats, captivating audiences and drawing them into his musical world.

However, Congorock isn’t confined by typical Cancerian characteristics. He breaks free from tradition with his innovative sound, defying expectations and challenging musical boundaries. This rebellious streak aligns with Cancer’s hidden determination and resilience.

Numerology Life path of Congorock

Congorock’s life path number is 5.This number is associated with versatility, freedom, and adventure. People with a life path number 5 are often drawn to careers that allow them to experience new things and have a strong sense of independence.

Height, Weight Hair color, and Color of Eyes of Congorock

Attribute Detail
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Hair Color Unknown
Eyes Color Unknown

Parents of Congorock

There is no information available about the parents of Congorock. Congorock, whose real name is Rocco Rampino, is an Italian electronic music/house DJ and producer originally from Lecce.
Congorock is known for his innovative sound that combines tropical sweat and gloomy darkness with muscular old-school snare drums.
Despite the available information about his career and music, there is no information about his family background or parents.

Siblings of Congorock, their names and ages

There is no information about the siblings of Congorocks. Hence, we can not tell the number of siblings, their names, and their ages.

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Spouse of Congorock

There is no publicly available information about the spouse of Congorock. It is worth noting that some celebrities, especially DJs, prefer to keep their personal lives private.
As a result, details about their relationships, including marital status, may not be readily accessible.

The Name And Age Of The Children Of Congorock

There is no publicly available information about the children of Congorock. It is worth noting that some celebrities, especially DJs, prefer to keep their personal lives private, including details about their family and children.

The net worth of Congorock

Congorock has been a successful DJ and producer for many years, and he has performed at some of the biggest music festivals in the world.

He also has several successful releases under his belt, including his 2019 album “Rainbow Rave.” Based on this information, it is likely that Congorock has a net worth in the millions of dollars. But again, this is just speculation.

Social Media Handles of Congorock

Social Media Handle
Instagram Unknown
X (formerly Twitter) @congorock
Facebook Unknown
YouTube Congorock
SoundCloud Congorock
Personal Website Unknown



List of Career journey of Congorock

  • Early life and beginnings: Born Rocco Rampino in Lecce, Italy, in 1983, Congorock developed a love for music at a young age. He began DJing in his teens and quickly gained a reputation for his innovative sound, which blended tropical rhythms, dark atmospheres, and powerful snare drums.
  • Founding La Quiete and Rifoki: In the early 2000s, Congorock co-founded the band La Quiete, which released two albums and achieved moderate success in Italy. He later joined the group Rifoki, which gained further recognition with its unique blend of electronic music and traditional Italian folk music.
  • Solo breakthrough and international success: In 2009, Congorock released his debut solo EP, “Lick My Deck,” which garnered international attention with its infectious tracks and energetic live performances. He followed this up with a string of successful singles, including “Babylon” and “I Will Never Let You Go,” which topped the charts in several countries.

  • Collaborations and remixes: Congorock has collaborated with a wide range of artists, including Afrojack, Calvin Harris, Diplo, and Brodinski. He has also produced remixes for major artists such as David Guetta, Avicii, and Swedish House Mafia.
  • Recent years and continuing success: In recent years, Congorock has continued to release new music and tour the world. He has also launched his own record label, CongoRock Recordings, and has been involved in a number of other creative projects.
  • Spending time with friends and family: As with most people, having a strong support system is important. He might enjoy spending quality time with loved ones, relaxing, and recharging away from the spotlight.

The list Shows Congorock has played

  • Congorock at Nameless Music Festival 2015
  • Congorock at Daydream Festival 2015
  • Congorock at Voodoo Music Experience 2014
  • Congorock at FM4 Frequency Festival 2014
  • Congorock at SONICMANIA 2014
  • Congorock at Arenal Sound 2014
  • Congorock at Nameless Music Festival 2014
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Awards and Achievements of Congorock

While Congorock hasn’t garnered a plethora of major industry awards, his achievements within the electronic music scene are undeniable. Here’s a breakdown of his notable accomplishments:

Chart Success:

  • International chart toppers: Several of his singles, including “Babylon” and “I Will Never Let You Go,” reached the top of the charts in multiple countries, showcasing his global appeal and commercial success.
  • Remixes and collaborations: Collaborations and remixes with renowned artists like Afrojack, Calvin Harris, and David Guetta further solidified his standing within the industry and exposed his music to wider audiences.


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