Clear Calcite Crystal: All You Need To Know


Clear Calcite Crystal is a powerful stone with many beneficial properties. In this blog post, we will delve deeper into this wonderful crystal. Let us get started!

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Clear Calcite Crystal Meaning

Clear Calcite Crystal is a miracle cure-all, especially in the form of an elixir. It’s a strong detoxifier. It serves as an antiseptic on a physical level, and it cleanses and aligns all of the chakras, both higher and lower, on a subtle level.

A clear Calcite with rainbows is a stone of new beginnings that brings about great change. Clear Calcite bestows the gift of deep soul healing and subtle body renewal. The inner and outer eyes are opened and cleared.


Calcite Crystal Properties

Physical Healing Properties of Clear Calcite Crystal

Clear Calcite is a cleaner that cleans thoroughly, especially when it comes to the physical body and maintaining optimal health.

It aids in keeping your organs detoxed and running smoothly, with special attention paid to the bladder and kidneys.

Clear Calcite Crystal, as its name suggests, aids in the absorption of calcium and can aid in the breakdown of calcification, which can contribute to arthritis.

Clear Calcite Crystal, in a nutshell, aids the bones and skeletal system. It also promotes magnificent blood circulation, a robust immune system, and people’s spiritual and physical growth.

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Emotional Healing Properties of Clear Calcite Crystal

Clear Calcite Crystal shines brightest when it comes to emotional healing and mental clarity.

The gleaming stone is all about developing emotional intelligence, or the ability to sort through your highs and lows and feel your feelings without becoming stuck in a particular style of thinking.

Calcite’s brilliant energy is all about boosting your motivation so you can get things done. It sharpens your thinking while keeping you calm and balanced.

It’s a grounding stone that encourages you to reconnect with your inner dialogue and figure out what’s most important for you to focus your energies on right now.

Metaphysical Properties of Clear Calcite Crystal

Clear Calcite Crystal
Clear Calcite Crystal

Clear Calcite Crystal is a highly purifying stone, which means it is ready to sweep out the negative energy and rubbish that has been hidden away in the back of your mental closet on a spiritual level.

Clear Calcite Crystal is a spiritual stone that understands that in order to be prepared and ready for higher levels of thinking and discovering your mission, your mind must be cleansed, clear, and free of muddy situations.

Clear Calcite Crystal can assist us in reconnecting with our soul’s core and perhaps urge us to access buried psychic skills.

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What Is Clear Calcite Good For

All that matters is that you make room for this sparkling diamond to offer enchanting wonder to your environment, whether it comes in the shape of beautiful gemstone bracelets and jewelry, crumbled Calcite, or even worry stones to soak up all your energy.

Clear Calcite Crystal can be an excellent meditation tool because of its peaceful and joyful nature.

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You can also sit with Calcite’s hot-blazing motivation and ponder a question or a creative notion, allowing it to connect with you and bring you to the answer.

Here are a few ways to express a resounding yes to more Calcite

Calcite in the home will instantly improve the ambiance of any room. If you’ve been feeling that your house or office is stagnant or needs a major energy change, bringing in the Feng Shui force of Calcite could be precisely what you need to get fresh air flowing.

Orange Calcite, in particular, is very useful in creative areas and houses in need of extra warmth and sunny enthusiasm, as it adds a bright pop of sparkling vitality to the mix.

When we experience the simple pleasure that Calcite brings into the world, it becomes much easier to break free from worry and spiraling madness.

Calcite is a wonderful stone to have in your house or in any communal area. It is good at bringing conversation, rapid laughing, and valuable memories into your home life because of its ability to provide balance and harmony and flush away negativity.

Clear Calcite Crystal
Clear Calcite Crystal

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Wearing Calcite in the form of gemstone jewelry is one of the best ways to commemorate all things Calcite.

Having the stone pressed directly on the skin, whether it’s a citrus burst bright Orange Calcite Energy Bracelet or a relaxing Blue Calcite ring on your finger, is guaranteed to let those healing vibrations seep right in.

The connection is deeper when healing crystals are close to us and there is no barrier between us and them, and we tend to establish our rhythm and sync in the healing process.

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If you’re looking for more stones that work well with Calcite, Onyx is a good choice. Blend Orange Calcite with Citrine to bring even more happiness into your life.

Green Calcite can be combined with Rose Quartz to successfully emit all that heart love and cleanse that chakra.


How To Cleanse Clear Calcite

The best way to get the most out of your Clear Calcite Crystal’s optimistic amplifier vibes is to keep it cleansed, charged, and bubbling over with bright thoughts.

While it appears to have unlimited vitality, it, like all crystals, benefits from being washed on a regular basis so it can release all of the bad energy it has been collecting.

Calcite may be restored to its original condition with just a little warm water and a gentle cloth.

If you want to ensure that your Clear Calcite Crystal’s inner battery is fully charged, place it in direct sunshine so it may absorb all of the positive energy.


What Is Clear Calcite Good For?

Clear Calcite is a potent purifying and amplification mineral. Its cleansing properties remove obstacles, stagnation, and negativity from our minds, bodies, energy bodies, and surroundings.

Is Clear Calcite The Same As Clear Quartz?

Quartz is a silicon dioxide crystal while calcite is a calcium carbonate mineral. You can't identify the difference in mineral composition by looking at it, but you can do a test to see if the crystal you have is calcite. When calcium carbonate interacts with an acid, bubbles form on the crystal's surface.

What Chakra Is Calcite Good For?

Yellow Calcite is an excellent stone for assisting you through difficult times in life since it is a powerful solar plexus chakra stone. It increases your self-esteem and positive attitude, allowing you to shine.

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