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Who is Alle Benassi?

Alessandro “Alle” Benassi  is an Italian Musician with an impressive career spanning over three decades. Alongside his cousin Benny Benassi as one half of the Benassi Bros., Mr. Benassi has made significant contributions as a co-writer behind hits for Chris Brown such as “Beautiful People” and “Don’t Wake Me Up.”

He first stepped into the industry back in the 1980s under the stage name Mobbing. Since then, Mr. Benassi has established himself as a renowned DJ, songwriter and record producer through his collaborations and productions of various acclaimed albums. His versatility and longevity as an artist solidifies his status as a fixture of the Italian music landscape.

Biography of Alle Benassi

Full Name Alessandro Benassi
Profession  Italian musician, DJ, songwriter, and record producer
Famous for Being a member of Benassi Bros. and co-writing several hits for Chris Brown
Birthday December 13
Age Not specified
Place of Birth Italy
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius


Age of Alle Benassi

The renowned Italian DJ and producer Alessandro “Alle” Benassi has kept the exact year of his birth private. While it is known that he was born on December 13th, the lack of knowledge regarding his birth year contributes an air of mystery around Benassi’s personal life.

This intentional vagueness regarding his age allows fans and collaborators alike to focus on what matters most – his decades-spanning musical talents. With an career stretching back to the 1980s, Benassi’s prodigious abilities as a co-writer, songwriter and producer speak for themselves regardless of his precise age. His birthday of December 13th will have to suffice until if and when Benassi ever decides to reveal the year he was born.

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Zodiac Sign of Alle Benassi

With his birthday falling on December 13th, acclaimed Italian DJ and producer Alessandro “Alle” Benassi’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

As a Sagittarius, he is likely to possess the traits commonly associated with this sign including being adventurous, idealistic, jovial, and open-minded. This zodiac profiles well with Benassi’s decades-spanning musical career which has seen him constantly evolving, collaborating with famous artists like Chris Brown, and remaining creatively dynamic whether working solo or in groups like the Benassi Bros.

His free-wheeling personality evident through his uplifting EDM productions is also in line with the Sagittarian spirit represented by the Archer. While Benassi’s birth year remains mysterious, looking to his Sagittarius zodiac provides insight into the lively, restless and philosophical nature behind this icon of Italian electronica. Analyzing his astrological sign allows fans a fuller picture of this artist’s vibrant essence.

Numerology Life path of Alle Benassi

Unable to determine Alle Benassi’s Numerology Life Path number due to his birth year being unknown. Without the full birth date, the necessary calculations cannot be performed despite his birthday being publicly available.

The Life Path number represents one’s inner nature and requires the complete date of birth, which Benassi has chosen not to reveal. Fans must accept the mystery rather than look to spiritual systems like numerology to uncover hidden insights.

Height, Weight Hair color and Color of Eyes of Alle Benassi

Attribute Detail
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Hair Color Unknown
Eyes Color Unknown

Parents of Alle Benassi

While Italian DJ and producer Alle Benassi has achieved global fame, little is currently known publicly about his personal life and upbringing. The identities of his parents have been kept private over the course of his prolific decades-spanning musical career.

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If any information comes to light regarding the backgrounds of those who nurtured one of electronica’s great pioneers, fans and journalists alike will rush to provide updates on these intriguing unknown details. For now, however, the parents of Alle Benassi the man beyond the music stay outsiders looking in on their son’s remarkable legacy.

Siblings of Alle Benassi, their names and ages

While the identities of his siblings may be a mystery, fans do know at least one of Alle Benassi’s family members – his first cousin Benny Benassi. The two Italian cousins have forged a tight creative partnership over decades of making hit EDM tracks, performing as the renowned duo Benassi Bros.

Spouse of Alle Benassi

As at the time of publishing this content, there is no publicly available information that talks about Alle’s relationship.

The Name And Age Of The Children Of Alle Benassi

Unfortunately, the names and ages of Alle Benassi’s children are not publicly known at this time. As a celebrity who likes to keep some aspects of his personal life private, Benassi has not shared details about having any children.

Alle Benassi and Benny Benassi - Benassi Bros
Alle Benassi and Benny Benassi – Benassi Bros

Net worth of Alle Benassi

Although, there are not enough information about the net worth of Alle Benassi, but we can assure you of him being a Millionnare.

Social Media Handles of Alle Benassi

Social Media Handle
Instagram Unknown
X (formerly Twitter) Unknown
Facebook Unknown
YouTube Unknown
SoundCloud Unknown
Personal Website Unknown

Hobbies of Alle Benassi

  1. Attending concerts/clubs: As someone deeply immersed in EDM and the music scene, Benassi possibly unwinds by attending other DJs’ concerts and dance clubs to hear the latest beats and remixes. This could serve as both leisure and professional research for him.
  2. Mixing tracks: Mixing and remixing songs may be a key hobby that doubles as career development for Benassi. Even in his free time, he could experiment with blending various music styles and samples strictly for his own creative pleasure.
  3. Traveling: His tour schedule brings him to major cities worldwide frequently. Benassi may enjoy experiencing different cultures and cuisine during his travels. Exploring the world likely provides inspiration.
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List of Career journey of Alle Benassi

Early Days (1980s)

  • Benassi first began DJing in Italian clubs and raves back in the 1980s, adopting the stage name “Mobbing”.

Rise to Fame (Late 1990s)

  • He started gaining more notoriety in the late 90s through productions and collaborations with cousin Benny Benassi as the duo “Benassi Bros”.

First Singles and Remixes (Early 2000s)

  • Had success remixing tracks for Sandy Vee and Outkast. Also produced early hit singles “Illusion” and “Hit My Heart” featuring Dhany.

Chris Brown Collaborations (Mid 2000s)

  • Wrote several tracks with Benny for Chris Brown albums, including “Beautiful People” and “Don’t Wake Me Up”

Recent Years (2010s – now)

  • Continued producing singles and doing world tours DJing as the Benassi Bros.
  • Worked on electronic/dance tracks with artists like Milla and Vio.
  • Remixes still being made of his past hit songs.

Over his decades-long career, Alle Benassi has shown versatility across production styles while retaining his iconic sound. He continues releasing new music and thrilling audiences worldwide with his DJ sets to this day.

List All Shows Of Alle Benassi has played

It may be diffifcult to list all perfomance done by Alle as an Individual, this is because, he is always with his cousin in the Benassi Bros. You can read more about the cousin and the shows they have played.

Awards and Achievements of Alle Benassi

Production and Songwriting Credits:

  • Co-writing and producing hit songs for Chris Brown: Notably “Beautiful People” (2011) and “Don’t Wake Me Up” (2012), achieving international chart success.
  • Production for various major artists: Collaborations with Whigfield, David Guetta, John Legend, and more.
  • Production of successful albums: Involved in albums like “Hypnotica” (2003), “Pumphonia” (2004), and “…Phobia” (2005) under Benassi Bros., contributing significantly to their commercial success.

DJ Career and Collaborations:

  • Respected DJ with a long-standing career: Starting in the 80s, Alle established himself as a skilled DJ, performing at numerous events and gaining recognition within the electronic music scene.
  • Part of the successful Benassi Bros. project: The duo achieved significant mainstream acclaim, playing a major role in shaping the EDM landscape during their peak.
  • Continued involvement in the music industry: Alle remains active, performing solo sets and collaborating with other artists.



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